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What are the Best Strains for Anxiety?

Along with prosperous recreational purposes of cannabis is its exceptional medical advantages that became one of the reasons why people are pushing its legalization to pass every government’s legislations and break restrictions. Despite scarce resources and research limitations, investigators are finding it difficult to know the full capabilities of each cannabis strains.

Therefore, researchers will have to sacrifice the authenticity of clinical trials and rely on perspective exploration of consumers under a controlled setting. Nonetheless, based on public and collective knowledge and tangible demonstration from every user, here are the best strains for anxiety and other forms of it.

The Essence of Medical Marijuana

While it’s free to use medical Marijuana in selected states, without restricting rules, folks are utilizing the substance on their terms, which is good. At often, self-medication provides instant relief to get rid of bumpy sensations towards immediate treatment. 

However, the issue with self-medication is the unknown level of efficacy. While it’s true that every type of mediation is acceptable, we are still not a hundred percent sure that it will serve as a treatment, or could go down as havoc. Besides, we are more than worrying about long-term consequences than failed assumptions. After all, Marijuana, when taken improperly and
abusively, will conceive undesirable effects.

Thanks to the unwavering support and wonders of the science community, recent examinations are emerging out of nowhere to assess the effect of cannabis in different medical disorders. Hence, marking medical marijuana’s importance in the medical field. These are the primary essence of Medical Marijuana, suggested by scientific studies.

  • According to various readings, whether produced through different designs and variable, Marijuana plays a significant role in treating severally notable illnesses. It includes those ailments that no modernized science technology can medicate. 
  • Because of that, several professionals are pushing the possibility of categorizing Marijuana as alternative medicine, especially these days where everything is turning into a game of capitalism with emerging technologies and innovations. 

Though, there were side effects, at what cost are you willing to give yourself towards effective medication and achieve healing process that was once impossible before? Anyway, the side effects are only minimal and won’t bring your health to danger, unless you abuse it, of course.

The Role of Present Cannabinoids and Types of Marijuana 

After knowing the value medical marijuana holds, let’s dive into the beneficial cannabinoids present in marijuana. According to research, cannabis possesses innumerably outstanding constituents that are yet to proceed in advanced studies. 

Either way, only half of it shows exceptional association in treating medical disorders. The most prominent are THC and CBD, where it already reached the commercial market due to producers creating different products that contain the same compounds.

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive component that will significantly affect the way we perceive things and feel emotions. While CBD or cannabidiol is popular with its medically-motivated effects that bring significant impacts.

THC and CBD both have differences and little to none similarities. Also, acquiring THC and CBD will depend on which type of cannabis strain you are attracted to the most. For starters, Indica usually has more CBD than THC, while the Sativa has the opposite. Let’s start with Indica and everything you should know about this type of cannabis strain.

Pure Indica and Indica-dominant Strains

  • Known for producing a calming effect, that if taken in a higher dosage, will bring the user in a couch-lock position that will soon lead to a good night’s sleep. 
  •  Makes the human body succumb to pure relaxation and could bring pain-relieving sensations.
  •  It is known to give more therapeutic results to the users.

Pure Sativa and Sativa-dominant Strains

  • It is more on cerebral or mental effects. Thus, sending you to an active status where you will feel a refreshing feeling surging through your body. Due to the dominance of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the psycho-activity is more present. 
    If used under unsuggested dosage, this type of strain can give off mental illnesses that could either last for a short or long time. To provide a better experience, always follow what the norms are saying.
  • Since it targets the brain, it will most likely alter a user’s perception and emotion, making them not themselves during its influence taking place.
  •  This type is more prominent among recreational users.

What Type of Strain is the Best for Anxiety?

Supposing which between Indica or Sativa is the best treatment for Anxiety, the answer will most likely depend. However, if you would like to consider approaching the general idea, studying both types will already give you an impression of choosing.

By cutting scientific shreds of evidence, it is agreeable that strains with lower THC content are more advisable as a medication for Anxiety. Hence, having a high CBD to THC ratio is the best option existing.

Since THC is one psychoactive compound, you can expect your mind to run freely through its effect, making your thoughts actively participating with how you feel. When that happens, only two sides are possible, the positive and negative. Regardless, it’s still enough to make you sweat profusely. However, one supporting idea for Sativa being the best for anxiety is the way it holds the same impacts on depression as an SSRI or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor.

For a definition, SSRI is used to treat minimal depression. The mechanism SSRI uses is keeping the brain from absorbing serotonin in a rapid state. According to the pharmaceutical industry, SSRI can treat OCD and other significant forms of anxiety disorder. Thus, marking Sativa with high THC to be a considerable treatment for the said ailment.

Perhaps, the type of strain will depend on the type of anxiety. But, compared to Indica strains with higher CBD contents, they are more immediate and could sometimes result in alleviating anxiety symptoms before it even develops.

For instance, if an individual is suffering from panic, the rise of palpitations will occur. With the presence of THC, a racing mind will overwhelm your senses, which will lead to a severe panic attack. This is unlike CBD that will provide relief at its best.

Therefore, when figuring out which of Indica or Sativa is the best for Anxiety, you have to consider one factor; wanting immediate and instant relief or not. If you choose the former, Indica is more advisable. Otherwise, you may want to pick Sativa or any hybrid strains.

What are the Best Strains for Anxiety?

In this case, we will be categorizing the strains based on their types to remove biased selection and rely on findings instead. So whether you only like Indica strains for Anxiety or not, you will still get to know the best Sativa strains for tending Anxiety.

The Best Pure Indica / Indica-dominant Strains for Anxiety

Blackberry Kush

is certified medical marijuana parented by Afghani strains and produces sweet flavors. The Indica- dominant strain reached excellency in delivering immediate relief from any form of Anxiety.

Northern Lights

Is one of the best Indica strains existing for Anxiety. Unlike other strains, this one offers a swift tranquilizing effect, making it most likely useable if you don’t have other plans for the day.

Granddaddy Purple

Is an Indica marijuana strain that will not only ease your anxiety but will also serve as a pain-reliever and a promoter of sleep and relaxation.

The Best Pure Sativa/ Sativa-dominant Strains for Anxiety

Jack Herer

Is preferably the most famous medical marijuana up to date. Though it won’t work as well as Indica strains, due to its mind-stimulating feature, it still a significant consideration to start your day well and uplifted.

Strawberry Cough

Can stabilize your mind and, at the same time, eliminate your Anxiety for a better experience.

Overall, knowing the best strains for Anxiety will require doing quite research and seek assistance from professionals. The importance is because if you have other special needs to tend to, such as other illnesses that could affect your body as substances enter your system. 

In conclusion, Indica strains proved to be the best strains for anxiety, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Sativa will only bring recreational sensations. Note that this is not a matter of preference but a matter of necessities and which outcome you will benefit the most.

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