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feminized seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds are the types of seeds which do not come with any males in the crop thus you do not have to isolate them to keep the females from pollinating. Our company which is based in Canada genetically bred our marijuana strains to make them produce female plants. If you order from us, we will deliver it to your address in Canada or in any part of the world discretely. We also give away free seeds on orders more than $100.

Acapulco Gold Auto Fem

marijuana seeds canada Acapulco Gold Autoflowering Feminized

Acapulco Gold Autoflowering Feminized Strain Details The Acapulco gold strain is probably one of the most well-known strains there are. It is a grade A+ ...

Ak-47 Feminized

marijuana seeds canada AK-47 Feminized

AK-47 boasts very high yields in a short amount of time, making it a natural favorite by professional breeders and new breeders alike. Has a very high T...

Ak-48 Feminized

marijuana seeds canada AK-48 Feminized

The AK 48 strain is known for its short flowering period. The whole flowering period would usually last just around 48 days. However, although the flowe...

Amnesia Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Amnesia Feminized

The Amnesia strain is a popular premium marijuana strain. Although it is a hybrid that came from three different genetic ancestors, some say more, it ha...

Auto Afghan Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Auto Afghan Fem

Afghan was from a very traditional background that’s why is typical easy to grow and can dwell in any given environment. Any grower could benefit a lo...

Auto Berry Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Auto Berry Fem

Lowryder was crossed with a mix of Grapefruit and Blueberry to produce Berry Autoflowering Feminized. It has a better effect, more resin, and more flavo...

Auto Diesel Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Auto Diesel Fem

Diesel Autoflowering Feminized is a strain in green citrus odor mixed with a smell of fuel to which it got its name. Its leaves are short and wide despi...

Auto Outdoor Feminized Mix

marijuana seeds canada Auto Outdoor Fem Mix

Outdoor Autoflowering Feminized seeds are a mix of our best auto-flowering feminized marijuana strains’ seeds which are designed for outdoor growing. ...

Big Bud Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Big Bud Feminized

Big Bud is extremely known for its big leaves and buds (where its name originated from). The strain provides a light and giddy feeling that enables one ...

Black Widow Auto Flowering Fem

marijuana seeds canada Black Widow Autoflowering Feminized

Black Widow Autoflowering Feminized Strain Details The Black Widow is a popular strain. It is a hybrid which has dominant indica qualities but still has ...

Blue Cheese Auto Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Blue Cheese Auto Fem

Blue Cheese Autoflowering Feminized is a result of the multiple re-crossing of two legend marijuana strains namely Cheese and Blueberry. The smell of Bl...

Blue Mystic Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Blue Mystic Feminized

A Cannabis plant that is characterized by fruity or herbal flavour. In terms of the buds that it produces, it greatly depends on the amount of light it ...

Bubba Kush Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Bubba Kush Feminized

The Bubba Kush looks like the ordinary Kush with light green buds, thick leaves, and orange colored hairs. The buds are extremely large and dense. This ...

California Dream Feminized

marijuana seeds canada California Dream Feminized

This type of marijuana strain which contains a high citrusy flavour gives its smoker a more interesting and refreshing feeling. What more with an added ...

Cotton Candy Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Cotton Candy Feminized

Cotton Candy Feminized is sativa dominant marijuana strain which produces long spear-like buds. The leaves are in excellent ratio that is not hard to tr...

Dutch Treat Auto Flowering Fem

marijuana seeds canada Dutch Treat Auto Flowering Feminized

Dutch Treat Auto Flowering Feminized Strain Details Dutch Treat Auto Flowering Feminized is a type of marijuana strain that produces a powerful citrus sc...

Early Girl Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Early Girl Feminized

This strain is known to be consistent, resilient and dependable Indica dominant marijuana, which is known since the eighties to produce incredible harve...

Fucking Incredible Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Fucking Incredible Feminized

This type of marijuana strain, Fucking Incredible Feminized, is known to have very large, dark-green dense leaves that have orange hairs. This is consid...

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

This strain is considered to be one of the most sought after in the whole world because of its distinctive chocolate taste. It also provides an immediat...

Great White Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Great White Feminized

It is still considered short for its height with bushy thick trichosome frostings that produces amazing resins when harvested. Great White Feminized is ...

