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CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is a type of CBD product. Compared to full-spectrum CBD products, this one doesn’t contain THC, which is marijuana’s psychoactive substance. Hence, it is an excellent choice for users who are just after the healing effects of CBD. Many other cannabis products still contain THC, so cannabidiol isolate is quite interesting. 

Read on to know more regarding the CBD isolate. Discover its amazing health benefits, including its probable adverse effects. 

What is CBD Isolate?

It is the crystalline substance that contains pure CBD. This crystalline substance can be in powder or solid form. A cannabidiol isolate is quite different from the full-spectrum products that normally contain THC of up to 0.3 percent. This particular amount of cannabidiol may still show up on the drug tests. Does it cause a high? Well, that amount is not enough to trigger any psychoactive effect. 

In producing cannabidiol isolate, the manufacturing companies use a series of processes to collect the cannabis chemical compounds, terpenes, and any other substances. These processes will eventually leave behind the CBD content in its pure crystalline form. 

Manufacturers grind the crystalline substance, turning it into powder. The finished product will be easier to use. Cannabidiol isolate doesn’t have a distinctive taste or smell. 


Cannabidiol interacts with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system. The human body has cannabinoid receptors because it also produces cannabinoids known as endocannabinoids. It may affect different physiological functions like:

  • Memory
  • Appetite
  • Pain perception
  • Mood
  • Inflammation levels

Researchers think that cannabidiol doesn’t bind directly to cannabinoid receptors. Instead, CBD affects them somehow. This will trigger and activate the receptors, allowing CBD to induce its effect on the body. 

The possible effects of cannabidiol are:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Prevents tumor development
  • Fights inflammation
  • Prevents vomiting
  • Aids the nervous system to recover and regenerate
  • Reduces or prevents anxiety
  • Minimizes seizure episodes
  • Alleviates pain

Studies show that CBD can also affect the non-cannabinoid receptors like the 5-HTP serotonin receptor. Serotonin is a transmitter that affects the mood of a person. It is directly associated with anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness. CBD relieves pain and anxiety, as experienced by some patients. 

The researchers conducted a study where they used mice and gave them shots of cannabidiol isolate. The study implied that this type of CBD product could provide some benefits to health. However, full-spectrum CBD products work 2x better and provide much more satisfying effects than cannabidiol isolate. 

The results of the said study concluded that cannabidiol isolate is effective only against inflammation and pain at a particular dose. Full-spectrum CBD products continuously provide better effects when the dose increases. Maybe, full-spectrum CBD products are superbly effective because they still contain THC. 

That said, cannabidiol isolate would be a good choice only for people who will be taking the drug tests. No traces of THC will be detected in their system. Cannabidiol isolate does not seem to be the best alternative for full-spectrum CBD products. 

Cannabidiol isolate has become extremely popular due to its purity. With that, the market has been flooded with several products labeled THC-free. Be careful when buying and beware of the fake THC-free CBD products that you can buy locally and online. Check the label or packaging carefully. 

Uses & Benefits

A cannabidiol isolate is highly recommended for various health conditions, including:

1. Anxiety

Numerous studies revealed that CBD could help fight anxiety. This cannabinoid works by altering the way your brain reacts to serotonin. In a study conducted in 2019, the scientists tried to figure out if CBD can help improve sleep or reduce anxiety or do both. 

72 adults with anxiety and insomnia joined the research and gathered in a psychiatric clinic. While the study is on progress, the researchers found that 79 percent of these people reported their anxiety levels dropped after undergoing the CBD treatment. Almost 67 percent of the participants experienced increased sleep scores in the first month of the treatment. 

The statistics fluctuated in the long run. Based on that study, cannabidiol seems helpful to patients with anxiety disorders. Another study held in 2019 suggested that cannabidiol significantly reduced anxiety among adolescents diagnosed with social anxiety. 

2. Inflammation and Pain Relief

A lot of people often use cannabidiol as a cure for various inflammatory conditions and kinds of pain, such as:

  • Cancer pain
  • Arthritis pain
  • Chronic backache
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Fibromyalgia

Cannabidiol isolate may have pain-killing properties. However, experts said full-spectrum CBD products are better painkillers because they contain THC. CBD needs to interact with THC to increase its analgesic effect. 

3. Epilepsy

Cannabidiol comes with antiseizure effects, making it a good remedy for epilepsy. The American Epilepsy Society unveiled that CBD research is giving hope for epileptic patients. In a study conducted in 2017, the researchers found solid proof that indicates the ability of CBD to reduce seizure attacks, as seen in patients with epileptic syndromes.

On the other hand, the study is just in its initial stages. Researchers need to do more trials and exploration to confirm the effectiveness of CBD as a treatment for the symptoms of epilepsy. Epileptic patients who may want to try CBD should talk about it with their doctors. 

4. Cancer 

Another study is being conducted to analyze and confirm the effects of cannabidiol on cancer growth. Although, this study is still in the initial stage. On the other hand, some animal studies already indicated the potential effectiveness of CBD in preventing the growth of malignant cells. 

According to the National Cancer Institute, the cannabidiol may alleviate some symptoms and the possible adverse effects of the cancer treatments. However, the said organization is not endorsing any type of cannabis product to be used as a remedy for cannabis. The institute is still asking for further research to confirm the effectiveness of cannabis as an alternative cancer treatment. 


CBD isolate continuously grabbing attention for being a non-psychoactive remedy. It goes with multiple awesome benefits to health. However, the lack of THC in this CBD product could be a deal-breaker for people who use full-spectrum CBD products. On the bright side, it would give you peace of mind when undergoing a drug test.

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