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Live Resin Consumption Guide

The cannabis community welcomes a unique form of butane hash oil (BHO) known as live resin. It is a highly aromatic extract that is quickly becoming a favorite among cannabis aficionados. So, how to smoke live resin and is live resin worth it?

Technological evolution has a hugely important part of modernized cannabis growing. The advanced fertilization processes to support high yields, better-growing lights, and growers are doing tremendous work producing strains that are for specific needs and requirements. Also, the methods of extracts are formulated capitalizing on advanced science and technology. As we start to know more about the cannabis plant and its characteristics, we’re learning new and informative ways to take advantage of the plants. If you’re looking for information about this Live resins, you’re in the right place.

What is Live Resin?

There are various ways to draw out the desired cannabis extracts. In regards to concentrates, the BHO is the more common type. Live resin is a form of butane hash oil (BHO), yet more of a seasoned quality emphasizes balancing a potent and taste profile. While the BHO production process is easy, making live resin is a whole lot more complicated.

The process of making is similar to BHO with a new, flash-frozen plant. However, butane is withered and cured. The cryogenic freezing of new and non-drying marijuana flowers aids in drawing out an extensive range of terpenes and cannabinoids, but it needs special equipment.

Live Resin: An Excellent Taste Profile

Drying and curing processes are two essential processes, and seasoned home cannabis growers know it. The fragrant package of it develops gradually over time. The making of premium-grade marijuana is very identical to the formulation of cheese or good wine. The maturation process is crucial for the aroma and flavor of the end product.

Despite the curing process correctly managed, about 55% to 60% of the oils known as terpenes are likely to be wasted. To avoid the degradation of the cannabinoids and terpenes, a grower should use newly yielded bud as the input ingredient for the live resin production and shock freezing it immediately. This is a significant difference between other types of extracts that usually use dried and cured cannabis plants.

From the technical viewpoint, it is a type of BHO that is made by exposing the cannabis buds to the butane. However, it can also be created through CO2 extraction. After the extraction process, the ingredient is refined of contaminants by using a vacuum oven that uses a low temperature for several hours.

Since it holds high amounts of terpenes, it is often sappy instead of liquid-like form. Some users claim that it isn’t as steady or firm as other BHO products like glass or shatter. Yet the smell and flavor are more pleasant and high-grade than other types of cannabis concentrate, and they can be overwhelming. This makes sense because when small grams of live resin takes the full spectrum of smell from a newly yielded cannabis plant.

The Potential Advantages of Live Resin and Other Extracts

Live resin offers the choice to take higher amounts of THC and some other cannabinoids in a single sniff. Thus, detrimental health effects because of smoking can be reduced. This can be highly beneficial for medicinal users who use cannabis plants to treat nausea and severe pain and depend on quick relief and don’t always want to smoke. The strong effect could also help treat people suffering from medical conditions like chemotherapy side effects, seizures, migraines, and anything else users have chosen to use marijuana for.

Aside from this, scientific study tackles the control that terpenes aren’t only liable for the fragrance and tastes, but interact with cannabinoids to deliver the desired health effects. Hence, this could turn into an essential extract of the future.

Looking for live resin in Europe will be difficult for patients and recreational dabbers as there is no authorized legal framework for the creation of the concentrates. This makes it more difficult for industries and stockholders to participate in the worldwide advancement of health marijuana. Any live rosin discovered will have been unlawfully formulated, making it a unique and expensive product.

It is a sad reality that severely sick people need to transfer to another country where governments have settled that it’s lawful for them to use marijuana to treat their medical conditions. It is the time to have a logical and factual conversation of how we want to treat marijuana as an association and as a European Union that acts in the best interest of its people and the state.

Cons of Live Resin

Live resin has a few disadvantages – the pure taste that it can take makes it a premium-grade product. But as discussed earlier, the production process is more complicated, and more special devices are required. The cryogenic freezing method uses liquid nitrogen with temperatures as low as -196 degrees Celsius. Testing the liquid nitrogen in your basement or garage is a high risk as it is done only by experts who have the lab and right equipment.

Because making live resins consumes a lot of time and is somewhat complicated, it usually has a staggering price for the users. The stupefying amount of it also has to do with its strength. Marijuana users with little to no experience with extracts need extra discretion. The THC levels range from 65% to 95%, making it a perfect extract for patients or recreational dabbing.

The Perfect Strains For Producing Live Resin

Since you already know what makes live resins very interesting and useful, it is time to produce your own. Any marijuana strain can do the job. However, there are several that excel as great contenders. You will want to utilize the stickiest buds from cannabis strains that provide high THC levels and life-altering terpene profiles.

Below are the three unrivaled marijuana strains when it comes to making live rosin.

