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This page serves as a resource for everything marijuana. You will find a number of resources here on how to grow marijuana, how to properly germinate cannabis seeds, proper ways to store your cannabis seeds, and so on. We want to dedicate this page to our followers, customers, and all marijuana lovers from all walks of life as a source of information for whatever they need to know in cannabis. You see, Marijuana Seeds Canada is not just all about selling cannabis products, we are also here to provide the right information to help marijuana growers especially beginners to help them establish their first crops successfully. This blog also shares information on how to pick the right strain to grow based on your location as well as other environmental factors in order to also have a successful harvest. Marijuana Seeds Canada is practically not just a one-stop shop for all cannabis-related products, but also topics to serve as references.
Smoke Weed 101

How to Smoke Weed 101

Learning how to smoke weed is very interesting yet confusing for every novice. Don’t fret. There are many ways to smoke weed, and knowing which

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CO2 Oil and Its Use

How to Make CO2 Oil?

When it comes to cannabis concentrates, you will typically encounter the term CO2. It pertains to the non-flammable solvent that is used in extracting the

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