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Flowering Period in Buying Marijuana Seeds

If you are buying marijuana seeds then you would like to consider the flowering period of the strain because it is of great importance. Let’s cover in this post the reasons behind why you should consider the flowering period of your marijuana plants when ordering some seeds.

First off, different marijuana strains have their own duration of flowering time which means that there is some marijuana strains which will flower quick and some may take a longer period of time. Most growers want to harvest quick so they usually go for the autoflowering or the ones which have quicker flowering periods. However, some prefer to harvest their weed buds in a longer period of time for some personal reasons.

Some also buy different marijuana strains with different flowering period grown together so that they have something to harvest in a series of time so that they can make sure that they won’t run out of stock. Considering the flowering period in buying marijuana seeds just depends on the preference of the customer.
With all that, we have added a filtering category where you can click on a certain range of flowering period for the marijuana seeds and then you will see all the marijuana strains seeds for sale which have that characteristic – flowering period.
The different marijuana seeds that we have for sale here in Canada are subdivided into these flowering period categories:
Short (45 – 55 days)
Average (55 – 65 days)
Long (65 – 75 days)
We have created that filtering system which you can access on the left so that you will have ease in ordering our cheap marijuana seeds from Canada. We offer worldwide shipping to all our marijuana seed products. Our shipping method is discrete and we make sure to put the best security measures for all your online transactions with us.
We have regular marijuana seeds, autoflowering, medical, and feminized marijuana seeds for sale in our website. If you order now, we will ship your order the same day we receive your payment. It is quicker if you pay via credit card, paypal or other electronic payments. For cash, please allow a couple of days before we can receive your payment in the mail. We will ship your order the same day or the next day we get your cash.
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