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Drying Cannabis Comprehensive Tutorial

We all know the hustle of growing marijuana for an ample amount of time with exerted effort. And the best part about the cultivation process is harvesting. But growing cannabis does not just end there. There are post-harvest processes that still need to be done to improve the condition of the harvested buds. These processes include drying and curing. You might find the whole cultivation process difficult and tedious, but it’s definitely something that even a newbie can understand. We consider the health of the harvested buds to maintain its post-harvest features before proceeding to the next step. 

As much as we want the process to be as quick as possible, it would be best to provide the buds time to adjust to its new environment. Drying cannabis is composed of steps to follow in order to come up with better outcomes and setting up preventive measures on how not to ruin the harvested buds. In this article, we will discuss the need for cannabis to be dried, why should it be prepared and instructions on how to dry cannabis that will further help you with acquiring top-notch quality marijuana buds. 

Why Do You Need to Dry Cannabis? 

You might be asking why do you need to dry cannabis? What’s in it for you? In all honesty, the drying process has the ability to breakdown the chlorophyll used in the green color of the buds. This helps in improving the smooth and remarkable taste of the buds. If you’re not a fan of green vegetables, consider it as a metaphor of how consuming these buds are with the scent and taste of leafy green vegetables as if you’re chewing on freshly cut grass. And drying the cannabis buds will help in releasing its original and unique taste. 

Why would you consume cannabis if it weren’t for the effects, taste, and scent, right? This is why drying cannabis plays a significant part in how would the outcome of the buds be. Whether they be too damp or too dry, they can affect the effects of consuming cannabis. Drying them helps in alleviating the cases of experiencing harshness, throat irritation, coughs, and even temporal headaches. Instead, they deliver a sensation that will make them feel good about themselves. 

Cannabis buds have the ability to deliver uplifting and relieving effects considered as the primary reasons as to why people consume them. Proper drying and curing process lowers the chances of the consumer to experience psychedelic effects, paranoia, anxiety, and an increased pace environment. In addition, it helps in lowering the possibilities of bacteria or mold growing from within the buds. This will just ruin everything and will make the whole pre and post-growing process up to no good. 

Why Does Cannabis Require Preparation? 

As soon as the plants are harvested, the next step is to organize how you will deliver the drying process. It does not just help in improving the taste, but it makes the marijuana bud smokable. Consider it as an activator to deliver the potency. The moment that the plants are cut down, the grower should proceed with the drying process. In order to deliver quality effects, you should choose the preferable methods to use. 

On average, drying cannabis ranges from one to two weeks. Be wary of the signs that are being delivered by the plant to provide immediate attention if needed. Drying cannabis in the first three days is crucial. It requires monitoring in order to keep watch of the possible growth of bacteria and mold. This will lengthen the drying process. There are ways on how you can improve the timeframe of the drying process, applying different drying methods, but the drawbacks include faulty taste and ineffective curing. 

How to Dry Cannabis? 

Drying cannabis is not rocket science. Even beginners can do it without supervision. But common mistakes occur when the plant dry too quickly. It’s understandable though there are ways on how to prevent that from happening. All you need to do is to follow the instructions accordingly and make necessary adjustments if necessary. The instructions are pretty straightforward. In this section, you will know more about drying cannabis and see the fruits of your labor. 

Step 1: Slight Trimming 

The first and most important step to do is to conduct slight trimming. This involves the removal of the fan and large sugar leaves out of the way and start focusing on the buds. It would be best to be equipped with a pair of trimming scissors that often come as low as $10. Keep the plants clean from the undergrowth and keep the stems clean from little and large leaves. The buds should be tear-shaped, like with a round bottom. 

Step 2: Hanging the Buds 

The next step is hanging the buds upside down with its roots facing up. They should be hung and stored in a dark room for 4 to 8 days tops. The average time they should be hung is five days, but the additional three days is just to make sure. To hang it more efficiently, you can use a hanger or use a clothesline wiring to hang them at the same level. Be wary of the environmental conditions during the drying period to prevent mold growth. 

The ideal room temperature should be no more than or less than 23 degrees Celsius with humidity at only 50% to manage the moisture. To control these, you can use a humidistat, whether it be digital or manual, it will help in monitoring the humidity levels. Note that the plants should not be compressed with each other. They should be spaced accordingly. Once the buds tend to be crispy, the drying process has already come to an end, and you can already proceed with curing. Over-drying the buds work better than under-drying them considering the possible growth of mold that may further be toxic for consumption. 

Step 3: Shaping 

The next step is shaping or detailed trimming the buds. Remove the buds from the stem and shape each bud accordingly. Trim the sugar leaves left and leave the flowers. Technically, the stems are not useful, so they are best removed either way. 

Step 4: Store 

When it comes to storage, it is not suggested to use plastic bags such as Ziplocks. What would be best is to use air-tight jars such as mason jars. Even though they should be stored in an air-tight container, leave some room that will allow the buds to breathe. When they are not in use, make sure to store them where the temperature and humidity are maintained at 20 degrees Celcius and 60% levels. To improve the taste, you can start curing them on average of 4 to 8 weeks. Open the jar daily for 30 to 45 minutes to allow fresh air to circulate within. Keep them in storage wherein there is no direct exposure from sunlight. This will only breakdown the cannabinoids these buds contain. 


Drying cannabis is one of the most important parts of the growing process. As it improves the sensation experienced, this is one way of enjoying them when followed the instructions. Give it a little patience and effort in checking and monitoring the temperature and humidity. The timeframe is basically up to you. You can settle for more than just a week or two prior to proceeding to the curing process. After drying and curing, your cannabis is all set for consumption with improved flavor and potency. 

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