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THC Dragon Balls: Understanding Cannabis Magic

THC dragon balls shine like a giant glass ball from a Japanese anime. The main difference is this crystal sphere or orb is filled with pure Cannabis hydrocarbon concentrate that contains 99% THC. It’s an absolute jaw-dropping ball for every Cannabis enthusiast. 

What you can see in animation or games is now tangible and real. It was forged at the X-tracted Labs based on Seattle. Seeing this fascinating thing naturally ignites your curiosity for sure, and you may want to know how it was done.

Process of Making THC Dragon Balls

This ball has an amazing weight of 3,000 grams. It’s equivalent to how a newborn baby weighs. The craftsmanship in X-tracted Labs produces a breathtaking-looking THC dragon ball. 

First, everything is stripped except the cannabinoids that are naturally produced by Cannabis. The concentration is poured into an orb while it is still hot. It is also called ‘The Clear’ as it is a distillate with terpenes to look runnier and thinner. This process results in hydrocarbon concentrate. 

The wintering process is also done with the aid of carbon dioxide. It is the process that achieves its purity.

What’s in a THC Dragon Ball

Knowing Terpene

Some beginners may not be familiar with terpene. If you’re one of them, you may learn it from here as well as knowing that this ball is not suitable for inexperienced ones. Knowing these things is essential as they can contribute a lot to the Cannabis industry.

Terpenes dwell in wide species of plants, including Cannabis. They are organic compounds that build up in the resin glands. They are the reason why strains have a variety of aromas. Combinations and concentrations are unique to every strain, so you can detect a vast array of aromas and flavors.

These terpenes can collaborate with THC and CBD when ingested. So the effects are also different. They can even configure the psychoactive properties of a strain. So the function of THC is altered.

The cannabis industry has regarded the importance of terpene because of its uniqueness and potential. However, the extraction done in making THC dragon balls eliminates terpenes to come up with the purest possible solution. It is done by the X-tracted Labs. It means that they draw them out to mix to the solution later on. 

It is a significant move to have control over the effects that the consumers can experience. It is also a way to mimic the effects of some strains with the presence of some terpenes. For example, the addition of terpenes, which are from Pineapple Kush, would give sweet and tropical flavors. You will also feel the kind of high that this strain delivers. Consumers will love to get high with some wonderful aroma and taste. 

THC Dragon Ball a.k.a. The Clear

Not only by looks that it shines like it’s untarnished and looks but as well as its content. So they are like fire that came out from a dragon’s belly. You will spend time guessing what exactly is inside the orb. The first guess that most people have is its oil. You may also think that it’s wax or shatter. Sad to say, those guesses are not right as they all have propylene glycol solvent, which can’t be found in THC dragon balls.

It’s filled with THC concentrate. It went through distillation, which results in its crystal appearance as it is thinner and runnier. It looks splendid as the container, amber sphere adds the appeal of beauty and purity.

Here’s How You Can Smoke THC Dragon Balls

These concentrated balls are an impressive innovation. But the question is if regular consumers can benefit from it. You have to know how you can consume them. It can be done in two ways, which are dabbing and vaping. They are also the most common and most popular way of consuming marijuana Cannabis legalization.

When you dab it, you need to heat it at high temperatures. So it can produce fumes that should be inhaled from a dab rig. In the case of vaping, no burning is necessary. But it needs a specific temperature to heat the air around the concentrate. The sought-after components are expelled without any combustion.

Dabbing is the most common way of consuming the concentrate from this ball. Consumers with a tailored palette said that it is the tastiest dab they have ever had. It gives an excellent experience as it only contains the desirable components found in Cannabis. You can rely on it as a clean solution, and you will get a remarkable taste of your favorite strains.

You can avail of this concentrate in vaporizer cartridges. It’s practical, and consuming it this way will let you act like you’re laying low. Some people may not be satisfied with this method as they feel that they are not able to enjoy the flavor. Some may feel nauseated when vaping for a longer period. Some feel they didn’t have enough.

These circumstances are flipped by the concentrate from THC dragon balls on the other side. Vaping, in turn, is pleasurable, and consumers can enjoy the taste. It’s again because of its purity and the exclusion of synthetic solvents. Terpenes have something to do with this positive outcome too. They made it into liquid form.

The whole THC dragon ball is valued at $150, 000. But the good thing is you can buy the concentrate in a small amount and at a lower cost. If you have the money and intention, you can buy it as a whole. 

THC Dragons Balls for the Future of Cannabis Industry 

The creation of this amazing ball supports the pursuance of customizing solutions. Users will be able to tailor concentrates based on what they want. As mentioned in this article, terpenes can interfere with aroma, flavor, and high. But these components connect with other cannabinoids and other constituents to give you different health benefits. 

It’s beneficial for medical practitioners too. It will be easy for them to figure out on how Cannabis can be made into medication for a certain illness. There are endless possibilities that are waiting to be discovered.

There’s still a lot of work to do for researchers, but at least, the tip of the iceberg has surfaced. The potentials of Cannabis are unlocked for people in the Cannabis community to share the news with everyone.

The Final Part 

You will have an exceptional experience from THC Dragon Balls as it has all the goodness of marijuana. Its purity will let your perspective change in consuming weed. But make sure you have tolerance with THC as it takes 99% of the concentrate. Be responsible before you get thrilled with the looks and effects of the ball. 

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