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Cannabis Flowering Stages

Learning about the cannabis plant’s flowering stage can be quite challenging, but knowing the right method becomes instinctive. The flowering stage in cannabis is a very important part of the overall lifecycle of the plant. Learning the basics and practice makes it easier over time. In this article, you’ll learn about cannabis flowering stages.

Cannabis Flowering Stages

The flowering stage in cannabis is the time to grow buds. After the vegetative growth stage, your plant will be able to grow its flower once that the photoperiod altered. The cannabis plant has different characteristics during its different stages in its lifecycle. These stages include germination, vegetative stage, and lastly, the flowering stage. 

In most cannabis growers, the flowering stage is the most exciting one because, during this stage, the plant reveals what quality and number of harvest they will have. Learning the process makes the flowering stage easier.

When Does the Flowering Stage Start?

Regardless of its name, the cannabis flowering stages don’t begin with the formation of flowers. Flower occurs a few weeks before the flowering stage. 

Here are the good-to-know details about the flowering stage:

  • The flowering stage starts once that the cannabis plant detects light changes. And the plants know when the winter starts to come. Also, many cannabis growers falsely thought that the changes mean to lessen the light. 
  • The change is measured by increasing the amount of darkness. Once that the cannabis plant met darkness, the cannabis plant will grow, gain height, and even stretch its branches. 
  • Other cannabis plants may double their height during their first two weeks of flowering. For outdoor growers, that plant begins its flowering stage once the days grow shorter or when the autumn is about to come. 
  • On the other hand, indoor growers begin their flowering stage once that the photoperiod changed into 12 hours of light or simple up to 12 hours of darkness schedule. 
  • The flowering stage usually takes from 8 to 11 weeks, depending on what kind of cannabis strain you grow. 

Cannabis Growing Needs during Flowering

  • Lighting
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Watering 
  • Nutrients needs during flowering
  • Ventilation
  • pH Levels
  • Container Size

Cannabis Flowering Week by Week

Week 1 -3

  • During this week, the cannabis plant begins to stretch and grow its size and height. This stage is also called the transition stage. As the plant stretch and grows, it also starts to bloom by producing pre-flowers. 
  • The pre-flowers has pistil that seems like its white hair. By the end of its third week, the cannabis plant begins forming bud sites where the main stem and branches meet. All the areas where white pistils grow are where the future bud sites grow. 
  • Be careful not to cut the pre-flowers and fan leaves as there’s a possibility that buds will stop growing. If you want to defoliate excess leaves, do it lightly but be careful not to defoliate or damage the bud site’s formation. 
  • Observe the color of the plant leaves for you to have an idea regarding their health and needs. The leaves must be a vibrant green. If ever you notice the fan leaves turn into yellow or having discoloration, your plant indicates a growing deficiency. 
  • You must learn your plant’s needs as soon as you notice changes. You may also check if there are mold, pests, and fungi before your cannabis plants begin to grow their buds.

Week 4 -5

  • This week, your cannabis plant stops growing its size, but it begins to fatten the buds, and the pistils become darker. 
  • Within this stage, you may notice some changes in your plant. If you want to move your plants, keep in mind that your plant gives its very best to growing fatter buds, so experiencing some stress and damage may slow the process. 
  • Continue moving the light source to allow your plant to keep its right distance. 
  • Now that your cannabis plant begins to grow at a fast rate, they required enough feeding and adequate watering schedules to get optimal outcomes. 
  • Seeing an old leaves turns into yellow then become brown is normal during this week. It is because there are some nutrients absorbed by plants and distributed inside the plant. 
  • Old leaves may pass the nutrients into the new growth leaves, and the old leaves may fall afterward. However, if many leaves change in color, check the required nutrients needed by your plant.

Week 6 up to Harvest

  • Within these last few weeks of flowering, the buds will gain more weight. They also become sticky and smelly, especially when you are closer and touching them. 
  • Buds are now layered with trichomes that rich glandules that are responsible for producing cannabinoids, THC, and other compounds of cannabis. 
  • Depending on the kind of cannabis strain you are growing, the buds will have a pungent smell like fruits, flowers, and other spices. 
  • In these last few weeks, the pistils may begin to curl inwards, and they been layered with trichomes. The trichomes can also change color, which means you are about to harvest your plant. 

Week 8 -10

  • Within this week, flushing the cannabis plant approach. It means that you will run a lot of water into your growing medium to get rid of the excess mineral, nutrients, and salt. This practice necessitates your plant to consume any amount of nutrients that is previously absorbed. It will result in the buds having better taste and smell. 
  • The unused fertilizer in your plant may result in rasping your throat while smoking. So flushing your plant will help you get rid of excess fertilizer in the medium you used.
  • The ideal time to flush your cannabis is two weeks before harvesting. Flushing must only require water and no fertilizer until the plant reaches its harvesting period. 
  • The water you need must be three times the volume of the pot. 
  • You may also place each plant in the shower then add water. Just avoid drowning the plant to prevent any damage. By doing this procedure in each cannabis plant, the excess salt buildup will release way from the substrate.


Learning the cannabis flowering stages basics is essential for growers. During this period, cannabis growers will finally see the result of their effort while growing. Everything that possibly happens during this stage will greatly impact the future buds compared to the vegetative stage.

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