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Epsom Salts for Cannabis: Understanding its Purpose

With the rise of different ways on how to empower growing cannabis, supplements that help with their growth come in a variety of choices too. Epsom salt is one of the popular organic and cheap supplements that will definitely help the marijuana plant against unwanted infestation and rotting. Let’s face it. There were times that it’s too difficult to risk, especially when growing strains that are not susceptible to molds, mildew, and infestation. It can be difficult to experiment and grow different marijuana strains if this kind of perspective retains. 

In this article, you will learn the joy of Epsom salts for cannabis. As a natural supplement for centuries, it is trusted to deliver quality cannabis buds perfect for growers and distributors. It’s time to say goodbye to expensive vitamins and nutrients for cannabis. A better option without compromised costs is the goal of using Epson salts. Besides, trying different options for cannabis supplements is one way of knowing how it works on different strains. Read on and know more about the perks of using Epsom salt and how necessary it is for cannabis plants.

What are Epsom Salts? 

You might be asking, why is it called a salt? Does it taste like a regular table salt? Epsom salt doesn’t differ much from the regular table salt when it comes to its appearance, but they are completely different discussing molecular terms. As much as we recognize it as a supplement for cannabis, it can be used in formulating beauty and health products too. The effect helps in relieving pain, stress, colds, and coughs. In addition, Epsom salts work too in making bath salts. It’s great for moisturizing and exfoliating the skin. 

By now, you might be getting familiar with how bath salts work. Just be wary that the ones used for health and beauty are not the same Epsom salts used as supplements. These are often incorporated with different substances such as alcohols, dyes, and aroma to enhance its effect when slathered on the body or when vaporized. These substances can damage the cannabis plant. That’s why you have to stick with the base. Besides, Epsom salt is not that difficult to find, considering they are available on almost all garden stores specializing in cannabis and even in pharmacies. 

What are the Benefits of Epsom Salts for Cannabis? 

Epsom salts for cannabis work the same way vitamins work for humans. They help in boosting the immune system of the plant, preventing the chances of rotting and improving its susceptibility from molds and mildews. We all want what’s best for your marijuana time. To give you more thoughts as to why you should try nourishing your cannabis plant with Epsom salt, read on and know more about its perks. 

Preventing Magnesium Deficiency 

When a cannabis plant has its leaves turning yellow, it will give you more reason to apply Epsom salt. One of the most important nutrients that a cannabis plant should be provided with is magnesium. It has the ability to improve the plant’s absorption of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Sulfur. The need for magnesium helps in formulating chlorophyll. This makes the plant greener and performs well during photosynthesis. 

Easy to Use 

In terms of usage, it’s not difficult to do. There’s no possible way you can overdo the process. A little amount of Epsom salt for cannabis can go a long way, which makes it a cheaper alternative to other types of supplements. The proportion should be one tablespoon for every five liters of water that can last two to three weeks of usage. This Epsom salt mixture is perfect for soils which contain a pH level that is above 7. The salt mixture will help in unlocking the acquisition of magnesium and calcium. 

Provides the Required Nutrients of the Soil 

Regardless if you’re growing indoors in pots or outdoors in beds, using Epsom salt for cannabis as a supplement sure does make a difference with its growth. Apparently, if you’re currently using dolomite lime as a supplement for your marijuana plant, it is not recommended to apply Epsom salt alongside. Considering the health of the soil in the Northwestern part of the Pacific, it is highly recommended to treat cannabis plants well with Epsom salt. 

How to Apply Epsom Salts? 

Now that you have fully understood the main reason why growers use Epsom salt for cannabis, it’s time to know how it is applied. The application is not rocket science that even beginners in cannabis cultivation can understand the steps. The ingredients are pretty straightforward too. All you need to do is to follow the instructions carefully and do not overdo the process. 

Approach 1: 

The two key ingredients are the Epsom salt and warm water. Do not use boiling hot water. Room temperature to warm temperature water is highly recommended. Dilute the salt into the water and stir under. There are no longer salt molecules present. Pour the mixture in the spray bottle and wait until it cools down. After a few minutes, it’s ready to be sprayed into the plant. This is called the foliar spray. 

It will help in introducing the holistic well-being of the plant as it absorbs nutrients, microbes, and pesticides through the leaves, stems, and branches rather than the roots. It works too, but the nutrient acquisition is effective when sprayed throughout. 

Approach 2: 

The second approach is perfect for those who are experts in growing marijuana using hydroponics. This uses water rather than soil as the medium of the plant. Not because it doesn’t grow in the soil doesn’t necessarily mean hydroponic growers can’t try supplementing the plant with Epsom salts. Most growers have a tank where they infuse the water with the nutrients to evenly distribute it throughout, allowing the roots to easily absorb them. 

Apparently, there are no exact measurements as to how much is needed since the size of the tank varies depending on the grower. They keep the nutrients in the tank to maintain the flow of the water. The movement of the water will allow the roots to absorb without leaving other roots unattended completely. 


Just like any other supplements, Epsom salts for cannabis does not deliver well when not powered by other nutrients. It has the ability to boost the health of the plant, but it requires other nutrients, too, in order to maintain its health. The main objective of using Epsom salts in growing cannabis is to strengthen the soil and improve the growth of the buds preventing cases of rotting and infestation of molds and mildews. 

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