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Best Soil for Cannabis Growing

So you’re growing your marijuana plants. One of the very first things that soil growers consider is the best soil for cannabis growing. Can you use your garden soil, or you need to buy new soil for your plants? 

Yes, you may use soil or ground soil you have in your garden, but take note, garden soil may not have enough nutrients you need to grow healthy and productive plants. Remember, you want to grow good plants with more weed, and thus, the key is using the best quality soil for your plants. Also, cannabis plants have a short life span, and this means it will take as many nutrients as they can from the soil, so do your best and use quality cannabis growing soil. 

Best Soil for Cannabis Growing

Here we have five of the best soil for marijuana growing. We hope you’ll find the one you need from our best list.

1. Sandy Soil

Sandy soil may not be as worthless as you may think. Yes, it may have poor water retention qualities, but it offers better drainage and prevents compaction of the roots. Usually, sandy soil is not used on its own but combined with other types of soils like clay or loam. 

When it is mixed with other types of soils, its large particle size lets water dry out quickly and prevent overwatering. It is easy to use as long as you partner with other soils.

2. Silt

Silt is fertile soil with average particle size. It is capable of retaining water very well, and because of this, it won’t let your plants dry up. It can also help stabilize your plants because of its dense structure. However, it is not as good when it comes to overwatering and overfeeding as it offers poor drainage. It can become compacted easily, and thus it should be combined with soil with good aeration qualities like sand. Silt is available in most gardens, but not all have complete nutrients needed by cannabis plants. 

3. Clay Soil

Clay soil is dark red soil that has a small particle size. It is a high-pH soil that contains minerals that cannabis plants need. Clay soils are heavy and offer inadequate drainage. Oftentimes, it is hard to use and to grow anything despite its good nutrient content.  And just like silt, it’s best to use sandy soil together with sand to improve the soil’s aerating properties  

4. Loam 

Of all the types of soils we mentioned, loamy soil is known as the best type of soil for cannabis growing. Loam is a combination of sand, clay, and silt, and thus, it provides all the best qualities of these three types.

Loam is easy to work with, can retain water, and can drain water more efficiently as well. It can form a loose ball which can retain its structure for a moment before it breaks apart. Loam soil has a neutral pH, which means it won’t affect the way the roots absorb nutrients. It is fertile soil with good nutrient and water retention plus supports good microorganisms too. 

Probably the only disadvantage of working with loamy soil is that it’s costly. Potting soils are usually loamy soil. When you touch loamy soil, it’s dark and has a rich texture. It also comes with a rich smell. 

5. Sandy Clayey Soil

Another good soil for growing weed is sandy, clayey soil. This soil combines the good aeration qualities of sandy soil and water and fertilizer retention qualities of clayey soil. With this type of soil, you can help your plants grow strong, healthy, and well-developed roots.  

Aside from these basic soil types, you will surely get soils with other components. Most of the soils sold in garden stores are loamy or sandy-clayey but come with the following additional ingredients. 

  • Azomite – this organic ingredient enhances crop color and flavor and contains 70 beneficial micronutrients. It promotes plant roots and the concentration of sugars in soil. This is all-natural and organic. 
  • Bat guano – this is one of the most popular fertilizers as it is a fungicide and provides nematode control. It is a compost activator as it enhances the decomposition process to improve plant growth. 
  • Biochar – this organic ingredient improves soil fertility and adds nutrients to the soil, such as potassium and phosphorus. It retains macro and micronutrients in the soil for better plant growth.
  • Blood Meal – this improves nitrogen in the soil to help cannabis plants during their actively growing stage.  Blood meal also increases acid levels, which is good for some plants and cannabis strains.  
  • Bone meal – this is an organic fertilizer rich in calcium and phosphorus and is vital for cannabis plants in their growing and blooming phases. Phosphorus is essential for root production and to improve flowering and yields. 
  • Compost – is a combination of organic materials that can retain moisture and prevent plant diseases. Compost supports the growth of good bacteria and fungi in the soil, which helps digest organic matter to make hummus. 
  • Dolomite Lime – this is a kind of limestone that improves soil pH by increasing it for plants that need this kind of soil pH.  Dolomite lime is better than regular lime.
  • Epsom Salt – this contains phosphorus and nitrogen, which can boost plant growth and support plant health. 
  • Fish meal – this organic fish-based fertilizer improves the fertility of soil as it contains nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. 
  • Glacier rock dust – this is a good source of magnesium, calcium, iron, and potassium. It improves the structure of the soil, holds moisture and water, and promotes good bacteria growth in soil. 
  • Peat most – this is a common component of organic soils as it holds moisture to improve root health. It can hold nutrients, so there won’t be washed from the soil when it is watered. 
  • Perlite – this is common in a soilless growing medium and can enhance aeration to drain excess water and nutrients. It helps promote healthy roots and support root growth in hydroponic systems. 
  • Worm castings – or worm poop is high in organic humus and microorganisms that protect the roots from soil-borne diseases. It repels insects and helps plants absorb different essential nutrients.

There are many more components or ingredients added to cannabis soils. Most people who have successfully grown cannabis in soil recommend adding organic nutrients. If you’ve heard about Super Soil, then you’ll get the idea. The more organic components you add to cannabis soil, the better it will be in improving plant health and overall yield.

There you have it, the 5 types of the best soil for cannabis growing. We guarantee that all these best soils will give you healthier, productive plants for good harvests indoors or outdoors. All these are available in large garden supply shops locally and online.

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