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How Long Does It Take Marijuana Seeds to Germinate
For people that prefer to have control over everything, especially when growing marijuana, often wonder how long do cannabis seeds take to germinate. The marijuana seeds typically take between 24-48 hours to germinate if they are placed in a moist, dark, and warm area like the cupboard or a propagator. These are the recommended places for the marijuana seeds to germinate.
What does the word germination mean? Germination is a process where a new plant sprouts from a seed. This is also what is referred to as the “popping,” of a seed. This is the first stage in starting the cannabis garden. To start, marijuana seeds can be produced from different marijuana strains and can vary in quality. Now, to purchase quality marijuana seeds, there are online seed banks within our locality.
If you plan on growing marijuana in your garden, you will need to have the necessary space to grow them. Do not just plant marijuana seeds if you are not sure of the space you have set, or if you have the availability to care for your plants, or perhaps the purpose with your garden. It will just be a waste of your seeds.

Now that you know the duration of the cannabis seeds to germinate, what happens then?

Give the seeds two days and they should show a pair of leaves and let it grow for two weeks and they begin their vegetation period. If you are worried about the seed cover that is still on the seed or how long it still takes for the seed to continue to germinate, all that you need to remember is to keep it in a warm place with some moisture, but not damp, and within 24-48 hours, you will find some sprouts.

Best Methods to Germinate Your Cannabis Seeds

There are three requirements to help in seed germination and these are the following: water, air, and heat. With these requirements, there are several ways to germinate your seeds. One of the most common and simplest ways would include using paper towels that are soaked in water.

Step 1: Get 4 sheets of paper towels soaked in distilled water. The soaked paper towels should not have excess water running off.

Step 2: Take the two paper towels, place them on the plate. Place the cannabis seeds an inch apart from each other and cover the remaining two sheets of soaked paper towels.

Step 3: Create a dark and secure place by taking another plate and use it to cover the seeds.

Step 4: Ensure that the area where the seeds are being placed is in a warm location with a temperature between 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

As soon as these steps are set, it is now time to wait. Keep a constant check on the paper towels if they are still saturated or if they are losing moisture. Try to spray more water to make sure the seeds are hydrated as it is needed for germination.
There are seeds that germinate faster than the others. For those that germinate late, they can take up to several days. One can tell once a seed has germinated once the seed starts to split into two and a sprout of life appears. The sprout is what you call the taproot, which will become the main stem of the marijuana plant. So, as soon as this comes out, it would indicate successful germination. Ensure that the area is sterile where the seed is germinating – this is very crucial to the successful development, so never touch the seed or taproot once you see the seed start to split.

Transplanting the Germinated Marijuana Seeds

As soon as the taproot starts to show, it is high time to transfer the germinated seed into its designated growing medium. Place it in a small 2-inch pot to start. Follow these steps to guide you with transplanting the taproot.

Step 1: The pots need to be filled with loose, airy potting soil. Make sure to poke a hole in the middle where you will insert the taproot. It should be a quarter of an inch down using a pointed tool like a pencil or pen.

Step 2: In order to carefully transfer the seed, make use of tweezers to gently pick the germinated seed and then drop it into the hole. Make sure that the taproot is facing down and lightly covered with soil.

Step 3: Water the soil. The best way to water it at this stage is to use a spray bottle to just give some moisture without having to over-saturate the soil. You make sure to give the seed water, but avoid overwatering it as it can drown the sprout. This is a very delicate stage of its development.

Step 4: You need to check on the temperature and the moisture level of the growing medium, which is the soil to ensure that the seed is properly covered at a temperature that would promote germination, and in no time, you will see a healthy seedling growing.

First-time marijuana growers might find it frustrating sometimes, especially when germinating seeds don’t go as planned. But, you know what? This is just normal. Some seeds can be empty or duds, while others can be slow or take a bit longer to sprout. However, there are others that will sprout fast and grow quickly.
These are like any typical seeds, oftentimes you can tell which strains will thrive and which won’t. This will enable growers to distinguish which of the plants they need to take cuttings from to clone and which can be bred with other stronger strains to help the grower create their own seed bank.
For beginners, you might wonder how long it takes to germinate marijuana seeds. It actually depends. Germination for each marijuana strain depends on certain factors. Each strain has a different growth span as well as different requirements.
With all the debate over medical marijuana and legalization, many questions about how long it takes for marijuana seeds to germinate have popped up. Some people claim that when marijuana seeds are properly stored, you should be able to store them in your freezer for years while others say that you should only store your marijuana seeds for a limited time period. But, what is the truth?
Those who promote the medicinal use of marijuana often tell you that marijuana seeds can be kept for years and if you are going to try to grow them yourself, you will have to learn how to store them properly. It is possible that this is true, although there is no solid evidence or anybody who knows anyone who has kept marijuana seeds for more than a year or two at a time. Most people who try to grow marijuana from their own marijuana seeds will store them at room temperature until they start growing. If you do plan on keeping them in a freezer, we strongly recommend using plastic bags or specific containers for marijuana seeds, which will keep the moisture from the seeds inside the bag.
It is essential that you do not let the marijuana seeds dry out too much either. This can lead to rot, which can damage the plant’s roots as well as result in the development of fungi. If you do not prune the marijuana seeds properly, then they can become damaged to the point where they cannot grow and bloom at all.
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