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The Cannabis plant produces cannabinoids that can respond to the network of receptors that are naturally inside the body. There are more than a hundred cannabinoids that researchers have recognized. You may be familiar with the main ones which are THC and CBD. 

But, have you ever heard of CBGA? With over a hundred of them, the main cannabinoids are not the only ones who can provide users with health benefits or other advantageous effects. 

Experts have discovered that some of these cannabinoids work together to give off incredible results. The synergy is called the entourage effect on which more dynamic results take place compared when they act alone.

Introduction of CBGA

CBGA stands for cannabigerolic acid is one of the minor cannabinoids found in trichomes. It also produced a role to support the plant’s health. With its contribution, death and necrosis of unhealthy plants are countered. When you execute pruning, dead leaves are avoided while it boosts the energy for flowering to occur.

This cannabinoid is considered the foundational component of the plant’s flowers. It is sort like the mother of cannabinoids. It precedes the cascade reaction together with others namely THCA, CBDA, and CBCA. So CBGA is the reason why there are THC, CBD, and CBC. It also converts itself to CBG in some strains but most of the time, it turns into THC and CBD.

CBGA is abundant in hemp strains. Its existence has been known for 50 years. However, research regarding this cannabinoid is only a few.

Discovering CBGA in the Past

An Israeli scientist was the first person to detect CBG fifty years ago. Thirty years have passed and a Japanese scientist discovered that the precursor is CBGA. The gap seems a long time but research that was done is limited.

The studies that involved CBGA are typically for the sustainable creation of THCA not only used for research but pharmaceutical companies. They tried to find the mechanism that would convert CBGA to THCA.

A consistent demonstration was done by utilizing Pichia pastoris, a yeast species. It is commonly used for DNA protein organisms. To enhance production, researchers developed computational modeling. A team from California released the outcome of their work which is the Cannabinoids’ complete synthesis. CBGA derived from yeast is included in it.

Promising Medical Benefits from CBGA

Great surprises may be given by CBGA due to its ability to naturally inhibit and expedite death cells in an early stage. It gives more promising benefits for health and medication. It shows some potential in dealing with these health conditions.

1. Colon or Colorectal Cancer

Experts were in awe to discover the potential of CBGA to treat cancer. Block receptors can diminish the growth of cancer cells and it was found in a study regarding this cannabinoid. It was done among mice with tumors and induced colon carcinogens from chemicals.

Another discovery is connected to this concept. The cytotoxic effects in CBGA don’t only eradicate the colon cancer cells. The cannabinoid can also hasten the death of the cancer cell and arrest the cycles of cancer cells. Although it needs more research, they are compelled to as it is quite helpful.

This impressive move of CBGA is not only helpful in cancer but with polyps. It can halt the proliferation and growth of this unwanted thing in the body. It should be eliminated as it can develop into carcinoma if not treated.

2. Metabolic Disorders

CBGA can impact metabolic disorders such as diabetes, staggering levels of triglycerides, and cholesterol. Experts come up with an idea that it can reactive receptors that stimulate lipid metabolism while curbing the accumulation of this compound.

3. Cardiovascular Disease

A diabetic patient can have another advantage from the potentials of CBGA. This cannabinoid can iron out other complications like comorbidities or cardiovascular diseases. A study was done with Vitro and it can subdue the enzyme called aldose reductase which is the main starter of oxidative stress. If this enzyme is not blocked, it will lead to heart problems.

4. Huntington’s Disease

It is a progressive brain complication that makes you lose your cognition, emotions, and movement. It is a neurodegenerative disease that many experts are eyeing for CBGA to combat. 

In the 2015 study, CBGA shows a promising result as it created a shield for the neurons of the mice that have Huntington’s disease. It can be all by itself when accomplishing this goal or it can be worked with other phytocannabinoids or even in therapy. Experts need to continue studying the brain’s nerve cell degeneration.

5. Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Another study with mice was conducted in 2013. The animals were given colitis first then with the presence of CBGA, relief or positive results were obtained. The symptoms were down and the oxidizing agent was born in the small intestine of the subjects. The nitric oxide was controlled as well but it should be tested to humans for confirmation.

Decarboxylation Process of CBGA

Although it is done by pharmaceuticals, it’s totally fine as CBGA can be converted to CBDA or THCA. When you do it naturally, this cannabinoid will produce CBG. A single cycle will produce 12% to 13% CBG. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

What you can get is around 120 to 130 grams of CBG. But variations can happen based on some parts of buds. Variations can’t be avoided in different strains. There may be more or less potency. You can give a 1% margin to the difference. 

How to Consume CBGA

The recommended method to consume CBGA is by ingesting raw hemp. It can be newly harvested and it has little THC or even zero content. The fresher the hemp is, the more CBGA you can get from it.

Light and heat exposure as well as decarboxylation and oxidation all add up to process cannabinoids. They change their acidic forms into the activated ones. So you can have more CBG than CBGA or a bit of CBN.

Final Words for CBGA

CBGA has shown several promising potentials in studies. However, experts still need to unfold a lot of aspects regarding those discoveries. Things must be clarified and proven for the safety of use. 

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