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You will get some free seeds when you buy marijuana seeds from us. You will only get them if your order is more than $420 excluding shipping fees. You might doubt about the quality of our free seeds maybe because you have some bad experiences from other seed banks where you have received just junks or the word “free” made you come to a conclusion that the seeds are low quality.
Our free seeds are high of quality. They are randomly handpicked from our high quality strains. We have a reputation to keep thus we make sure that even our free seeds can make you become so happy with your experience with us. Our free seeds have a high germination rate compared to the free weed seeds from the other seed banks available on the internet. 

Why give-away free seeds? Wouldn’t that a loss to your profit?

You might want to ask those questions. We give away some free seeds as a part of saying thank you for those who patronize our company. We invest at giving the best customer satisfaction because we believe that the real business is with the repeat customers. We do not just aim to make money from making our first sale. Our business’ foundation is customer referral and repeat buyers and that’s what we strive for. Because of our reputation, people come back to buy our marijuana seeds for sale here. We are not afraid to invest a little for the free seeds.
The marijuana seeds that you will receive from us when you buy our premium cannabis seeds should be treated like the premium ones. For as long as you are giving them the correct growing methods, appropriate lighting, fertilizer, soil, water, etc then they would grow perfectly. Your free seeds might come with the best marijuana strains available now. You can receive the seeds which you haven’t tried growing yet which can make you interested with them and buy them from us the next time you make your purchase.
If you have any questions or if you don’t know which seeds to buy, then contact us anytime of the day or you can chat with our live chat support representative for assistance. Our live chat support agents are online during our business days.
Our company which is located in Canada does ship to our customers from around the world. It is very much recommended that you check your local laws before ordering the seeds from us. Though we will send your order in a discrete manner but we cannot assure of its arrival specially if your country or state has strict laws regarding marijuana.

We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. Please leave your valid email address below.

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