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Advanced Outdoor Growing Techniques for a Higher Yield

So you have been into cultivating cannabis. Trying your green thumb on cultivating this weed and it worked for you! Growing cannabis particularly outdoor is indeed a different experience especially if you have also tried growing cannabis indoors. With the natural environment, the marijuana plant was able to produce great quality yield. 

Now you may be thinking, are there advanced outdoor growing techniques for a higher yield? Of course, you want more especially that you have had a positive experience with growing marijuana outdoors. The answer to your question is, YES. There are several advanced outdoor growing techniques for a higher yield. 

Before getting further into the tips on how to improve cannabis yield for outdoor growing, it is best to check on some important details first. 

What are the Basics of Growing Outdoors?

Outdoor growing requires several things that are very essential. You may have tried outdoor growing and you may want to transfer to a bigger space or location so you may need to recheck if you have these following important details:

1. The location

The location should be accessible to water and enough sunlight with healthy soil. Also, never disregard security as it is very important. The location determines your plant’s exposure to sunlight. In outdoor growing, it is already understood that plants need a natural source of sunlight. Your plants must receive enough sunlight as it is needed on every stage of its growth. Sunlight fuels the growth of your cannabis plants and is very much needed in photosynthesis. 

2. Temperature is an Important Factor

Know that not all cannabis thrives in the same temperatures. There cannabis who grow best in warm temperature, there are those thrives best in cold temperature and there are few strains who can thrive in both warm and cold temperatures. If your cannabis plant is grown to a different temperature, except that it won’t thrive healthy or worst won’t grow at all.

3. Good Soil

For outside growing, the soil is the most popular medium in growing cannabis. So make sure that your location has access to good soil or if not you can buy a good mixture of soil because they are readily available.

Now that you have checked the basic things that you need in growing your cannabis outdoors then you are ready to get your cannabis outdoor growing to another level.

What is the Advanced Outdoor Growing Techniques for a Higher Yield?

So getting you are taking outdoor cannabis growing into the next level. You want to have more yield…not just more yield but good quality yield. Aside from the basic needs of the plants and taking care of it, there are other methods that you can do to achieve your goal.

1. Topping

This process involves cutting off the top of your plant. This is very helpful with cannabis plants who can grow tall. This involves cutting the top part when the plant grows tall for the plant to grow thicker. This method has been tried and tested by experts and has proven to be perfect in increasing the quality of your crop. So, instead of your plant growing lanky, it will grow healthier as it exposes the plant parts to the light.

2. Fimming

This is more like giving your plant a haircut. This process allows bushy growth and it increases cola yields. This is perfect for young cannabis plants.

3. Lollipopping

Lollipopping is the process where you will have to remove the side branches of your plant also the low branches. Once removed, the energy from the small branches of your plant will go to the main bigger branch. Lollipop will get rid of the unwanted parts of the plant by doing so the plant’s food is concentrated on the main branches thus giving you a higher yield.

4. Low-Stress Training (LST)

This process involves bending the branches carefully so that they can grow in different or the direction that you need it to grow. 

5. Monster Cropping

Monster Cropping is an advanced technique that is done to increase your plant’s flowers. In this process, you take the clones of a plant during the flowering phase and then replant them. Growing clones can be bushy with lots of nodes and also side branches.

6. Super Cropping

Super Cropping is a process where you also bend the branches or in this case the main stem to increase its nutrient intake making the plant healthier. This method is also called “High-Stress Training”. This training is perfect in increasing the plant’s yield especially those who can tolerate stress.

7. The Screen of Green (SCROG)

This process involves placing a net or chicken wire at a certain height. It will make sure that your cannabis plant will grow as high as you desired. Once cannabis grows in the height where your net is, the growth will be directed to the sides making the plant bushier. 

8. Sea of Green (SOG)

This technique will let you grow smaller plants quickly. This perfect if you want to grow your plants in a short period. The SOG involves putting many plants close together in your garden or grow space. Packing them tightly restricts their room to grow but this does not mean that they won’t grow healthy. They are not deprived of the needed nutrients more importantly you ensuring that no light exposure is wasted. SOG technique will have less trimming because the branches will most likely grow small so the energy is mostly directed to the main stem.

Though there are potential difficulties, growing cannabis outdoor is a rewarding experience that can lead to high-quality yield. They may need care like tending your plants in the morning and before the evening falls. If you want to put your cannabis cultivation into a more advanced level then the aforementioned tips will be able to help you.

These advanced outdoor cannabis seeds growing techniques for a higher yield is a sure guarantee to help you take your cannabis cultivation into another level. Take it slowly and carefully. Do not rush. Give your plant the best care so you can achieve your goal of harvesting top quality yield. Happy planting!

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