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CBD Oil for Cats

You might be familiar with the various benefits of CBD for humans. It proved to help reduce pain, alleviate the symptoms of stress and depression, and potentially support managing the cancer treatment effects.

What you may not familiar with, it has some beneficial effects for your favorite pets. With the discredit around hemp and its advantages rapidly becoming old news, you might want to consider using CBD oil for cats to boost their overall health and joy.

To give you a better understanding, in this comprehensive guide, we’re going to discuss the benefits of CBD oil for cats, pros and cons, dosage, and more.

What is CBD Oil for Cats?

Cannabidiol, or more commonly called the CBD oil, is another most active component in a cannabis plant. Cannabis has more than 100 active properties, such as the main active tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly called THC.

CBD and THC are different. CBD does not contain any hallucinogenic effects. Hence, You won’t “get stoned” from using it. It is mainly used for its medical and therapeutic benefits instead. 

The CBD oil is a purely concentrated CBD compound existing in hemp, which allows for house and healing purposes. It is more well-known as the term “tincture.” It is through passing a solution (such as alcohol or olive oil) to a cannabis plant.

The solution worked its way with the plant, infusing the cannabinoids, therefore, produces a natural, safe, and non-toxic treatment for your beloved pets.

Is CBD Oil for Cats Safe for Use?

Often, CBD oil is for boosting the life quality cats and alleviating the symptoms of diseases and ailments. It is essential to understand that it may not inevitably treat these illnesses. Hence, if your cat friend is experiencing more chronic problems, taking them to the vet should be your first choice.

Most holistic doctors confirm that CBD is safe for cats and rarely has undesirable side effects. But always consult with your veterinarian before giving your feline friend any treatment to guarantee their safety. Holistic doctors are the best choice for assessing if cannabinol is ideal for your pet or not.

Keep in mind that the dosage is the essential safety factor in using CBD oil for cats. The usual reason for the side effects in your cats is feeding them with too much CBD oil.

Knowing the right dosage and reading your CBD oil product information much help keep them safe. Although CBD oil is safe for cats, the marijuana plant is not right because they are toxic. 

Don’t directly feed your cat with marijuana; the safest method to boost your pet’s overall health is giving them CBD products. 

Does CBD Oil Make Your Cat High?

In other words, no, it won’t.  CBD is non-psychedelic, and it will not make your pet high since it separates from THC, which is the active component, similar effects of that THC. It is chemically not possible except if you apply CBD oil that has been restored to THC.

Aside from giving your cat a high, it is also wholly lawful. While the titles of Cannabis, Hemp, and Marijuana are often interchanging, all are not the same. Knowing that distinction is crucial to learning their different applications and which strain is prohibited.

The hypernym for the plant is Cannabis. It covers all the differences and varieties of the plant. On the other hand, Marijuana is the best-known cannabis strain and is the most familiar among users.

It has high levels of THC, which deliver mind-tripping properties. For this reason, in federal and several US states, it is still unlawful.

While hemp only has THC levels of 0.2% to 0.3%, it has little to no non-existent psychedelic effects.

In all 50 states of the US, hemp is legal, and this is why you see hemp lotions, moisturizers, and other derivatives in local supermarkets. CBD comes from hemp and Marijuana, so it is also available throughout the US.

Although Marijuana has crazy properties, it doesn’t mean that it does not offer similar medical benefits. They both deliver various therapeutic advantages to consumers experiencing serious ailments or diseases.

But because of the stigma around the marijuana plant, only hemp by-products are available in most US states. Even so, CBD from marijuana plants are dangerous for cats and dogs, so ensure that you only feed your friend CBD oils made out of hemp.

Advantages and Disadvantages of CBD Oil for Cats 

Since the ECS system shared among humans and cats, the health advantages to your pet’s well-being are similar to the health advantages that humans get when using the CBD oil. Besides being useful for treating severe conditions that affect temper or comfort, it is also for preventive action for more chronic conditions in your cat’s health. 

1. Pain and Inflammation in Cats

The Cornell University researchers found that dogs using CBD oil for arthritis manifested a reduction in pain. Inflammation and pain are controlled by vanilloid receptors in both the human and the cat’s brains. CBD oils are effective at pain and inflammation treatment since they focus on that receptor and prevent it from activating.

When the neuron is said dormant, it blocks carrying pain and inflammation signals in the body, which results in the pain to disappear on itself progressively. Adequately, experts are considering a new drug for medicating patients experiencing severe pain.

