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Does Weed Make You Hallucinate

Classically, the word ‘hallucination’ or ‘to hallucinate’ is defined in Latin as ‘wandering mentally.’ It is clinically defined and observed that people who are suffering from this tend to have a perception of an imaginary object and even event. Irrelevant sensory structures are stimulating their sensory experiences, and this condition frequently occurs to people with a psychiatric problem. So, asking the question does weed make you hallucinate is valid, a vital endeavor to get yourself into that can be used as a reference in the future.

Most people smoke weed as a means to have pleasant experiences that involve deep relaxation and some form of euphoria. However, this isn’t universal because some people have experienced panic attacks, a kind of distrust, and fear. These are expected effects due to excess use of smoking weed, a variation in a person’s potency, and his/her inexperience of the matter. They are to experience a severe psychosis, which has hallucinations, delusions; also, they might suffer from mild to severe loss of personal self. These are ill-disposed but momentary reactions that can be seen from schizophrenia, which are a longer-lasting form of psychotic disorders.

Exploring Scientific Explanations

Rare frequently referred to Hallucinations due to medical weeds. This rarity believed induced by THC (tetrahydrocannabinol),  researchers, and those who are in the medical field as well. This psychoactive cannabinoid interferes with the activity in your brain, which creates hallucinations. Although there might be some users that claim to have this experience, this article might move back and forth with scientific research whether this weed can cause hallucination or can’t.

Hallucinogenic Drugs

Some other substances and drugs are capable of altering perceptions without inducing hallucinations. These are often stated as hallucinogenic drugs. Differentiating hallucinogens from other drugs should start from the basics. Substances that are found in weeds are widely different compare to psychedelic substances, which are referred to as Serotonergic. They have different functions and effects on the brain. 

Weed Bind Receptors

Compounds that are active in weeds bind receptors in neurons that linked the body and the brain, which affects the transmission of information, making our perceptions altered. The by-product of this intervention is the disrupted flow of these highly concentrated receptors, which is also responsible for regulating movement, sleep patterns, appetite, and a higher form of cognitive functioning. It alters thought processing. On the other hand, some researches shown that these effects are helping the brain to mitigate insomnia, anxiety, and perceptions of pain.

Bodily Chemicals Might be Responsible

These Serotonergic are targeting serotonin. It is a neurotransmitter, a kind of chemical that is to be found in our body that is believed to be responsible for regulating the feeling of happiness. These Serotonergic are binding serotonin receptors throughout our body, and by doing this, they are capable of shutting out serotonin in our body. This occurrence can be a good clue in determining how weed is closely associated with hallucinations.

Technology that Helps us Understand

The use of the technology of Recent Imaging, researches have found out that Serotonergic appears to alter your brain’s perceptions by constantly activating various parts of our brain all at once. Also, it seems plausible that serotonin came from Serotonergic drugs, which causes disruptions of flow and blocked receptors our body’s natural serotonin. 

Active compounds that are found in weeds, in contrast, alter perceptions a little, and they don’t possess capabilities to process various parts of the brain all at once.

How Does Weed Make Me Feel?

You Can Experience Hallucinatory Effects

Weed can bring forth a blurred vision that can turn into light perception or visual distortions, but can we easily associate these reactions to the notion that many people asks, does weed make you hallucinate, I would say it is unfair to do that. Again all of these effects are heavily reliant on the amount used and that person’s potency over it. Aside from feeling chilled out and joyous by their thoughts, making them chatty and giggly, this can also induced feelings of mild to extreme anxiety, paranoia, confusion, and disinterest in some things. 

Thought Processes Might Change

Weeds changes your thought processes, and others have also claimed that it is also suitable for perspective-taking. With altered perceptions, it inevitably affects your judgment. People who tend to conflate their altered perception to claiming that they hallucinate frequently found their conversations and thought processes much deeper or significant than their average days.

Misled to Psychotic Illnesses

Without the proper knowledge, once can easily be misled by the idea that due to altered perception, which is conflated with hallucinations, one can straightforwardly develop psychosis. Amnesia, depersonalization, delusion, disorientation, changes in moods, paranoia, and lower motivation can be symptoms of psychotic disorders and is also present in neurotic disorders. Still, if a person experiences these symptoms due to smoking weed, these are momentarily observed and felt.


With differing points of view, with variations in researches and with people having different levels of tolerance to weed and it’s effects on a person’s mental health, it is not right and even outlandish to easily claim that use of weed can increase the likelihood of developing psychotic illnesses. However, some people are looking out for the adventure of the psychedelic experience, might I warn you that weeds that can be bought in the streets sometimes possess substances that can induce hallucinatory effects. Also, regulating the selling of weeds, which are free of those contaminants that can cause hallucination, is one of the chief reasons for its legalization. 

And lastly, keep in mind that use of weed possesses side effects that aren’t exclusively on mental or psychological, it’s effects can be physical as well.  It consists of an amplified heartbeat, increased sweating, and fatigue. You might be overwhelmed by numerous articles, comments, and discussions about its effects on mental and psychological you have also forgotten to keep a close monitor to your physical health too, and this is important for weeds are working straight on your nervous system which is heavily reliant on your physical well-being.

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