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Can You Overdose on Marijuana

Can you overdose on marijuana? This query is contentious, even among individuals who regularly consume marijuana. Some consumers believe marijuana is as harmful as opioids or stimulants, in the same manner, others believe it is wholly innocuous and does not have adverse reactions. You cannot overdose on marijuana in a method that you can overdose on opioids. So far, there are no reported cases of deaths occurring merely from marijuana consumption, as what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated. However, this statement does not simply mean that you cannot overdo it or have a negative response to marijuana.

Though life-menacing marijuana overdose can be improbable, dose-reliant toxicity is somehow probable; people who use sufficient of the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana and other weed-derived commodities are at the possibility of encountering a level of disagreeable results. Also, marijuana consumption can put users in peril of accidental death and harm.

Can You Overdose on Marijuana: How Greatly Is Too Much

There is not a direct response in this query since everyone is dissimilar. Some users seem to allow marijuana well. At the same time, others do not allow it well in the end. Marijuana commodities also differ hugely in their power. Nonetheless, edibles seem to be more probable to give a bad reaction. This is to some extent since they need a period of time to strike in. 

After devouring an edible, it can be in any place from 20 minutes to 120 minutes before you begin to sense the results. While waiting, the majority of the consumers end up devouring more since they wrongly take into consideration the edibles are feeble. Additionally, blending marijuana with alcohol can as well lead to bad reactions for some users. Marijuana commodities comprising high levels of THC, the chemical, which creates you sense high or weakened, can as well give ground to a negative reaction in some users, particularly those who do not utilize marijuana often.

Marijuana Overdose

Marijuana does not go with an obvious meaning of overdose. In reality, doctors are not solely sure if how much tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is needed to overdose. THC is the agile component in cannabis most likely to persuade the high consumers are looking for. So the question “Can you overdose on marijuana?” is still unsolved.

Risk of Death

Some marvel when marijuana overdose can lead to death. There have been some outlying reports where cannabis has been incriminated in the user’s death. Nonetheless, an obvious causal connection has not been accepted. What doctors are not evident on is whether those issues had other supplying reasons.

Other Side Effects

Cannabis is an odd narcotic in that it comprises many agile components. Though scientists quote various numbers, besides THC, there are notions of being more than 100 other cannabinoids in marijuana. Not everything on them takes action in the same manner. Having too much THC and you can have a psychoactive reaction, which is not similar to a stimulant. Cannabidiol is connected more with tranquilizing effects. 

The results of marijuana utilization are everywhere on the map. There have been issues of heart arrhythmias as well as abrupt cardiac arrest at the time of smoking marijuana. There is news on seizures and the depletion of seizures that seems to be accord on the kind of cannabinoid as well as the amount of consumption.

Heart Arrhythmias

Some medical practitioners think that heart disruptions are reported under the utilization of cannabis. Because smoking cannabis and ingesting other drugs sometimes go together, it is difficult to identify the grounds if the heart begins doing insane actions. Even ingesting alcohol escalates the results that mean you cannot narrate if it was the cannabis or the alcohol caused the problem.


Consumers narrate serious psychotic episodes with hallucinations and bad connections. In some situations, the psychosis can stay notably longer compared to the number of times it must need to metabolize the THC.

Unmanageable Vomiting

Though THC sometimes has anti-nausea possessions, it can infrequently be connected with a syndrome of tenacious vomiting. More often connected with long-term marijuana consumption, unmanageable vomiting is often alleviated with a hot shower.

Edible Overdose

Even the technique of use creates a dissimilar. For instance, a consumer may use too much THC in edible since it needs a longer time to perceive a result. When a single brownie does not take effect, they devour another. Instantaneously, they will have a severe reaction. THC, which is eaten as an edible form, is metabolized in varied ways compared if it is breathed in. It needs a longer time to attain THC in edibles that can let the consumer think they did not have enough.

Edibles are as well much more susceptible to an accidental overdose. Smoking cannabis does not normally occur by accident. Nonetheless, deserting flavored cookies reclining in the corner somehow catches one’s attention to devour a bite. Children are particularly to masticate on marijuana foods. If the grandmother is devouring a bit therapeutic cannabis for the first time and fortuitously deserts it out for the grandchildren to traverse, she makes a cooking direction for overdose.

Can You Overdose on Marijuana: The Increased Concerns

There are various grounds that therapeutic and health specialists have become anxious about the possibility of a marijuana overdose and negative effects.

Increased Marijuana Consumption

Marijuana has been obtainable for therapeutic utilization since 1996 when it was legalized in California. Now, several nations like Alaska, Colorado, and Nevada, etc. permits recreational consumption of marijuana. For instance, in Oregon, the number of facilities that prepare and sell therapeutic marijuana increased when recreational cannabis was legalized.

As a result, there were a lot of individuals implicated in devouring the newly illegal substance. Everything in that new utilization has resulted in a significant increase in cannabis-persuaded emergency department assails.

The Bottom Line on Can You Overdose on Marijuana

Marijuana overdose remains a talk over the discussion, and there is not an obvious solution to how much cannabis is too much. For some time that no one has died from overdosing on marijuana alone, it is feasible to ingest too much and have an adverse reaction. When there is, it is vital to be industrious if you opt to utilize and to make yourself known. Do not take up the statement that marijuana is normal and, therefore, protected from danger. What creates anything secure is a knowledgeable user and a censorious mind so that he can answer the question, “Can you overdose on marijuana?”

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