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If you have already graduated in the indoor growing community and you want to level up your knowledge in marijuana cultivation, this is the next step for you, growing marijuana in a greenhouse is the upgraded or bigger version of your DIY growing area which may be from medium to large scale production.

Greenhouses are built to better utilize the natural resources found around us. Your greenhouse may have a fancy automated system or a simple DIY setup, a greenhouse setup is one of the most cost-effective solutions for growers who want to upgrade their production and yield.

Thus, this means that greenhouses are a staple method used by beginners up to professional growers. By using the greenhouse method, you can generally cover a lot of plants that constitute higher production that can supply your growing demand.

Whatever your decision might be, you have to think wisely if you need to upgrade or if you can afford the upgrade.

Here is our effective guide in growing marijuana in a greenhouse.

Growing Marijuana in a Greenhouse: How Does it Function?

A specific environment that is surrounded by any translucent or transparent material such as fiberglass, plastic, or glass can be called or considered as a greenhouse. It only needs to serve two basic functions; to maintain a suitable climate for growth and provide safety for any plant, specifically weed.

How Can It Serve its Function?

Having transparent panels allows sunlight to come in the enclosed area which provides the necessary heat that the plants need for a long period. As long as the sun is up, there is no need for extra heating devices such as grow lamps.

The enclosure acts as a barrier to prevent plants from being affected by bad weather, trespassers, and pests.

The Best Benefits of Growing Marijuana in a Greenhouse

The truth is, greenhouse setups and cultivation are the combinations of practices between indoor and outdoor methods that provide the best environment where the cannabis plant can thrive.

Here’s a list of how that happens:

Free Heating System

Indoor setups can cause you a huge sum of money because you need to mimic and provide an artificial climate as well as a growing environment for your plants. As long as the sun exists you have a free heating system.

Achieving this can leave a huge dent in your budget as it requires a lot of electricity, this will skyrocket your utility bill.

One of the main benefits of greenhouses is that you can achieve the best growing environment for free!

Greenhouses: A Surefire for Sustainability

As mentioned earlier, you do not have to spend a lot of money on utility when you use a greenhouse, thus you are already helping the environment by not consuming more electricity. Your greenhouse provides no harm to the environment.

Flexible: Budget-friendly

As mentioned previously, a greenhouse is cost-effective as it allows you to source out the materials that you will be using for your enclosures. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on your setup.

Perpetual Growing Cycles

Since your setup takes advantage of a natural environment where the plants can freely grow, you can glide through the vegetative phase up to the harvesting phase as much as you’d like. Plus, the plants have the freedom to grow as they please which will increase your yield.

Full Control in the Grow Environment

In comparison with outdoor growing, greenhouse growing gives you full access to how your lighting schedule will be, what temperature will be maintained as well as the humidity. You may also opt to set up an odor control unit to make it stealthier.

Safety and Security 

No one can get in or out without your permission since you can set up fences and barricades for your greenhouse system.

Automation Option

If you do not like growing and you are just there for the money or you simply do not have the luxury of time to monitor your plants, you can add an automated system that does the work for you. But, this comes with a hefty price that you can eventually earn back in the long run.

Excellent Quality Yields

You can ask anybody, a weed that is cultivated in a greenhouse is more potent and has higher quality than the weed that is grown outdoors. This is due to the ideal climate that the greenhouse provides that allows the plant to reach its full potential.

The Best Greenhouse for You!

There is no perfect greenhouse, but you can have the best greenhouse. This will all depend on your needs and preference, but of course, you have to do all the calculations for the cost it might take.

You have to consider a variety of aspects to make your setup ideal, this includes the climate where you want to place the greenhouse, the location itself, number of yields, and especially your budget.

Thus, the best greenhouse for you is the one that will cover all your needs.

A great tip is that you need to purchase or build a greenhouse that is slightly bigger than your planned setup, this will give you more room to adjust and also prevent losses if you accidentally set up a constricted greenhouse.

Rule of thumb! An estimated 7.5 liters of soil or super soil is needed for each 30 cm plant height.

You must also remember that you need a storeroom where you can secure all your equipment to prevent damage and clutter and also a working table where you can freely move.

As for the type of materials to be used, all transparent coverings are equal when it comes to their effectiveness, but glass is more sturdy when it comes to wind.

Summary – Growing Marijuana in a Greenhouse

When you take a glance at large greenhouses that are being utilized for cultivation and farming, you might be thinking that indoor growing is coming to an end. This is because greenhouses can provide the benefits that commercial farming gives.

The same goes for growing marijuana in a greenhouse, it is cost-effective and also it provides better yields and potency.

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