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How to Become a Master Grower of Cannabis

The information below states all you need to know about the cultivation of cannabis as well as how to become a master grower.

Cannabis is already considered an industry because marijuana has been legalized to a large number of states across the US. The industry is estimated and predicted to grow up to $31.4 billion in the year 2021. It is also obvious that once this thing blows up, the job opportunities will bloom as well.

The occupation and title Master Grower or also known as Director of Cultivation is one of the highly coveted positions in the weed industry.

Many people consider this as an honor but this is not an easy path to take and not everyone is fit to become a Master Grower.

Keep on scrolling below for you to have an idea of how to become a master grower of Cannabis.

What is a Master Grower?

As mentioned above that many states are already changing their perception and laws regarding medicinal and recreational marijuana laws, the position of Master Grower has been legit because the weed industry has become legit as well.

A Director of Cultivation or Master Grower is a passionate person who has dedicated their lives as well as their career to master the cultivation of weed. A Master Grower usually has a Master’s Degree in botany and horticulture but there are certain exceptions.

Do not lose hope, educational attainment is not necessarily a prerequisite. You may still pursue that dream to become a Master Grower. There are also Masters that came from a different career or have different educational attainment far from botany or horticulture, others just have pure long time experience!

You Must Know!

Some people think that they already have the qualifications of becoming a master by just knowing how to create the correct cannabis strain. But every Master Grower must know the basics to master the advanced level of cultivation.

A real Master Grower must know the ins and outs, the ups and downs of cultivating the weed or cannabis. You have to make sure that you are 100% comfortable with every stage of growth. May it be cloning/seeding, flower, and vegetable. Do not even mention these terms if you do not know what they mean, or else you will just make a fool out of yourself.

Another is that you must familiarize yourself with the environmental factors and terms such as humidity, water, light, temperature, and ventilation.

You can never have or grow a perfect plant unless you provide the correct nutrients it needs, keeping the pests away, fixing the pH levels, and keeping it healthy.

Directors of Cultivation or Master Growers must know and follow the laws, state regulations, and policies. They must know how to handle and talk to inspectors of the state as well as the feds. They must know when and what information must be submitted and all the guidelines and principles must be followed to avoid any penalties and fines as well as preventing from being shut down.

For you to become a master, you need to know that you have to be disciplined enough to cultivate cannabis legally and setting for a couple of years. Plus considering all the factors mentioned above.

You Must Have a Willingness to Work

The job of a Master Grower does not end. The Master Grower is in charge of the production of weed on a large scale.

The majority of the growers do it as a hobby and do not have an idea yet how to produce or cultivate weed in a 10,000 to 50,000 square foot. They simply do not have what it takes yet…

If you have the passion to become a master, you must know that you have\ to put in a lot of work and as many hours a day or a week. You have to make it your lifestyle.

Another thing is that this job is not all bells and whistles. Most Master Growers spend most of their time observing every plant as they must track the plant’s behavior such as their growth cycle. They must also feed, water, and observe health issues that may arise.

This may sound tedious at first, but the reward is the joy that you have when harvest time takes place.

The Responsibilities and Duties of a Master

As mentioned in the context above, a master has a lot of things to consider and must be responsible for it. A Master Grower must be a licensed cannabis grower that has expertise or must have a background in botany and horticulture, also managerial skills are also preferred. Below is the list of duties that a Master Grower:

  • Knowledge in maintaining garden rooms as well as trimming and growing areas
  • An ability to collaborate with other experts
  • Has a gut and knowledge in hiring and firing employees
  • Expert in soil, pH balancing, and plant nutrients
  • Knowing the types of pesticides that need to be used
  • Proper knowledge with lighting conditions for plants
  • Maintenance of water, temperature, ventilation, and humidity
  • Expertise in state laws and regulations as well as POS systems

The Way to the Top

If you wish to become the Master Grower that you have been dreaming of but do not have the formal education from a university regarding horticulture or botany, there are other avenues to become the master. You may begin as a bud trimmer, grow assistant, or a budtender. Although these are pretty basic, it’s a good way to learn a lot of things.

Bud Trimmer

The role is not bad, this is the first place that you have to enter which will give you the in-depth experience to become a Master Grower.

The trimmers are in charge of taking care of the harvested flower that needs to be snipped off the sugar and fan leaves.

You have to make sure that the bud is properly sorted out. This job may be repetitive or boring but this job is very important throughout the growing process.

Grow Assistant

After you have mastered being a bud trimmer, or if they have already provided you a sneak peek of the nursery, you may now become a grow assistant. A grow assistant works very closely with other growers, this should allow you to learn even more.

Working as an assistant will give you that chance and opportunity to work with other experts that can educate you with everything you need to become a master. This is your best chance to gain knowledge by asking the important information you need.


By now you already know the ways on how to become a Master Grower, it is now clearly up to you which path you will take for your future. Cannabis seed bank provides a wide variety of top of the line seeds, Visit it now!

You may opt to take the traditional way by attending college to get that botany or horticulture degree. But the majority likes to take an in-depth route by working their way up in the industry.

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