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How do You Micro Grow Cannabis?

Micro-growing is the best cost-effective method that beginner cannabis growers can opt to. Due to the limited space and resources, this option or method can help them start a small business or even recreational activity. By properly utilizing what you now have, there is a huge chance that you can harvest or produce excellent flowers in small spaces as small as a closet.

Since the cannabis industry is growing as time passes by, a lot of enthusiasts are riding the tide by trying to grow their strains and plants. Few people have the luxury when it comes to space in growing and also the knowledge to grow plants on a large scale. The term “Micro” simply means small, while micro-growing means a cultivating process that only caters to a small number of cannabis plants in a limited or restricted environment that is small is space and resources. This is the perfect method for those aspiring growers that want to develop and experiment on new strains that they can call their own, this method may help them to spend as little as possible without worrying financially as well as the losses if the growing fails. Thus, this is an avenue for growers to experiment and practice what they learn.

Since the operation of micro-growing is minimal and uses only a tiny amount of spaces such as a closet or a very small spare room, the cultivator must consider keeping things simple, compact, and functional. With this informative guide, you can simplify and maximize the variables that you need to consider in making your micro-grow efficient.

Selecting the Perfect Lighting

Lighting is an important factor that needs to be worked on to ensure that your cannabis plant grows properly and healthy. There are a lot of arguments as to what specific lighting should be used for a micro set up. For a micro-grow setup, excessive lighting, heat, and lighting that is very close to the plant cover can seriously damage the plant and even cause it to wilt. The majority of the lighting systems that you can find are specifically made or calibrated for large scale setups. Thus, these systems produce too much heat that your micro setup cannot handle.

Luckily, the excess heat can be reduced by the use of proper ventilation and cooling methods, however, this can only be used to a certain extent, so it means it’s not a perfect fix. Thus, micro-growers are left with a few options, read on for the list of effective lighting for a micro grow setup:

HPS (Lamps)

This lighting system has stood the test of time and has continually served its purpose effectively for indoor growing setup, this system provides a large amount of heat that will surely supply your plant’s needs. As a reminder, only use an HPS lamp that will not exceed 250 watts because it will toast your plants. 250 watts or lower are the best for 1.5 meters or lower sized growing areas. Please take note that excess heat can cause stress to the plant, if the current HPS setup you have does not help the plant to grow exponentially, try a combination of LED and CFLS, these types of lights do not generate too much heat.

CFL Tubes

These types of lighting are commonly used in offices which are also known as fluorescent tubes. CFLs do not produce a lot of heat, however, they are less effective than HPS bulbs and they can be placed nearer the plant covers. The good thing about these lights is that they are very low priced. These lights are specifically used in the vegetation phase of the plant and eventually must be changed as the plant needs a different heat requirement at every stage. Take note! A blue light gamut is effective at the vegetation phase while red light gamut is good for the blooming stage.

LED Lighting

The LED lighting industry has become a major player that provides a lot of product offerings. This solves the excessive heat production of conventional lighting setups. LEDs provide a wider light gamut and also provide a variety of colors that HPS and CFL can, however, it does not provide a lot of heat. However it is not budget-friendly, its utility advantages come with a price since LEDs are not cheap, so this setup is not for a super tight budget.

Important Factors in Micro Grow: Water, Soil and Air

Proper ventilation is very important when cultivating the cannabis plants, this can reduce the possibility of having cannabis mold that can destroy the quality of the weed. The best thing that you can use to manage the airflow or ventilation is computer fans, these fans can be managed with the use of the computer. These fans can be easily set up, they are small which will not take up much space, they are also silent and efficient when it comes to electricity consumption.

You may also set up an exhaust fan on top of the growing area and leave an intake valve or opening at the bottom part of the setup. This type of setup will enable the plant to have proper ventilation, the exhaust fan will expel the heat coming from the lighting while the lower valve will allow fresh air to enter, the combination of the cool air will give the plant the necessary CO₂ levels it needs. If you still have an extra budget, you can add an intake fan on the lower valve to make the set up more effective.

Also, consider the humidity level on your grows area, your cannabis plant may or may not require a lot of watering regularly.

Your soil choice is also important for the optimal growth of the plant. The soil should be rich in nutrients and must absorb and drain water well. Any soil that turns out to be muddy or has clay cannot be used.

Important Considerations in Micro Growing

The Right Selection of Strain

If you are a newbie in the industry, you must know that not all strains or varieties of cannabis are suited for the micro growing scale. The majority of the sativa strains can exponentially grow very tall that cannot work on a micro-grow setup, these often double their size when in the blooming phase.

The best strain that can be used is the autoflowering and indica variety. It is very seldom for these strains to double their size even when in the blooming phase. Even though it is small in size, it is still bushy which allows it to produce a lot of yields. Also, the growth cycle of these strains is faster compared to others, which can enable you to gain your capital back and perhaps give you profit as well. 


These are the simple tips and considerations if you are into developing your micro-grow. There are still many things that need to be considered, but we do hope that you got the basics. Now it is entirely up to you on how you will develop your setup even more.

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