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How to Roll a Blunt the Right Way

There is a great variety of cannabis strains, different devices, and instruments. Along with hundreds of recipes to craft a satisfying puff to soothe your soul or get you stoned, it can take a lot of time to think about which method is your match made in hemp heaven, including how to roll a blunt.

If you have been searching all over the web long enough or have been a loyal member of the cannabis community, you know by now that when it comes to ways to enjoy smoking weed, it’s a long, unending list of possibilities, and you will learn more about rolling a blunt.

Important Factors to Consider

There are also several factors that users would consider about which way to smoke is their ideal type. 

  • Some factors most would consider is aroma, flavor, and how it enhances the effects on the body. Most would also consider the price point of a certain method as you will be smoking every once in a while to reward yourself or as a fun remedy to your stress and pain.
  • If you’re looking for the perfect method that ticks off all those boxes, look no further because a blunt could be the one in the right light for you. Cheap, readily available, and with all sorts of flavors you can cook up, a blunt has been the OG way to smoke weed and make the most out of it with just a cigar wrap and ground herb. 
  • Whether you’re smoking one to yourself or planning a pot session with some friends, you can pass a blunt around as it’s a slow burner that offers the sweet, tingly, cerebral high you need to help you buzz off your worn-out spirit. 
  • While you can purchase a pack of blunts that you can instantly light up, customizing it is what makes them so special. Choosing your weed, the kind of wrap, and even how much you want to stuff into the blunt makes them one of a kind. Learn how you can roll your blunt the right way with a few tools and the proper procedure to make a perfect roll.

Gathering Your Materials

Before you even start learning how to roll a blunt, it is important to be ready with the right tools and materials. To save time and energy running around the house or the supermarket for supplies, gather the materials you need and set them aside on your work table. You might already have most of these, and they’re quite affordable and easy to find too:

For the wrap, you may use:

  • Cigars;
  • Cigar wraps;
  • Blunt wraps; or
  • Whole dry fronto tobacco leaves

*Wraps may be plain or flavored, such as Honey flavored wraps and Citrus. Experiment with different kinds of wraps and strains to see what unique flavors you can create.

  • Dried Cannabis flower of your choice of strain
  • Weed Grinder
  • A small knife or a pocket knife
  • Lighter

How to Roll a Blunt

With your materials ready and your craving growing for a buzzing puff, follow these 6 easy steps to craft yourself a perfect blunt! 

  1. If you’re rolling with a pack of cigars, take a cigar stick and find the seam where the wrap is sealed. Using your knife, cut the cigar open along the seam and take out the tobacco. Set the contents aside for later. For plain cigar wraps, blunt wraps, and front leaves, proceed to the next step. 
  2. Insert the flower into your weed grinder and twist until you get a sugar-like texture. The flower should be crushed but coarse with visible particles. Grinding your weed to a fine texture can be messy and will slip through the wrap. 
  3. Lay the wrap on a flat surface and start filling it with your crushed weed. Depending on the size of your blunt wrap, it can hold up to about a gram of content. You can also add some tobacco in the mix to taste if you are reusing a cigar wrap. Make sure to leave some space before the opposite end of the wrap so you can roll your blunt. 
  4. Next, slowly roll the wrap, making sure little to no content falls out of the blunt until you reach the empty space at the edge. 
  5. To start sealing your roll, you may do either of the two techniques:
    • Simply dampen the empty edge with water and press it against the opposite end, or
    • Crease a fold inwards on the empty edge, and dampen the fold. Press this against the opposite end to seal. This is slightly firmer than the first technique, but either of the two should be fine
  6. To secure the seal and give a roasted hint of flavor to your smoke, take your lighter and roll the blunt at a fair distance from the flame. You do not want to light it just yet, but rather give it a bake for the content and keep the seam shut. 

Once your blunt feels warm and firm, you can now light up your perfectly rolled blunt and enjoy it! 

Other Techniques to Roll  Blunt

There are also other rolling techniques you can try, such as the vortex blunt (a filled cigar with a hole in the center) and the filtered blunt (often done with glass filters) once you get the hang of rolling up a few sticks. 

It can be tempting to try all those fancy, expensive smoking mediums available in the market that make smoking weed look like it’s a lot more fun than it already is. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to how potent the strain is and how you craft a good smoke. Traditional ways to smoke weed like the OG blunt are timeless, fool-proof, and perfect for any user. 


Learning how to roll a blunt is a lot easier than it sounds, and does not take much time or effort. With a few tools you already have and some rolling practice with every stick, you can master the art of crafting a blunt the right way in no time. A little bit of patience and lots of creativity will come in handy with this activity that will get you high and thrilled to make more blunts for you, and maybe your friends too. 

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