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How to Clone Marijuana 101

One of the best things about marijuana is it can be readily cloned. Cloning is the best way to cultivate your favorite marijuana strains and maintain their genes. But if you don’t know how to clone marijuana, it may be difficult for you to begin with. That’s why we’ll teach you the basics and guide you on how to clone marijuana.

Although cloning marijuana might seem an experiment for scientist’s to make, did you know that you can clone marijuana in your home? Plus, cloning a marijuana plant is a pretty easy and simple thing to do. More so, with our guidelines and methods, you’ll have a smoother way on how to clone marijuana. Buckle up your seat as we’ll get directly onto the point!

Why Should You Clone Marijuana Plants?

There are two ways you go about growing marijuana plants. One is through seeds, and the other one is through cloning. Growing marijuana through seeds requires time, as you would usually have to acquire seeds, germinate them and have the sexed, and continue to grow them. Acquiring seeds means that it should be created through sexual production from both male and female cannabis plants, through the process called pollination. Breeding both male and female will give you a hybrid plant

The other way of reproducing cannabis is through cloning, this is better known as asexual reproduction. In general, a clone cutting is taken from the mother plant, they contain identical genetic materials. Through cloning, you are sure to get the same replicas of your favorite strain. Because the genetics are the same, a cloned-plant will give you the same characteristics as with the mother, characteristics such as terpenes, flavors, cannabinoid profiles, yields, grow, time, and many more.

So, if you come across a certain strain that has all the features you want in a cannabis plant, they might be the best candidate for your cloning projects to maintain and even produced potent buds that also has the same effects.

With cloning, you don’t necessarily need to sex the plants out and obtain seeds. Plus, this may take much more time compared to cloning. Just take a cutting from your desired plant and you are good to go!

How to Clone Marijuana 

Cloning marijuana plants are relatively easy and only requires a few materials. When cloning, you’ll only need sharp scissors for cutting, razors for trimming, and a rooting setup. Lastly, you’ll need the cuttings of your mother plant.

General Steps

  1. Once you’ve got the perfect mother plant for your cloning, clean off your scissors and prepare yourself to chop
  1. Take your cuttings. The best ideal part to chop is within the new growths that are branching out. Now cut a piece off under the new growth at a 45-degree angle. As a general rule for cloning, the cutting should be around 6 to 8 inches long.
  1. Read the important instructions on how to apply your rooting hormones, so that you can apply the gel or powder. Although rooting hormones aren’t necessary, growers are choosing the rooting hormones route as it easily establishes roots faster.
  1. Apply your rooting hormones and take your cuttings into your starter cube. Be sure to read the rooting hormone manual to see if you need to take any preparations earlier.
  1. In about two weeks, the clones are ready to be transplanted from their new pots or soil. However, it would take longer for roots to establish during this phase. A little bit of patience is required.

Selecting a Rooting Mechanism and Setup

One of the most common rooting medium when it comes to clones are rock wool, rooting cubes, and in soil, We’ll be discussing them in a few.

How to Clone Weed in Soil Method

This is the simplest form of cloning method you get to experience. Just take a 45-degree cut from the mother plant and remove any old leaves. Just simply dip the cutting in the water and dip it again to your cloning powder or gel.

After that, carefully stick you cutting onto the soil that is already pre-holed, make sure that the soil is already saturated. Expect roots to sprout within 2 to 3 weeks,

How to Clone Weed in Water Method

The easiest way on how to clone marijuana leaves. Take a 45-degree cutting and cut any mature leaves the remains on the stalk. Take your cuttings and place them in a cup of water. Avoid indirect sunlight when roots haven’t formed yet. Expect to sprout within 2 to 3 weeks.

How to Clone Marijuana in Rock Wool

By far, this is the most popular method used. It is fairly easy and simple to do and has favorable results to show for. In doing so, soak your rock wool in the water, be sure that the water has maintained a pH level of 5.5 for 2 hours.

Then take your marijuana cuttings and trim every old leaf out. Dip the bottom of your cannabis cutting onto the gel or powder if you are using them. Insert them onto the rock wool cube after.

When cloning in rock wool, be sure to give them 18 hours of light as the light will help establish roots faster. For best results, keep them within temperatures of 72 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, humidity levels should exceed 90%. When conditions are met, it would take around 7 to 12 days for the roots to form.

How to Take a Cutting

  • Here are some of the things you need to know before you take a cut from the mother plant.
  • Work in sterile surroundings. Before taking your cut, disinfect your scissors or razors.
  • When taking a cut, look for healthier-looking branches. At least two nodes should be available on the final cutting. A durable clone will lead to a durable plant.
  • Never fertilize the mother plant leading to the day of cutting. This will allow nitrogen to work its way through and out of the leaves. An excess of nitrogen will trick your cannabis cuttings to start the vegetative stage rather than use its energy to start rooting.
  • At a 45-degree angle, cut below the bottom node of the fresh leaf cutting. The 45-degree cutting will promote faster growth.
  • After cutting, place it immediately into your rooting hormones. Then put it directly onto your growing cube.
  • Remove unnecessary leaves at the bottom of the cutting. This will support photosynthesis, helping your cutting take nutrients and water.

Final Thoughts on Cloning Marijuana

Learning how to clone marijuana is a pretty quick and basic thing to do. You don’t need a scientist’s expertise to clone one. All you need is to follow our guidelines and you are good to go. No frills. Take your favorite strain, take cuttings, and proceed onto the next. Easy and simple.

If you are new to the world of cloning cannabis, patience is the ultimate key. I highly recommend cloning a few more clones because they may not survive if the conditions don’t favor them. Be sure to be as gentle and patient as possible when cloning.

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