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Marijuana and Serotonin: Understanding Their Relationship

Marijuana or cannabis has been very beneficial for people who seeks its high and its therapeutic effects. It is known for its very good feeling and almost an endless pleasant experience. Everyone is aware that every time you smoke a weed, you are going for a very good experience. However, how does this work? Why does marijuana give you a good feeling? 

What is behind its inexplicable joyous sensation that is really irresistible? There are many reasons for the connection between marijuana and serotonin. All of it is based on facts and science itself. There is no phenomenon or magic behind, but rather a scientific explanation. The good high you feel by inhaling cannabis smoke is because of serotonin, a neurochemical that makes you happy and giggly. However, do you even know what serotonin is and its deep connection to marijuana? 

Cannabis, as its name implies, shares with one of our neurotransmitter systems called cannabinoid that shares a very close relationship with each other. There is a link between the cannabinoid system and the serotonin system, which is very close. Cannabis has a direct effect on our brain’s serotonin level, which is why it is highly used by people suffering from depression, stress, and anxiety. 

You can also notice that there is an overlap between cannabinoid and serotonin’s territories as both are linked to joyfulness, positivity, arousal, and good mood. It is no coincidence if you think of it because these two neurotransmitter systems are linked to each other. 

In this post, let us dive into the answers to our questions, including the connection between cannabinoids and serotonin, regardless of your perception of cannabis.

What is the Neurotransmitter Called Serotonin? 

Just like what is mentioned above, serotonin is a type of neurotransmitter that functions to transmit messages in our brain between various and various nerve cells in our entire body. Serotonin is well-known for its ability to bring happiness and positivity. However, almost all of our body’s serotonin produced and stored in our GI tract that is also very helpful in regulating the movements of our intestine. 

But serotonin is known more for its function in our brain. This is located in the neurons that are considered serotonergic that is found in our nervous system’s central part. While Serotonin can aid our neurological cells in our brain to create a connection that enables it in affecting all manners of our bodily functions, like regulating our appetite, our mood, as well as our sleeping patterns. 

Serotonin has the ability to create what they called “happy hormones.” As we all know that there’s a little accurate info for this hormone that affects our brain’s entire mood, but one thing is pretty sure that serotonin is responsible for bringing that joyous sensation we feel every time we smoke weed. 

Serotonin has a major proof of scientific evidence that includes many studies from renowned doctors that show this hormone to help people fight depression. People who suffer from depression are found out to have a lower serotonin level released in their brains. 

There are medications that you can choose to induce in releasing serotonin in your body that makes you feel happy as well as positive, which helps you fight depression, stress, and anxiety. 

Also, it is a very common therapy for stress, anxiety, and depression are antidepressants that are developed to prevent your body from harming the serotonin, and instead, it increases the level in your body.

Now, what’s the connection between weed and serotonin? What is actually the connection between the two? 

Marijuana is very well-known for its psychoactive effects; however, these are caused by THC, the primary chemical that is found in this plant. 

Once it is processed in your liver, it will start to create a reaction with your endocannabinoid system to affect the different functions in our body. THC creates an interaction with your CB1 receptors that can be found in your endocannabinoid system while most of which are located within your brain. This will create different functions within your brain once THC and CB1 receptors start to interact. 

Among other things, the CB1 receptors are responsible also for releasing serotonin in your brain. However, in terms of the accurate relationship between serotonin and THC is still complex to understand, especially for those who are not that keen on understanding its scientific explanation. 

However, there is always a layman’s term for everything that is hard to understand in this world. 

How Does Cannabis Affect Serotonin’s Release in Our Body? 

It may sound confusing about cannabis’s effect on our brain’s neurological aspect, as of yet, even though a lot of us do not fully understand its accurate mechanisms and process, but one thing’s for sure; it does make us feel happy. 

It is common knowledge that THC stimulates our CB1 receptors, however, many of us do not completely understand what is happening between our CB1 receptors that are triggered to release serotonin. 

There is a theory that many suggested being the reason why our CB1 receptors are triggered to release serotonin. This theory is based on our CB1 receptor that is being triggered, it will be acting to prevent the deactivation of chemical to tell our brain to turn off serotonin’s release. This is very relevant to each other to how it can help alleviate the symptoms of inflammation and also helps that pushes to continuously release serotonin from our brain. 

First, before you indulge yourself with marijuana, you should be cautious always because this will affect and will damage your brain’s ability to release serotonin naturally. People who use marijuana at a very high rate is diagnosed to suffer different brain reactivities that are associated with dopamine. 

This happens when you continually dose yourself with weed on a daily basis or you frequently use it for recreation without any moderation. This will over-sensitize your brain that affects the release of serotonin as well as dopamine. Because of this, your body requires more THC so that it can release more dopamine along with serotonin, and this can lead to substance abuse. 

This will constantly result in your body needing an increased dosage that will turn into a situation wherein your brain will develop the inability to react with the dopamine and prevents it to enjoy the sensation to make you feel happy and positive. 

It is completely important to put in your mind that too much marijuana will put you at risk and will surely affect your body’s ability to produce serotonin naturally. 

With that being said, you have to use marijuana in moderation. 

What are the Best Marijuana Strains to Increase Your Serotonin Level? 

There are specific strains of marijuana that helps fight depression, anxiety, and stress because of its ability to help your body produce more serotonin. These strains fall under the Sativa variety. To combat depression and anxiety, it is best advised to select a strain that has a broad range of terpenes and cannabinoids and should stick to a lower dose every time you use it. 

White Widow

If you are searching for a strain that can instantly erase depression, White Widow is probably the most recommended out there. This strain is a balanced hybrid, and this can be used for anxiety as well. If you are just feeling down and blue, lacks the energy and spirit, or you just want to wash away all the negative vibes on your mind, White Widow will greatly help you uplift yourself and clear your mind from all the bad things. 

Northern Lights

This strain is one of the best choices to fight anxiety. Even though this strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid, this helps release serotonin and helps relax your muscles and relieve your body from tension, especially your brain that makes you feel relaxed and uplifted. Northern Lights also packs with a very powerful euphoric effect that helps alleviate the symptoms of depression. 

Super Silver Haze

This award-winning strain is well-known for its ability to make you happy. This is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that will make you very happy and positive. This also improves your appetite, which in return, can help people fighting depression that is already has affected their eating patterns. Super Silver Haze has a high THC level.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis or marijuana is widely popular around the world even before when it was not legalized in many countries because of its ability to give the user happiness and positivity. Regardless of your favorite strain, there will always be a “happy effect,” it will bring to you that will surely wash your melancholic feeling away. 

Even though there are still a few amounts of studies that prove its effectiveness, many are already aware that marijuana and serotonin has a lot in common. 

This post may contain a lot of things that answered your question, however, there are still a lot of things left to learn, however, at least for now, you certainly appreciate the value of marijuana even more. Regardless if you are suffering from depression or you just need an upliftment, just roll a blunt and put sunshine on a gloomy day. 

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