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Homemade Bong

Smoking your weed using a device will put your experience to another level. That is why a lot of people are using their bongs or smoking devices to fully enjoy their weed and maximize its purpose. People nowadays improves to help themselves enjoy their weed even more by making homemade bong from various materials that they can buy or they can find in their home. 

Since not everyone has access to the essential materials to make a bong that you can buy online or in a dispensary, there are many simple tutorials that you can learn to make your homemade bong. You don’t have to be an expert to make a homemade bong; all you need to do are the right materials, the proper tools, effort, and time. 

Aside from buying a bong that is too expensive online, there are many cannabis users nowadays have come to realize that it is better to make their bong, which is very practical. 

How Do You Make a Homemade Bong? 

So, in this post, you will learn how to make a homemade bong that is simple but very useful. Just a simple precaution, though before you begin, always remember that not all the things you found in your home can be suitable for the homemade bong you are planning to make. Always remember to choose the sturdiest materials so that your homemade bong can last longer. 

Before you start, though, another important reminder that you have to know is that you have to determine first how often you will be using that homemade bong? Also, are you going to use it all for yourself, or you want it to share it with your friends? Are you going to bring it with you if you travel? Regardless of its use, there are factors that you have to consider before you make one. 

Depending on the capacity of your bong, and the availability of the materials that will be used and the frequency of the bong being used, there are a lot of factors that you have to consider to come up with the right type of bong that you will be making. 

The essential materials you need to have to make a homemade bong are: 

  • metal-tipped pen
  • Empty plastic bottle
  • Cigarette lighter 
  • Your ground weed
  • Gum

Step 1 

Now that you learn the essential things to make a homemade bong, here’s the first step. 

Before you do something with the plastic water bottle, you have to build its shaft and to do this. You have to create a pipe using the tube of the pen. The pen that you will be using must be made from metal, however, if you are not able to get one, at least you have to make sure that its metal top can be removed and unscrewed. 

Next is to unscrew the top of the pen by using a screwdriver or a knife that has a blunt edge, and after that, you can pop out the small bottom part of the pen. Now, remove the pen’s ink tube inside as well as other parts that are not going to be used just like the button and its spring. What will be left in the tube or the shaft of the pen and its metal screw? Now, you have to start turning the pen’s metal screw on the top in an upside-down position, after that, you have to shove the end where the pointed part of the shaft is located so it will stay sturdily. 

Step 2

Empty the plastic water bottle and dry it first. After that, remove the cap, and next up, you have to poke using a nail thick enough to punch a hole that fits the pen’s shaft. But first, you have to heat the nail using the lighter so that it can poke a perfectly circular hole. The hole should be poked around the bottom third part of the plastic water bottle. If you’re not aware where to locate the bottom third part of the water bottle, just imagine that two lines divide the water bottle, and it should be divided into three equal parts. To properly do this, make sure that you already emptied the shaft or the pipe of the pen. Then you should hold the heated nail to puncture a hole to the bottom third part of the bottle and insert the pen’s shaft so that the melted plastic will dry immediately around the shaft so it will be sealed tightly, instead of applying glue to it. Make sure that the bottom of the shaft of the pen is pointed downwards and towards the part of the water bottle’s bottom part. 

Step 3

You have to make sure that the poked hole is airtight since there are chances that the shaft might not fit perfectly, especially if you poked the hole a little too big. If it is too big, then you have to make a seal around the outer part of the bottle so that you can create an air-tight container inside the plastic bottle to prevent the good stuff from coming out once you use it. You can either use a glue gun or a chewed-up bubble gum. All you need to do is to wrap it up around the pen’s shaft that is connected to the plastic water bottle to create a seal. 

Step 4

Now that you’re done poking a hole and inserting the pen’s shaft to it and sealing it air-tight. It is time for you to test the water bottle if it has any leaks at all. You can do this by filling up the water bottle with water that is enough of the portion that can submerge the pen shaft. If there’s no leak or any droplets from the water inside, then it is good to go, and there you have it, you have yourself a well-made fully-functional homemade bong! 

Can You Make a More Complex Homemade Bong? 

Depending on your skills, resources, and your time, you can make a homemade bong that is way more advanced than the one we’ve discussed above. There are a lot of homemade bong designs you can follow online. 

Aside from the conventional water bottle bong, you can also create a bong using soda can, pen pipe, and a glass jar. 

A soda can bong as easy as the water bottle bong. All you need to replace is the water bottle with a soda can. It resembles a lot with the water bottle bong, while the pen pipe is the one that needs the least materials to use. The pen pile is just a disassembled pen, preferably a pen that has a metal shaft.

The glass jar vaporizer, meanwhile, is the most difficult homemade bong that you can make. It needs a glass jar, of course, some wire from your clothes hanger, pieces of screws and nuts, a tubing, and a flathead screwdriver. It takes a considerable amount of time and some effort to finish this one-off, but it’s worth it homemade bong since it filters the smoke because of the water inside that turns it into vapor, leaving you the best stuff cannabis can bring. 

Is it Safe to Use Homemade Bongs? 

It depends on how sturdy the homemade bong you made, so make sure that the materials you use are sturdy enough to last longer and won’t break in the middle of your smoking session. 

If you carefully followed the step-by-step instruction in making a simple homemade bong just like what is mentioned above, then there’s nothing for you to worry about, unless you took a shortcut and poorly used the materials for the bong. 

Just a pro tip, if you’re planning to make a homemade bong, make sure to test it first before you use it with an actual weed or use it with your friends to prevent any accident. Also, when testing it, make sure you’re far away from flammable materials, and it’s much preferable to test it outside your house. If you’re not pretty sure about using a gum, it’s better to use glue gun so that you’ll secure everything tightly and sturdily. 


Nowadays, it’s more practical to make your bong than buy one unless you have more than enough money and you’re planning to make a collection of bongs. Then you’re good to go. Bongs should be a device that you have to enjoy making and not something that will give you a headache, so make sure that you make the simplest homemade bong than the more advanced ones. 

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