1. White Widow

This marijuana strain is popular in the cannabis world. White Widow is a potent Sativa that creates a vigorous effect that goes directly to the mind. The invigorating high of the strain improves mental function as well as the mood. This is the live rosin you need the next time you have to do some introspection and problem-solving. This can boost abstract thinking, and out-of-the-box thoughts will provide you a different angle on the problem or situation. The plants contain a THC level of 19% and woody terpene.

2. Fruit Spirit

This is the product of an experimental crossbreeding project. The objective was to make a strain overflowing with a fruity taste. The aromatic buds emit an exciting smell of tropical fruits. The Fruit Spirit’s terpene profile behind aromas also offers tasty hints of blueberry and sweetness. It infuses a little Sativa-rich high that boosts alertness and evokes the laughs. The live resin drawn out from these buds will be some of the most delicious you will experience.

3. Royal Gorilla

The strain is one of the most excellent in making live resin. Royal Gorilla holds an ideal split of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica genes and causes a viciously crazy high. Her buds exude sticky resin that features a THC level of 27% level. A single puff of Royal Gorilla will leave you melted for a couple of hours. The variety causes a warming and mental high that improves the mood and eases pain. It also creates a spicy terpene profile that delivers the flavor of woodiness and pine. The high amounts of terpene myrcene add an enjoyable touch of calmness.

Is Live Resin A ‘Full Spectrum Concentrate?

Think of a raw marijuana plant growing tall under the sun. In its raw quality, a marijuana variety has a terpene profile and unique cannabinoid. Full-spectrum concentrates an area kind of cannabis extract that strives to absorb as much of the full cannabinoid and terpene profile of that raw marijuana plant as possible. The objective is to get all the active particles in the trichome gland with no change. The live rosin can be a full-spectrum extract, and it depends on how the bud is processed. Not all the full-spectrum concentrates are from new frozen plant matter. For example, kief is a full-spectrum extract, yet it utilizes treats instead of fresh frozen plants.

Live Resin vs. Sauce

Determining if it is a live resin or sauce, the key is the starting plant matter. It always calls for new marijuana plants that are prepared by the flash-freezing. On the other hand, the sauce can utilize live plant material, but it is not essential, as extractors can also utilize cured marijuana buds for either a nug run sauce or a trim run. The cured marijuana plant matter will lack the massive amount of terpenes in the live resin. Make sure to check the labels and packaging of the sauce, whether it is “live resin sauce” or “cured nug sauce.”

How to Consume Live Resin

Dabbing is the best way to consume live resin. It uses a particular type of water pipe known as a dab rig or “rig,” along with a flat bowl known as a nail. The nails from materials that can endure higher climates than glass bowls used for smoking buds.

When smoking, you use a dabber with a spoon-shaped, rather than flat-tipped dabber utilized for various other extracts. You must heat the nail with a butane when taking a dab. The nail temperature is essential. If the nail is too hot, it means you may burn the tasty flavor, and it is enjoyable high. If the nail is too cold, you are not vaporizing the live resin or not stimulating the CBD or terpenes abundantly. The best temperature for dabbing the live resin is between 315- 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 157 – 204 degrees Celsius. Heat the nail to the bottom to maximize its flavor or taste.

Is Live Resin for Vaping?

Yes, the live resin can be used for vaping through dabbing, smoking an active resin vape pen, or by using a nectar collector. Each method you are vaporizing the live resin with heath and breathing in the cannabinoids and the terpene-dominant vapors. But the most involved process of the three options is the dabbing because it needs the most device and effort.

Using a nectar collector allows you to live dab resin in a more natural process. This tool consists of titanium or quartz tip, body made from a silicone or glass, which may add a little water chamber, reclaimer, percolator, and a cylindrical mouthpiece designed from silicone or glass. After burning the tip, you gently drag the nectar collector around a dab of extract, sniffing the smoke.

Probably the most straightforward technique to use live resin is with a vape pen. You purchase it in a cart, connect it to the battery, and you are all set.

Is Live Resin Worth It?

The answer is maybe. That is because it depends on what the user likes. Always keep in mind that live resin extraction methods produce less product than the normal extraction process.

But you’re getting the more complete and specific chemical structure of the marijuana live plant when you use live resin. For these significant reasons, less harvest and complete chemical structure will be more expensive than the regular BHO.

The cost may be worthwhile for you. The existence of the monoterpenes squandered during the “average” butane extraction may work together with other marijuana elements to produce the sensation you never felt before. And so, the only way to discover the feeling is to try.

Just consider that you are not getting a higher amount of THC or CBD. You are getting something that is fresher and newer than anything available on the market. It may interest you, or it may not. But again, the only way to discover for sure is to try.

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