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Cannabis CBD vs Hemp CBD

As the healing effects of CBD are getting more and more popular and accepted, the market has been flooded with many different products containing this cannabis compound.

Many people are more familiar with CBD, but some are still puzzled about its true origin. Does it come from cannabis or hemp? Well, CBD comes from various cannabis sativa strains. 

The confusion about cannabis CBD vs hemp CBD relates to the name, classification, and makeup of the plant. Read on to know the differences between these two. 

Why Cannabidiol?

The availability of and the public interest in CBD or cannabidiol have grown because of its awesome health benefits. Many people are using CBD to cure various psychological and physical problems like nausea, pain, depression, and addiction. 

Scientific studies, however, haven’t verified the usefulness and effectiveness of CBD for those medical conditions. The given evidence implies that this compound deals and interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which is the signaling network. 

Cannabidiol or CBD is the non-psychoactive phytochemical that exists in cannabis sativa plants. When it comes to effect, its opposite is the Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC that causes people to get high. It’s the difference between the levels of THC that is present in cannabis and hemp that caused to get confused. 

Cannabis Explained

Cannabis plants come in 3 standard varieties: cannabis indica, sativa, and ruderalis. Also, the market is full of different hybrid cannabis plants that can be indica-dominant or sativa-dominant or something that can flower immediately, thanks to cannabis ruderalis. 

Aside from THC, cannabis also contains CBD but at extremely low levels, as seen in most strains. Good thing, high-CBD cannabis strains have been made available. They are created mainly to benefit medical marijuana users. The difference regarding this matter seemed to be more pronounced. 

In a 2016 analysis, experts discovered that the usual potency level of marijuana plants is around 4% in 1995 and increased to 12% 6 years ago. From 0.28% recorded in 2001, the average level of CBD went down to 0.15%, as said in 2014.

Hemp Explained

Hemp is one specific variant of cannabis sativa. Many cannabis growers included hemp in their grow room, which became common practice for a very long time. In ancient times, hemp was often used in making ropes, clothes, food, sails, and the like. In the US alone, industrial hemp came with the same long story. To be specific, the 3rd American President Thomas Jefferson was one of the people in the history who grew hemp themselves. 

The Farm Bill of 2018 considered cannabis sativa as the same with industrial hemp, for it contains below 0.3% THC. Cannabis producers are allowed to grow it anywhere they are in the United States, provided that they follow the implemented guidelines. 

Hemp may also contain THC, but at a very low level, so it doesn’t cause any psychoactive effect when consumed. However, some kinds of processed hemp like gummies, tinctures, and capsules still can cause euphoria. In many cases, manufacturers use the flowers and leaves of a hemp plant in the production of their CBD products. 

Cannabis CBD vs Hemp CBD Comparison

Both hemp and cannabis plants have THC and CBD, coupled with more than 500 different substances. Outlined below are their differences:

The Cannabinoids They Contain

The number one difference between hemp CBD and cannabis CBD is the level of CBD they contain. Cannabis is richer in THC and low in CBD. On the other hand, hemp is high in CBD and low in THC. So, hemp is more appealing to users who don’t even want to get slightly high. 

On top of that, the advantages of CBD don’t change regardless of its origin. It will be effective in dealing with pain or arthritis, whether it came from hemp or cannabis. Its typical side effects like an upset stomach and fatigue will stay the same because the CBD makeup doesn’t rely on its source. However, the CBD amount that you can extract is the one that relies on the plant. 

Hemp contains a higher amount of CBD than cannabis. Due to that, it is a more profitable choice for manufacturing companies and the easier option to sell locally and online. Hemp CBD oil has been so popular, especially for patients who want to feel relieved without getting high. 

However, the manufacturing companies should make sure their hemp CBD products will contain CBD of lower than 0.3%. Otherwise, their products will not be approved and go on sale in the market.

Note: DEA or Drug Enforcement Administration of the US considers CBD products that contain higher than 0.3% THC to be Schedule I drugs in some parts of the country. 

Hemp CBD Don’t Offer Some Sort of Fun

While some of the medical marijuana patients hate are just after the healing effects of CBD; still many enjoy getting high while experiencing a soothing relief. They can get it only from the cannabis strains with both THC and CBD. 

It is not really too bad to get high. Cannabis CBD oil may still contain THC, but the amount is just enough to make you feel good, relaxed, and sleepy, which is exactly what you need.

One does not have to avoid THC at all costs. If you’re a seasoned cannabis user, you will agree for sure. Besides, the market is already offering more options to satisfy all consumers. 

High-CBD Cannabis Strains are Better than Hemp CBD

If you’re using cannabis and try hemp CBD for the first time, you may end up with a quite dissatisfying experience. Getting high but not that too high is okay, which is something the hemp CBD can’t offer. To allow people to make the most of CBD while getting high at the same time, cannabis growers exerted their best effort to create the famous high-CBD cannabis strains. 


People who consider switching to CBD oil for mental or physical health problems they might be facing should tell their doctors about it beforehand. This way, they will be 100% sure the CBD oil will not cause any side effects, especially if they have been taking medicines. 

Nevertheless, the debate about cannabis CBD vs hemp CBD oil is still one of the hottest topics on the world of cannabis. Whatever you choose, you can hope for the best results for their CBD content.

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