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How to Qualify for Our Free Seeds Promo

You can get some free seeds when you spend more than $420 excluding shipping fee. We will send you different strains of marijuana seeds so that you will a variety of strains to try in your garden. We will give you 10 Free Regular Seeds or 5 Feminized or Auto Fem marijuana seeds.

If you have ordered only feminized seeds regardless or the number for as long as you reach more than $420 excluding shipping fees in total then we will send you 5 free weed seeds. On the other hand, we also send regular seeds if your order is more than $420 excluding shipping fees for the regular seeds that we have available for sale in our website.

Our shopping cart system is already automated and you don’t need to contact us regarding the free marijuana seeds. It will automatically indicate that you qualify for the free seeds. You can also contact our customer service representatives if you have any questions or anything that you want to tell us regarding our products or your experience with us.

Why are we giving away free marijuana seeds?

Our free seeds are one way of saying thank you to our customers. We also want you to try some of our best marijuana strains that you haven’t ordered so our free seeds would surely give you some idea of what to order in the next time you decide to buy some marijuana seeds from us.
Just because they are free doesn’t mean that they are low quality with low germination rate. We randomly pick samples from our best marijuana strains so that you can grow our new and premium marijuana seed strains. They have the same germination rate with our premium seeds and we can assure you that all seeds or plants that they will produce are high quality.

Our reputation speaks for itself. We can assure you that our free marijuana seeds won’t waste your time and effort of growing them. We just one warning though – do not grow them near your regular or feminized marijuana seeds (paid) so that you will never get confused when they grow. Since we pick our free seeds randomly from our different marijuana strains, so you will get different marijuana strains which you might not recognize at first. This is not a big deal though but we just want to set your expectations.

We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. Please leave your valid email address below.

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