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How to Grow Marijuana Outdoors

Everyone is getting into the trend. The cannabis industry is booming and it is not slowing down. With the legalization of marijuana to several states and countries, it is also getting popular votes to places where the legalization of cannabis is on a hot debate

Cannabis consumers no longer settle on just buying cannabis on local or online stores. Since the cannabis community is changing, consumers are also growing their gardens. Many many cannabis enthusiasts have dedicated their time on how to grow marijuana outdoors. Others also grow their cannabis garden in a space indoors.

Because of the shared knowledge from cannabis experts, cannabis consumers are now into growing their cannabis garden. This is a breakthrough because it will give consumers to grow their preferred strain.

Growing your marijuana garden can be fun and rewarding especially if you know what to do. It can be challenging and need investment and attention. There are several ways to grow your garden. You can grow it indoors but in this article, we will talk about growing weed outdoors.

Knowing how to grow cannabis outdoors comes with many benefits apart from the fact that it can be a fun and rewarding experience. The important thing is that you should know the basics and the right thing to do. Read on to be able to know the important facts of growing weed outdoors.

What You Need to Do

How to grow marijuana outdoors involves very important steps, it can be a challenging and time-consuming process but it will be very rewarding.

1. Know the Climate

Know the climate in which you would like to grow your marijuana plant. This is a very important factor since not all cannabis plants grow at the same temperature or climate. Some cannabis plant grows in cold places, most grow on warm climate and a few grow in both climates. Growing your cannabis plant outside means that you have no control over the temperature thus it is very important to know in which temperature it would thrive best.

If you grow a cannabis plant at a wrong temperature or a temperature that is not suitable would hamper its growth as well and your efforts will all be wasted. Remember that cannabis may be versatile to weather conditions, it is still very vulnerable to extreme temperature conditions. Make sure that the temperature does not exceed 86 degrees and not less than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Select the Best Possible Location

The first thing that you need to put into consideration is that these plants love to be exposed to the sun. The best area on which you would want to place your plants is those which will expose them to at least 5 hours of sunshine daily. Make sure that it has the right temperature. Avoid areas that will expose your plants to the wind.

It is also very important to secure your garden. Though cannabis cultivation may be legal in your area, you cannot deny the fact that there are people that still can be very judgmental thus it is best to keep it discreet. Also, better invest in wire cages to protect your plants away from animals. Know also that some plants grow tall outdoors so better be prepared for it.
Here are some suggestions on areas on which you can cultivate your cannabis plant outdoors:

  • An outside garden. This may expose your plant but this place is very accessible. Just make sure that your plant stays secured. You will be able to take care of your cannabis plant along with your other plants.
  • The balcony. This is a very accessible spot for you to grow your weed especially if they are grown in pots. If you are growing cannabis plants with a strong aroma, you can use filters to conceal the smell or the aroma.
  • The roof terrace. This place will expose your plants to the best amount of sunlight strong wind and odor can be an issue.
  • Open field. If you have a good area in your property that has access to water and sunlight, then it can be a good place to grow your cannabis plants. They can grow as tall as they can and keeping the aroma is not an issue. Just make sure you keep it secured.

An outside garden should have access to sunlight, water, great flow of breeze, soil, access, and best of all secure.

3. Choose the Best Type of Soil

For outside growing, the traditional method is often used and that is growing your weed into healthy soil as a medium. Before you plant it in soil, make sure that you have the correct pH. Since cannabis cultivation has been very popular recently, you can also buy healthy in local and online cannabis store or garden stores. There are different types of soil:

  • Sand-Rich Soil: This soil has a good drainage system and it warms quickly. Though the downside of this soil is that it does not hold the nutrients that much. To make the best of this, it is best to add peat moss and compost to bind the soil together.
  • Clay-Rich Soil: This is the best soil in gardening. It has the best drainage, it can hold moisture and it is not difficult to work with.
  • Clay-Rich Soil: This the heaviest among the types of soil. It drains slowly and doesn’t allow the air to pass through that easily. It needs a significant amount of compost or decomposed organic material to make it ideal for planting.

Knowing how to grow outdoor cannabis seeds is very important especially if that is the best option for your location. To be knowledgeable about what you are doing is very important and it is true in choosing the best place to grow your cannabis plant. The knowledge on how to grow marijuana outdoors will make your growing experience easier and safe. Choosing the right location, the right things to use, and having enough knowledge to grow your plants outdoors would matter especially if your goal is to have a quality yield.

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