This instigative CBD function is beneficial for treating a wide array of severe pain problems, such as:

  • Neuropathy pain
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Nerve-related inflammation
  • Pancreatitis
  • Inflammation on oxidating stress
  • Intestinal pain

2. Distress and Depression

Both are stress and depression triggered by hormonal imbalance in the patient’s affected brain. While we often believe these are particular human issues,  cats are also prone to signs of stress and depression.

Since the endocannabinoid system controls the mood, appetite, and sleep, CBD decreases the effects of these symptoms disorders.

Also, CBD oil for cats improves the serotonin and adenosine receptors in the cat’s brain, offering long-lasting benefits for your friend’s state of happiness.

If your cat is under moo-changing treatment to help their stress, depression, or overall friendship, CBD substitutes are a non-toxic and safe substitute with minimal to non-existent undesirable effects. 

3. Epilepsy and Seizures

Seizures are spooky and pose potential life-threatening health problems. Luckily, CBD oils for cats are useful to have a significant impact on patients with seizures, both humans and cats.

Electrical brain ruptures cause them, and these quick changes in the brain’s activity result in forceful shaking in the body.

CBD oil for cats neutralizes seizures by decreasing the number of electrical ruptures in the brain each time it’s utilized, which is a restrictive effect on the next seizures. It will not treat the problem, but it reduces how frequent it occurs by a significant amount.

CBD oils for cats can be non-toxic, safer, and, most often, a more useful substitute for some types of treatments. If your feline friend is experiencing epilepsy or seizures, you must consult with your local vet on how CBD could help.

4. Cancer and Its Side Effects

Since there is no adequate research to completely understand why CBD can help prevent cancer and lessen its effects, various proofs show its benefits.

CBD promotes homeostasis in the body, and it helps to stop the growth and scattering of cancerous cells.  In a study performed on rats and mice, it is also seen to decrease that in cancer cells.

CBD is exceptionally beneficial for people doing chemotherapy because, aside from helping alleviate the pain more than other pain therapies, it also counters other adverse effects of chemo-medication, including vomiting or nausea. 

5. Coat and Skin Problems

CBD oil for cats helps improve its skin and coat condition. The CBD in humans is excellent for lessening the symptoms of dry skin in and acne, and these effects are brought off to your felines. You can also apply CBD oil directly in your kitten’s skin and coat along with a specific kind of oil.

The CBD oil for cats reinvigorates their coat, which makes it softer, healthier, and smoother. If your pet is also suffering from other skin problems like allergies, CBD oil can reduce the symptoms and restore them to their natural state.

6. Inflammatory Bowel Disease

If your pet is suffering from IBD or inflammatory bowel disease, CBD can help. Since this kind of ailment is triggered by inflammation, CBD oil is useful for controlling as it can lessen the pain and discomfort it induces. It is not a remedy, but when used with regularity, your feline will not experience any adverse reactions. 

7. Overall Health

Besides all of its other health benefits, CBD oil for cats promotes better wellness. It blocks the growth of chronic, long-lasting health problems when appropriately added to your pet’s daily routine.

It also demonstrated better their fur, skin, mood, and spirit levels, which gives you more enjoyable moments with your pet.


It is ideal to follow the old saying, “less is more” if it’s your first time introducing CBD oils for cats. There’s no need to hasten the process by feeding your feline friend large dosages when starting.

Slowly adding it into their diet is a perfect method, as they will take advantage without experiencing side effects on their body.

When determining the right amount of CBD oil for cats, it’s essential to talk first with your holistic doctor or veterinarian. They can offer you the best recommendation on the dosage your friend should be consuming.

The golden rule is 1 mg to 5 mg for every cat that weighs 10lbs. Starting with 1 mg to 5 mg is excellent despite the size of your cat, so it is easier to increase your dose up consistently.

Shopping for CBD Oil For Cats

You also pay attention to the CBD amount a product has. Sometimes, retailers only use little amounts in their CBD products. So, it decreases the CBD product’s effectiveness and makes the buyer question the remaining product components.  

To give your feline friend the best, always make sure you buy 100% natural and GMO-free CBD oil and only derived by hemp plants.

Before shopping, perform thorough research on the CBD brand that you are considering. Doing this teaches you about other buyers’ experiences with the brand and checks if they have certificates proving their integrity.


If you are contemplating CBD oil for cats, we hope that this article will share adequate information for your smart buying decision. 

Although there is a stigma around these products, most are not true, wasting pet owners the opportunity to provide for their furry friends.

Cats can maximize the benefits of natural compounds of CBD oils, whether they are under treatment for different ailments or need support for their overall health and wellness.

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