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Aquaponics Cannabis Growing: Comprehensive Introduction

Are you interested in growing cannabis? Would you like to know how to grow cannabis? Well, there are a lot of ways and strategies on how you can grow your own cannabis. All you have to do is to learn more about the steps and the tips on how you can successfully grow your own marijuana plant. There is what we called aquaponics cannabis growing. It is one way of growing your cannabis plants. If you haven’t heard about it, you can look it up and try doing this.

In this article, you will be able to learn what aquaponics is and the methods of doing it. If you are aiming for greater yields, you must know the tips that you should do. 

Aquaponics Cannabis Growing: Definition and Description

If you are a cannabis grower and your goal is to get great yields, it Is important for you to know the necessary things about the method of aquaponics growing. When you say aquaponics, it is a method of taking care of fish inside of tanks at the same time cultivating plants in the water. It is the same as the hydroponics method. 

In this method of growing marijuana, the fish is being taken care of inside a tank. The fish will provide the nutrients through their poop, which will become bacteria and will become nutrients which will be good for your plants. The roots of the plants will be helpful in cleaning the water before it will circulate again into the tank for fish. 

Through this system of growing marijuana, it will make a small ecosystem wherein the fish will provide nutrients that are good for the marijuana plants. On the other hand, the cannabis plants will help in cleaning the water, which is good for the fish. By this, it is a win-win situation for both the fish and the plants. 

If you would like to use other creatures instead of fish, you can consider using crayfish, shrimps, or even prawns in doing the aquaponics method. Those fish that can be eaten and those that cannot are okay to be used in this system. It is important that you choose the species that can adapt to the environment and to this method of growing cannabis. You can put a tilapia fish in your tank or you can also put the koi and goldfish inside of it. 

It is a good way to take care of both plants and the fish with the use of this system. By this, you will be able to save money for your cultivation. Aside from that, it is an efficient way of growing weed wherein your task is feeding the fish, and the fish tasks are to feed your plants. 

One of the necessary things you should prepare for when you grow marijuana in the aquaponics system is setting up the system that will provide nutrients in a high level. Make sure that the fish in your tank will be able to produce high nutrients for your plants, particularly in the stage of flowering. 

The Cycle of Life in an Aquaponics Growing

There should be an aquarium that has fish in it. The fist will provide waste that contains the important nutrients for growing your plants. Make sure to put the fish that can survive with this method. Your marijuana plants should be grown in the tank. You should grow them in a way just like growing plants using the hydroponics method. Instead of providing nutrients to your plants, it is the task of your fish. The nutrients will come from the poop of the fish. If the environment is good, the poop of the fish will be converted into good nutrients for your plants. The community of bacteria will be needed to use it as nutrients. Biofilter will be helpful in converting the waste of the fish in the nutrients that can be very useful. 

Struggles You May Experience in Aquaponics System

1. Problem with Nutrients

Your cannabis may need a very high level of nutrients. The direct waste from the fish can’t be used for your plants. It needs to convert the bacteria into nutrients, through the use of the biofilter. However, it would take up to 6 months to fully form a community of bacteria. Hence, you will need to add nutrients naturally when you grow weed for the 1st months that you use the aquaponics method. 

2. Other Place for Flowering Stage

During the flowering and vegetative stage of cannabis, the plants will need a high nutrient level. Therefore, as a grower, you have to add suitable nutrients for your plants. However, you need to make a separate place for that because the fish in your aquarium might not survive with a high level of nutrients. You need to plan and do testing of water in order to determine the availability of nutrients. 

3. Extra Fish in the Tank

For you to be able to keep the balance in the aquaponics system, you need to add young types of fish. You might be thinking of what to do with the old fish. If you are a marijuana grower with a goal of selling and eating the fish, then you can do that. If you have no plans on selling or eating the fish, you have to think of alternatives on what to do with the fish, just like for example, giving it to the ones who want it.


There are many ways of cultivating cannabis plants. One of those ways is aquaponics cannabis growing. You might already have an idea of how to do it. The essential thing that you have to remember is to follow the methods properly. 

If you are a marijuana grower at the same time, you like to take care of creatures that are aquatic, then this method is perfect for you. You will be able to grow your cannabis successfully at the same time you will be able to take care of the species properly if you will be able to follow the steps on how to do it. 

Apart from that, you need to remember and keep in mind all the things that you have to consider in growing weed through the aquaponics method.

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