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Haze and Kush Strains: What is Their Difference?

A few names ascend to the front bounded with its underlying principles, where its name has been known and put within the history. A couple of enormous cannabis brings up its name to the light under its own category of how it can meet up your expectations and its real contexts.

A considerable amount of various cannabis are now well known due to its effects, and one of the popular cannabis is under the “Kush” and “Haze” category. As such, let us know the principle elements of Haze vs Kush, the two infamous cannabis in the cannabis world. In addition, the joy of using various cannabis under these two categories differs that you may tend to put contrast on it.

Haze VS Kush

Simply because these two incredible cannabis strain names ascend on the list, it does not mean that they are a similar sort of bringing extraordinary things. Well, both cannabis strains are widely known because of their power and the dazzling aroma, potency, and it’s every single hitting elements.

The Haze and Kush strains carry a historical backdrop of a rich convention from the old age and enhanced ways on how to cultivate it well. Likewise, it conveys the insight of various green thumbs with its crossbreed or the genetic lineage that crosses over the name of highly known cannabis.

Both terms “Haze” and “Kush” should not be mistakenly written or put on another cannabis that doesn’t have the components of it as it may try to lower down the name it already builds up. Additionally, the benefits you ought to have may not be yours; therefore, it needs thorough checking and the wide knowledge to identify both the Haze and Kush.

Sativa or Indica

One principle approach to separate between Haze and Kush is that the Haze leans more on the Sativa side while the Kush leans more on the Indica side.


  • The Haze type of cannabis is a Sativa prevailing high that brings a lighter color in its appearance. It is somewhat yellowish with some subtle notes of green hues.
  • Sativa prevailing cannabis, the Haze, infuses the “head high” level of effectiveness unto you.


  • The Kush type of cannabis is an Indica prevailing high that has the dim or dark undertone in its appearance. It is like a dim type of plant and its aroma is so inevitable to not notice it at all.
  • Indica prevailing cannabis, the Kush, infuses the “body high” level of effectiveness on you.



  • The origin of the Haze is from a noticeable quality that can be found around in Northern California.
  • The long blossoming time of the Haze eased back its primary take off at the point where it was practically terminated or labeled as extinct in the year 1980.
  • By such a miracle, the seeds of the Haze cannabis advances its way towards the Netherland, specifically on the hand of Neville Schoenmakers, which a part of the seed banker on that place
  • After the seed bank crossed it with some Sativa prevailing cannabis, the history of it has now begun to bring you the best Haze which is also the hotshot cannabis as of today.


  • The word “Kush” garnered its name from the mountain named “Hindu Kush”; a mountain that extends through Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan.
  • The extended mountain is where you can know the original habitat of the Kush or make known as a provincial landrace plant in those areas.
  • Jumping in the year 1970, the people from America, especially the breeders, put its pocket to grab on the Kush and later crossed it with some cannabis that is now one of those various cannabis that are known.
  • The Kush cannabis picked up the prevalence of people or citizens who loved every element it composes of.

Height and Appearance


  • If the discussion is all about height, it can be said that Haze wins the award of being taller than the Kush.
  • At around 20 feet, maximum, this is the range measurement of its height.
  • The Haze cannabis is that “bushy” type of cannabis.
  • With no consideration about the size of the Haze’s seeds, it can mount higher to its effect because it is so potent.
  • The buds and leaves of Haze come in a brilliant green color tone.
  • Its pistils cover the color scheme of brown, red, and light orange hues.


  • A series of dim green buds and leaves that are so close to the purple undertones is the first thing you can notice on the look of the Kush cannabis.
  • Its pistil covers the orange, bronze, and red color undertones.
  • The buds may not be as thick as you can think but it is good enough.

Terpene and Flavor


  • A strong hint of citrus fragrance is the terpene and flavor profile of Haze cannabis. Additionally, the gritty smell of the earth partnered with sweet hint is its second terpene and flavor profile.
  • Another terpene and flavor profile of the Haze is the hints of incense, pine, and pepper.
  • The flavor and terpene profile that you can obtain from the Haze has that dominance of the citrus undertone due to its strong flavors.


  • The Kush cannabis has that citrus terpene and flavor profile as well but it only hits you in a subtle note.
  • Another terpene and flavor or the second terpene and flavor profile of the Kush is that earthy and floral undertone.
  • A smooth complex of flavors together with the flavor of grape is what you can smell as well.
  • No single undertone of scent and taste will dominate your nose and mouth as the different terpene and flavors are in balance. 



  • Haze variety of cannabis has a remarkable impact that can sit within your body system.
  • The mind is the central home of the Haze, where it can clarify your thoughts and analyze deep thinking.
  • Your state of mind will be raised and your awareness of things will be raise as well. Consequently, it opens up your ways on how to deal with things creatively yet with various considerations.
  • If you aspire to be a writer, musician, or an artist in a day, then the word Haze should not just be seen on its name but also on its characteristics.


  • The potency of Kush cannabis deals with stress, insomnia, and different sorts of physical torments.
  • If you want to beat your laziness, then your best choice is Kush cannabis as it energizes you well.
  • Your body won’t fall deep into a state of feeling the pain as it has some numbing properties that will act in healing various physical conditions.
  • If you are wanted to be up for a long time compiling all the tasks that need body movement, then surely this is the best choice of cannabis.

Growth Pattern


  • The Haze has a long flowering period.
  • Haze cannabis needs your assistance on the levels of temperature, lighting, and humidity.
  • It’s best to keep your place far from mold and pests manifestation as Haze cannabis only possesses low tolerance from it.


  • As a result of the high altitudes and lower temperatures, or overall the cruel conditions of the environment, the Kush can win up against it.
  • Kush cannabis may be a small or not a tall plant, but its body structure is strong and sturdy along with the dense buds that can protect itself from molds and cold atmosphere.
  • If you forget to water your Kush cannabis, do not worry as it can still grow best and still bring you its best wide range characteristics.
  • The flowering period of the Kush cannabis is not too long, or when compared to Haze, it can grow fully in a short span of time.


Here are some of the varieties of the Haze and Kush cannabis strains.


  • Blue Haze
  • Cannalope Haze
  • G13 Haze
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Neville’s Haze
  • Dedoverde Haze
  • Amnesia Haze
  • Delahaze
  • Super Silver Haze
  • Gipsy Haze


  • OG Kush
  • SFV OG Kush
  • Banana Kush
  • Bubba Kush
  • Purple Kush
  • Critical Kush
  • Mickey Kush
  • Master Kush
  • Pure Kush
  • Cali Kush


Throughout the dynamic world and the time running from time to time, the Kush cannabis turned into the equivalent word for incredible and intense Indica plants similarly as the Haze cannabis becoming an equal for Sativa plant through its like impacts. It would only matter how close the genetic lineage are to the raw Haze and Kush cannabis strains.

When utilizing the Haze and Kush cannabis strains, you will encounter a wide range of experiences. It can either provide you the body buzzes or mental hymns. Your fondness in its appearance, hue, flavor, and aroma will leave you what to choose among on it. However, do not purely conclude on those Haze vs. Kush contents as all experiences, characteristics, or the underlying things of those two types of cannabis are always unique.

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