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Best Marijuana Seeds

If you are novice at growing marijuana, then you may not be able to tell which type of weed you’re smoking but you can surely tell what you like. Choosing the right marijuana seeds from high-quality cannabis plants regardless of name or its price tag will grow into high quality weed plants. The main idea “If you like the weed you’re smoking, you’ll like the plant you grow.”

The name of the marijuana strain does not necessarily tell about the potency of the weed because it might have just originated from the creative minds of the breeder or dealer. Always choose the marijuana seeds based on what you consider as your best weed to smoke or based on your friends’ or experts’ recommendations. If you don’t know or don’t have the experience in choosing the right marijuana seeds to buy, then ask someone who has the experience. You can chat with our friendly customer service representatives for that matter. All of our staff and employees are experts when it comes to growing and choosing the right marijuana seeds depending on the level of your growing weed experience and they are willing to help you.

You can also read reviews on the internet about the different marijuana strains. There are a lot of websites which focuses on providing honest reviews and information about the different marijuana strains which are available in the market now.

Cheap Marijuana Seeds are Not Low Quality

Just because the marijuana seeds are priced low doesn’t mean that they are low quality. Price does not necessarily tell the quality of the seeds. They are priced differently depending on the level of difficulty, THC levels, harvest amount, flowering time and a lot more. Make sure to check those things before you decide to buy the marijuana seeds. However, rest assured that whatever you buy from us are all high quality and if you have any questions, our customer service representatives are always willing to answer you.

Are the free seeds worth your time?

Yes, of course. Our free marijuana seeds that will come with your order are for promotional purposes. We would like to let you try our other marijuana strains so that you will know which strain you would like to add to your favorites and perhaps order it from us. Our free seeds are composed of premium marijuana seeds of different varieties. There are times when we include new strains that we discovered or are introduced by our partner breeders so that you can try growing, taste and evaluate them. We do not send out low quality marijuana seeds. Free or not, they have 80% to 90% germination rate.

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