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What is the Best Strain for Sleep?

While it’s true that medical marijuana offers extensive networks of medication towards various medical ailments, it is best to seek professional help and do further pure research. This method is one way to extend your knowledge about things you should know, particularly the do and don’ts.

In this case, we will tackle the notion that there are best strains that competes with each other in terms of being the best in treating insomnia. Surely, you already know that sleep is one essential activity to maintain overall health.

This article will serve a purpose to individuals who are experiencing persistent sleeping problems. Knowing what the best strain for sleep is will undoubtedly provide a sense of relief that a specific medication is existing without any sacrifices done.

Everything You Need to Know About Insomnia

It’s a collective knowledge that almost everyone has had an issue having a good night’s sleep. Thus, concluding that Insomnia is not uncommon to humanity. Also, it’s not uncommon to know that sleep is an essential human activity that helps us shape our mental and physical health, that if we lack it, we will undoubtedly pay for it during our adulthood year.

Based on the findings of the National Sleep Foundation: 

  • Millions of adult individuals are experiencing early symptoms of sleep disorder, 
  • while 30 to 40 percent are already under the influence of Insomnia. 
  • Aside from that, adults dealing with chronic Insomnia is alarmingly increasing over the years. Meaning, if you have trouble sleeping, note that you’re not alone in that matter.

Due to the rising number of people experiencing sleeping disorders. As a resolution, several possibilities of curing and healing process is currently on the making, and one of them is the controversial medication: cannabis.

Marijuana’s Association with Insomnia and Other Sleeping Disorders

A verified marijuana physician once discussed the capability of Marijuana in providing efficiency in being a sleep-aid. The explanation is due to cannabis’s natural ability in restoring an individual’s sleep cycle, especially when it is already failing in syncing with a proper schedule.

Whether or not that’s true, Marijuana already proved its efficacy through its analgesic properties. In other words, it cannot only tend to people with insomnia or sleeping disorders, but it will also bring them medical advantages.

Interestingly, different cannabis strains are existing where some are freshly stimulating, calming, euphoric, sedating, and other effects, depending on the present cannabinoids. At this time, we have unlocked more than two cannabis compounds, but these two are the most used and popular due to their remarkable sensations.

  • Cannabidiol or CBD is setting momentum among cannabinoids due to its numerous health benefits. To top it all, it’s also a non-psychoactive constituent, which will not intoxicate you.
    Also, CBD-infused strains and products are more advisable and most sought-after by patients and even users. Because of that, availability issues are rising every year, particularly those markets that are not intertwined with pharmaceutical industries,
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is a psychoactive component, and most of the time, recreational users are the only ones making use of it. Therefore, unlike CBD, THC will intoxicate its customers.

Compared to CBD, THC provides lesser health benefits. Still, it remains popular among users due to its strong and potent impact.

A study in 2008 gave rise to the idea of a possible association of Marijuana in treating sleep disorders. The findings found out that ingesting marijuana strains with higher THC will diminish the amount of REM sleep. 

Through reducing REM sleep, it will also reduce dreams and other hallucinating cases. With that, people who have PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder will experience lessen nightmares during their sleep. 

Due to that, a newfound theory emerged from the data findings stating that if you spend lesser time in dreaming, you will most likely spend more time in ‘deep sleep’ condition. The mentioned state is one way to restore the restful sleep cycle of an individual. Therefore, the problem solved.

However, the downside of REM is the possible dependence on THC. When that happens, you could suffer from long-term effects that were once a side effect. Either way, we can conclude that cannabis, especially those with high levels of THC, can alter the sleep cycle and bring the worst into the best sleep you have ever had. 

What is the Best Strain for Sleep?

In this article, we enlisted all sedating strains to help you towards your next journey to the nearest pharmacy, only if the state you’re living in is allowing medical marijuana. Before we give you the list of strains for sleep, here are what you should keep in mind.

  • As mentioned, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol offers the most effective medication in treating sleep. But, it will only be applicable if THC will go along with your body system since there are circumstances that it doesn’t end up agreeing with the user. Preferably, a THC dominant strain is the best source of sedative outcomes.
  • If you suspect an upcoming episode of anxiety, it is best to go easy with your THC strains, especially if the levels are high. To resolve it, light and minimal dosage are highly advisable.

However, there are events where larger dosages have no side effects on the upcoming anxiety. But, the probability of experiencing such phenomenal is little to none. Also, if you don’t find yourself tolerating much of THC, you can always switch sides.

  • Though this is a claim, edible helps the user to stay asleep for a longer time. Smoking cannabis will fasten the effects, but the momentum will be short, unlike edibles.
  • There will be times that finding the right strain for your modified endeavor will need you to conduct a little bit of trial and error because of limited resources that keep researchers from doing more.

Meanwhile, here are the most known strains that are echoing from every corner of the world. According to data and findings, the following strains help in sleeping disorders:

1. Tahoe OG Kush

is a THC-dominant cannabis strain that is deemed a miracle from above due to its impact on insomniacs. Another notable effect is its relaxing sensation that will undoubtedly send you snoring.

2. Granddaddy Purple

is a THC-dominant that is the most convenient to find. Aside from belonging in the category of ‘sleepy strains’, it also consists of myrcene, a type of terpene that provides relaxing effects. The sweet flavor even exceeds the user’s expectations.

3. God’s Gift

as the name suggests, is a God’s gift to insomniacs due to the peace it will bring. The feeling will then overpower all stressful emotions, all while lulling you to sleep.

4. Sweet and Sour Widow

is a hybrid strain with 50% of both CBD and THC. Despite that, it still manages to eliminate sleeping disorders and the possibility of paranoia.

5. Northern Lights

will wrap itself around your body like the only blanket you have on a winter night. Besides achieving comforting sleep, it will also help the pain subdue.

6. Ogre

is a hybrid cannabis strain known for its sweet citrusy taste while giving your mind a sense of delight before the sedation kicks in.

7. 9 Pound Hammer

easily defeats insomnia with its hammer-like ability that will also crush destructive mindful thoughts, which might be a contribution to a user’s inability to sleep comfortably.

8. Remedy

is a CBD-dominant strain with no traces of THC in its fiber. Yet, it delivers numerous advantages such as not intoxicating you and relieving your stress, pain, anxiety, and anything that empowers insomnia. 

The following list of best strain for sleep showed how THC isn’t the only cannabinoid that facilitates ease of sleep because some remarkable CBD strains exhibited performance, too. You must know what other driving force that enhances your insomnia so you can choose well from the certified lists of strains above.

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