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Growing weed from seeds is a good way for people to get started with growing marijuana because seeds can easily be purchased off the internet. You can order high quality yet cheap marijuana seeds from a Canada based seed bank like us and have it shipped right to your doorsteps. 

It is very safe and reliable to buy marijuana seeds on the internet from a reputable marijuana seed bank. Just like us, there are a lot of marijuana seed banks out there to whom you can trust your hard earned money.

Buying marijuana seeds online will allow you to purchase specialized marijuana seeds like autoflowering marijuana and feminized weed seeds. You can also select from a wide array of options of marijuana seeds that will grow into your preferred height, THC level, taste, height, and a lot more. We have categorized our marijuana seed strains so that you won’t have to stumble from one page to another in our website. We make sure that your experience with us is worthwhile.

You will also receive some free marijuana seeds together with your order. For sure, you are thinking now that free marijuana seeds are all low quality. Well, here in our marijuana seed bank, our marijuana seeds are proven to be of high quality including the free seeds that you will be getting if you order more than $420 excluding shipping fees.

The downside of purchasing marijuana seeds is that you may find out that more than half of the marijuana seeds that you have purchased from an online seedbank are all males. If you order from us, then that won’t happen especially if you order all feminized marijuana seeds. We stand from what we say and if we say feminized, they are feminized, period.

We always ship healthy marijuana seeds which are hard and dark brown or light grey. We do not send out dead or unhealthy marijuana seeds to make sure that you will be getting the value from your money. Our packagers always check for small and white seeds (immature and won’t germinate properly). However, the health of your marijuana seeds depends on how you handle them. It is not recommended to freeze your seeds. Seeds which are kept in cool areas will die earlier than those which are kept in dry places away from light. Those marijuana seeds which are in dry places away from light will be viable for the next five years.

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