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How to Make Weed Plants Grow Faster

If you ever experienced a growing cannabis plant at your home, you know that it requires a lot of patience, effort, and time. It is indeed time-consuming, and a lot of growers are too impatient to get to cure their harvested cannabis as soon as possible. 

However, if you want to know how to make weed plants grow faster, just to set your expectations straight, cannabis growing is time-consuming, and hastening its growing process will surely hamper the harvest’s overall quality. 

Before you decide to grow your cannabis in your home, you have to choose more harvest or a faster harvest. It matters a lot because you have to balance yourself between the final result of your plants and your patience during the growing process.

If you are very interested in learning how to grow weed faster, we’ve put in together some of the most important tips that you won’t get in other sites. 

Growing weed is tedious, especially if you think about the five months for it to fully grow and enjoy your bountiful harvest. Just so you know, speeding the growing process of weed won’t come without any compromising effects, especially to the quality of the harvest, however, growing it faster can be done absolutely. 

So, How to Make Weed Plants Grow Faster? 

It takes 3-4 months for weed to grow; however, if it is for your consumption, waiting each day seems to feel like a lifetime to enjoy those buds to grow. Growing cannabis is easy through practice and carefully following the proper process. However, it takes a very patient grower to wait for four months or even more before they can harvest it.

Speeding up the growth of your cannabis plant depends on how you badly want to harvest it as early as possible. You can stagger the growing process of your weed plants, which enables you to have flowering plants and vegetating plants at the same time. 

This can result in giving you a harvest every two months or 60 days. Before you get too excited, several factors will contribute to growing your weed faster. These factors include the type of strain you are trying to grow, the growing environment, and your total control of its growth process. 

Not to take this long, here are the tips that you are looking for. 

Start Flowering Your Weeds the Soonest

If you are growing weed from seed, you have to choose when to switch from its vegetation period to the flowering period so that you can harvest earlier. A cultivator technically does this by switching the schedule of the lighting. When the number of light hours is cut to a shorter time, your plant starts to develop its buds and its flowers, which are the main products of cannabis. However, this still depends on the strain, as this can take between eight to 12 weeks. 

Also, you can start the flowering period of your weed plants as early as its seedling stage by skipping the entire vegetative state. This will turn your seedlings to grow its buds hastily for altering the vegetative state. 

The best example for that is the Northern Lights strain that can flower in just eight weeks or roughly two months. Northern Lights seedlings can switch to its flowering period as early as its seedling stage from the moment it starts to germinate so that you can harvest it within three months. 

However, flowering your weeds can affect its yield as your plant naturally needs enough stem to grow its buds that are perfect for yielding while seedlings can’t cope up in producing enough stems at its current stage. 

Instead of skipping the vegetative state of your weed, you can do it in a shorter period for you to flower it without affecting the yield a lot. While your harvest or your yield is not top-notch, this will not compromise the buds from your plants compared to skipping the vegetative state by going straight to the flowering stage while it’s still a seedling. Instead of eight weeks, you have to wait three weeks more before you can harvest. 

Cut the Lighting Hours to a Shorter Period During the Flowering Stage 

Now that you know how to start your weed to flower right away, however, the flowering stage deeply influences this kind of method. This is because your plants need to get at least 14 hours of light each day so that it has a healthy flowering stage. Growing your weed outdoors gives it more than enough light hours, but this decrease if your area has rainy or winter season. You can speed up the flowering stage through indoor growing where you can use artificial light, especially during the rainy or winter season. 

Through manipulation of the lighting hours of your weed, this will force it to produce buds a lot faster compared to outdoor growing. This encourages your plants to finish their flowering stage a lot faster by cutting off the light hours. Technically, you can do this to any type of strain as it is already proven to respond to light manipulation so that it can produce buds faster. 

However, this kind of method or technique still affects the yield. This is because the buds won’t grow thicker than the normal flowering and vegetative period. This will result in popcorn buds or buds that are not as big as your usual yield. This does not entirely mean that it will also affect the THC level of your plant. This is because light manipulation will only affect the growth of your plants and not its THC level and will still provide you a faster harvest in the end. 

Select a Fast-flowering Seed for Faster Harvest

One of the best ways to get a faster harvest for your weed is to select a seed that is known to have a short or fast flowering period or stage. Particular strains have eight weeks of the flowering period, like the Northern Lights and the Diesel Haze that has a flowering period of only 12 weeks. 

Generally, some strains require a longer period of flowering because the growers want to yield more, which requires it to get more lighting. However, strains that have a shorter flowering period does not compromise its quality at all. There are also strains out there that can flower in just six weeks like the Swiss Miss strain, Holland’s Hope, and the Cheese strain. These types of strains are well-known for their shorter flowering stage, which only takes less than a month compared to a regular harvest period of other strains. 

Also, worth mentioning is the seeds or strains that are called auto-flowering types of weed. This type of weed can easily switch to the flowering period without the need of undergoing the light cycle. The majority of this type of weed can grow from seed to its harvest period in more or less 12 weeks. This will surely erase a month or two compared to the regular growing period of regular seeds. 

Prune Your Weed More Often

Just so you know, your weed needs energy for it to grow its leaves and stems to produce buds. During its flowering period or stage, it needs a lot of energy for it to focus on growing thick and sticky buds that are the main product of your cannabis plant. This can be achieved through pruning to get rid of those excess stems that are usually thin and dry along with unhealthy leaves that consume more energy and nutrients that affect the growth of your cannabis plant’s buds. 

Select Indica Strains 

It is proven many times that you can grow buds a lot faster if you select Indica-dominant strains. This is because this type of strain generally has a shorter flowering period compared to Sativa-dominant strains, and this is also known to provide you higher yield during harvest season. Cannabis plants that contain 95% Indica usually caps off its flowering period within eight weeks or lesser and can give you more than a hundred grams of yield for each plant. 

Nourish Your Weed With the Best Nutrients Available 

If you are not aware of it, a huge part of growing buds a lot faster is to determine the types of nutrients that you should provide to your cannabis plants. To grow buds a lot faster, you should give it the proper nutrients. Not just ordinary plant nutrients because weed specifically thrives and grows with a particular set of nutrients. These are nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. 

The weed grows faster if it is given nitrogen that helps in growing stems and leaves when your cannabis plant is on the vegetative stage while phosphorous is needed to produce more buds during the flowering period, and potassium to help your plants grow thicker and larger buds. 

Also, you have to determine the exact amount of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium during the different stages of its growth period. 

Final Words

Now that you know how to make weed plants grow faster, you are now aware that it is possible and doable, but just like commonly growing your weed, this also needs time and effort, most especially no shortcuts. Also, you should set your expectations that all of these will have its compromise. If you are always in a hurry, these strategies will surely help you, especially if you do not mind losing a bit of quality and yield during the harvest period. 

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