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How to Feminize Seeds with Aspirin

Using aspirin in making feminized cannabis seeds is no longer a weird, new idea. Through technology, the internet, and modern-day research, it became easier to learn how to feminize cannabis seeds in many ways. Today, it is easier to find ways of helping you to learn from germinating cannabis seeds to increasing your plants’ ability to yield. 

When it comes to feminizing cannabis seeds, the idea of doing it by using aspirin has been very interesting. It might be amazing for a few, but some cannabis growers are willing to back up this particular method. So, read on and learn how to feminize seeds with aspirin. 

The Benefits of Using Aspirin in Feminizing Cannabis

Before you get started, you may want to know first the benefits you can enjoy if you use aspirin in feminizing cannabis seeds. Well, this technique gives a multitude of awesome benefits like:

Enhances the Germination Process

Spray a mixture of water and aspirin to cannabis seeds that you sowed to the soil. The mixture will help you make sure that all the seeds will successfully germinate. Salicylic acid is the leading ingredient of aspirin that helps cannabis plants develop their natural defensive mechanism against harmful organisms like bacteria, fungi, and viruses. 

Mixing aspirin with water makes the cannabis cultivation process more sustainable no matter where you chose to cultivate the seeds. It gives the marijuana seeds further protection that they need during this extremely vulnerable stage.

Fights Diseases and Pests

Cannabis growers use around 81 grams or 1/5 of the uncoated aspirin tablet and mix it with water (2 gallons). After that, they add Yucca extract (2 tablespoons) to ensure the aspirin water stays on the leaves. If Yucca extract is not available, you can use a gentle liquid soap instead. 

Once the water treatment is ready, spray it once every 3 weeks. A few weeks after, your cannabis plants will be big and turn into darker green. The mix of aspirin and water will also protect your cannabis plants from harmful insects and certain diseases. 

Reduces the Demand for Artificial Pesticides

The mixture of water and aspirin can also help in the Systems Acquired Resistance or SAR effect of your plants. Using aspirin in feminizing your cannabis seeds not only helps them become more resilient against pests and diseases, but it also helps them combat unnecessary stress. As dangerous as pest infestation and plant diseases, unnecessary stress can also cause cannabis plants to wither. If not, they may fail to mature completely, preventing you from harvesting the buds. 

Using the mix of water and aspirin for your marijuana plants can be advantageous for you and the plants. For the plants, they get an extra sheet of protection against common diseases. On your part, you don’t need to invest in pesticides that save you money. 

This cannabis feminizing method is highly recommended only for experienced growers. Many of them obtained their preferred results. Besides, many of them agreed it makes the whole process easier compared to any other methods used in feminizing cannabis seeds.

Nonetheless, the aspirin-water method is worth considering if you already have enough experience as a cultivator. If you are a novice, then give it more time. Follow the basics for the meantime and use the method only when you are ready. 

Why Should You Feminize Cannabis Seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds are those that grow up to be female plants. Well, cannabis seeds can be male or female. Male cannabis plants do not have much difference from other male organisms. Meaning, they are those that pollinate the female cannabis plants to generate seeds. 

Males are doing it by having pollen sacs that will burst to release the pollen that will pollinate the females. On the other hand, females don’t have pollen sacs. Instead, they have buds or flowers that will generate seeds when pollination occurs. 

If pollination did not take place, the buds will completely mature and are ready for the harvest time that lets people enjoy their excellent THC content. Only the buds have more THC and other compounds like CBD. 

Only female cannabis plants can generate buds that make the males look useless in the eyes of most growers. What they do is they segregate the male plants from females and either cultivate them in a separate, isolated area or discard them for good. 

However, cultivating cannabis by using regular seeds can be extremely difficult as they can end up growing up as males or females. It’s hard to guess what the seeds will be until they grow to a specific size. 

Luckily, there’s a way to prevent cannabis seeds from growing into male plants: making them feminized. The feminized seeds are 100% sure to grow into female plants. Cultivating cannabis by using feminized seeds spares you from the usual headaches and worries when using regular seeds. 

How to Feminize Seeds with Aspirin

Get 1 ½ aspirin tablet and dissolve both pieces into 2 gallons of water. Make sure the aspirin tablet is uncoated to get the best possible results. As said before, you can use either Yucca extract or mild liquid soap and add it to the solution. This will make the mixture stickier, preventing it from slipping off the plants. 

Once the solution is ready, start applying it to your plants with a sprayer. Do it regularly. If you don’t have a sprayer, you can just pour the solution over your plants to stress them. Stress will quite significantly harm their genetics and force females to become hermaphrodites as they try to escape from death. In the end, the stressed plants will grow male organs known as pollen. You may collect and use the pollens created through this technique to generate new feminized seeds

More and more experienced growers agree this technique is effective. However, there is no sufficient evidence to prove that aspirin is as effective as colloidal silver in feminizing cannabis. Unless you have been cultivating cannabis for almost a decade, it is best to skip first this method and use the rodelization or colloidal silver method instead. 


Learning how to feminize seeds with aspirin has been a very interesting topic today in the cannabis world. If you want to give it a try, just keep in mind that it can either work or not. In many cases, it works provided that it was done by someone with enough experience in cannabis cultivation. 

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