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Growing Marijuana in Different Climates

Regardless of the climate, marijuana can be grown anywhere for as long as you are doing it indoors because you can control your indoor grow environment. However, outdoor growing is a different story. You have to consider the climate outdoor so that you will have a success in your grow.

The climate has in fact a very big impact in the quality of your plants. There are some seeds or strains that won’t grow well in a certain weather condition. For instance, Maui Waui won’t grow well in a cold climate but Alaskan Thunder can.

The size of the plants leaves is connected with the type of climate it grows well. For instance, Asian and Middle Eastern marijuana strains have long and broad leaves while the Tropic strains have smaller tiny leaves with lots of flowers. They adapt to where they are used to grow so you can’t expect a good result of a Tropic strain grown in an Asian or Middle Eastern climate and the other way around.
If you consider this in your grow, you will have a better success rate.

How to grow marijuana in different climates?

The best thing that you should is to grow the right marijuana seed for the available climate that you currently have. Yes we know that it’s hard to find the right marijuana seeds to grow especially if you are still a beginner. If you want to learn which strains best fit your region, then come to our live chat and chat with our customer service representative. We don’t answer growing related questions. We just give the strains info and give recommendations.


If you are not confident about growing outdoors then it is highly recommended that you do it indoors. It is discrete and you have a full control of your grow. Aside from that, you can avoid from a lot of problems that an outdoor environment has to offer like pests, changing weather condition, soil problems, animals, diseases, and people.

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