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Freezing Marijuana: Is it a Good Idea?

If you were asked, what is your go-to-storage for almost everything? It is nearly always automatic to answer it with a fridge, freezer, or refrigerator whatever you wanted to call it. We know that freezing is indeed one of the easiest, minimum time-consuming, let alone the most convenient technique of preserving and defending our food. The question was asked, freezing Marijuana: is it a good idea? Nearly all foods get along just fine with freezing, though, with the exclusion of cream-based products, items or products consist of an enormous amount of water in it and readied starchy foods such as cooked rice and noodles. However, our fridge is not designed exclusively for food storage; It is intended to preserve, protect, and prevent whatever it is that we don’t want to get spoiled and reserved for fun anytime soon.

Does the Fridge Technique Work?

When harvest Marijuana, it inevitably suffers from drying and curing. The process is at a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks, which is heavily reliant on the preferences of its grower. When it’s budding is cured, it should be consumed in its peak quality, or else you will miss out on the flavor and aroma that paves the way for nirvana to occur.

Since the fridge is the go-to-storage for nearly everyone and nearly anything, storing it in vacuum-sealed containers before placing them into the coldest portion of your fridge. The instinctual idea is, freezing stops Marijuana from aging; also, it freezes its buds in due time. 

It might be logical and aligns with the natural course of things; however, freezing your Marijuana is not a good idea.  Here are the two main reasons why:

1. Trichomes’ Quality Deteriorates

Freezing Marijuana results in getting these trichomes, a gland that is responsible for the production of cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and the aromatic terpenes, to become brittle that can vanish in the process if mishandled. The freezing decreases the potency of Marijuana. Rather than conserving weed’s potency, the method initiated its ruin.

2. Availability of Airtight Containers

It is a no-brainer to forget to prepare for a container of your Marijuana before freezing it. However, it is a must that it is an airtight container. The oxygen that is left on the container could origin a freezer burn. When defrosting Marijuana could lose its quality and could attract pathogens because of the drastic drop in temperature and humidity. Not to mention how difficult and stressful it can be. With these changes, it can attract mold as well as mildew. 

Is there an Alternative to this Predicament?

Since you resorted to storing your Marijuana in a freezer, you ruled out the use of cardboard boxes as well as a plastic bag.  But most people fall on this trap because of the absence of knowledge of long term effects in the process.

The first thing you need to do is to throw all those wrinkled plastics baggies into the bin. Invest in jars, and quality glass jars would be best in keeping your Marijuana friction-free, airtight, and moist-free. Since oxygen is vital for the budding process, it is a good idea to keep humidity consistent through putting this airtight jar away from light plays a significant role too in preserving Marijuana. UV light possesses a strong degrading element making Ziploc bags thrown out in the equation. The presence of a static charge, moist and susceptibility to temperature are grounding factors for ruling out plastic baggies in favor of quality glass jars. What you need to understand is place the jar in dark places, or you can wrap them thick clothes or burlap sacks. The advice temperature is around 20° – 25° Celcius.  

I also wanted to share four principal considerations behind choosing airtight containers for your Marijuana. Remember, Friction, Humidity, Light, and Temperature. With the following principles, it only points to an airtight glass container placed in dark places of your house.

Going for the extra mile, especially in preserving kinds of stuff that brought pleasure to you, should not be a big deal, so you might want to get yourself a hygrometer for strict monitoring of humidity levels within your container. Make sure that the jar you used is vacuum sealed for exposure-reduction to oxygen. You might want to consider upgrading your glasswares, making it capable of blocking UV lights, try Miron Jar.

If you find freezing objects a good idea, this is to share with you an exemption to this rule of freezing Marijuana. Let me introduce you to ‘live resin.’ In preparing for this process, plants, in this case, Marijuana, are immediately frozen right after its harvest and used liquid nitrogen with the temperature of -195° Celcius, which is icy and super cold. 

Through this process, Marijuana’s natural chemicals are preserved, which includes the delightful terpenes whose responsible for the strain’s flavor. When extracting, several diluters like butane or even CO₂ are used towards this frozen plant. 

One critical advice and is indeed a good idea is that on no occasion will you store your Marijuana in containers that need cleaning, such as your smoking accessories. Dirty resins and burnt leftovers may or may not cause your container to stink, which is detrimental to the taste and smell of your stockpiled stash.

Ending Thoughts on Freezing Marijuana

There is indeed an art of preserving the freshness of your Marijuana. Principles were shared, and the science behind it was explained, and it is not rocket science. Freezing it is not a good idea, storing it in plastic baggies and cardboard box doesn’t get the job done well. Keeping your Marijuana’s freshness, aroma, and potency for more or less than six months shouldn’t be a problem as long as you followed and understood the principles laid out on you. 

In summary, if you have a glass jar, placed it where the light never touches the jar, where it is cold, and rest your mind from thinking that your Marijuana will get ruined anytime soon.

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