Haze Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Haze Feminized

Haze Feminized very popular almost legendary with good Sativa properties and a promise to almost reach heaven. Haze is a perfect mixture of all sorts of...

Jock Horror Auto Flowering Fem

marijuana seeds canada Jock Horror Auto Flowering Feminized

Jock Horror Auto Flowering Feminized Strain Details While most hybrids are a mixed of two varieties with varying dominance, the Jock Horror strain is a b...

La Confidential Feminized

marijuana seeds canada La Confidential Feminized

This type of cannabis is an all female species. This means that you don’t need to think if the plant that you are going to grow is a male type, and ex...

Malawi Gold Auto Flowering Fem

marijuana seeds canada Malawi Gold Auto Flowering Feminized

Malawi Gold Auto Flowering Feminized Strain Details The Malawi Gold strain is one of the oldest cannabis strains. It originates from the Tanzania region ...

Morning Glory Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Morning Glory Feminized

When planted indoors, flowering time can be expected in about eight to ten weeks while outdoor plants finish in early October. The average yield of Morn...

Nebula Auto Flowering Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Nebula Auto Flowering

Nebula Auto Flowering Feminized Strain Details This type of plant is known to make you twinkle with its rich THC coating. The Nebula lives up to its name...

Northern Lights Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Northern Lights Feminized

Northern Lights Feminized can grow well outdoor because it can reach to up to five feet in height. However, it can also be grown in an indoor set up for...

Northern Widow Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Northern Widow Feminized

This feminized version of the Northern Widow has social high effects. This has a stable sativa, which means that it will surely work well in terms of ef...

Purple Haze Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Purple Haze Fem

Purple Haze has its medicinal purposes that are useful in treating anxiety, stress and muscle tension. It is also a good choice for recreational use as ...

Purple Power Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Purple Power Feminized

The Purple Power strain is developed in order to make powerful potencies of the purple strains to be easily cultivated without any problem at all. This ...

Super Silver Haze Feminized

marijuana seeds canada S. Silver Haze Fem

This plant won first prize in the 1997, 1998 and 1999 High Times Cannabis Cup Super Silver Haze produces a little racy and energetic effect as it fills ...

Short Rider Auto Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Short Rider Auto Fem

Short Rider Autoflowering Feminized is a result of the crossbreeding between the two high quality strains namely Top 44 and Early Special. This plant is...

Snow White Auto Flowering Fem

marijuana seeds canada Snow White Auto Flowering Feminized

Snow White Auto Flowering Feminized Strain Details The Snow White Auto Flowering Feminized can be grown through the use of the hydro method, and it can a...

Strawberry Cough Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Strawberry Cough Feminized

The Strawberry Cough was developed in New York by a man named Kyle Kushman. This is a good type of weed according to him. The taste and scent of the pla...

Sweet Tooth Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Sweet Tooth Feminized

Sweet Tooth Feminized is regarded as one of the high potent strains of marijuana. When it reaches maturity it is likened to a plant covered in snow, pro...

White Widow Feminized

marijuana seeds canada White Widow Fem

White Widow has one of the most potent buds among the different marijuana strains available now. The very high THC content of this cannabis can be seen ...

Before Buying, growers have questions about feminized marijuana seeds that are for sale in our website. You will see our answers to some of the most common questions that any grower would want to ask regarding the feminized weed seeds that we have for sale.
Why should I buy Feminized Marijuana Seeds?
Feminized marijuana seeds are specially bred to provide every grower the chance of growing all female marijuana plants which can produce high quality buds and not seeds. If you a good harvest of buds for smoking, then you need female marijuana plants thus buying feminized marijuana seeds is a good idea for you and start growing from it.
How do I find feminized marijuana seeds that I will like?
There are both indica and sativa (even high bred) that you can purchase from us and have discrete shipping from Canada. We have a wide selection of feminized marijuana seeds to choose from including AK-47, Bubba Kush, Big Bud, and a lot more. You can check each strain’s information so that you will know whether they are what you really like. You can check their size, taste, effect, THC content, and a lot more. We make sure that you don’t run out of options to choose from.
Can I buy feminized seeds from MJ Seeds Canada?
Yes! You can order all female marijuana seeds from us and we will ship to you in a discrete manner. Even the mailman or your neighbors won’t know what’s in the package. We also offer worldwide shipping and free seeds. We only give away free seeds to orders which are more than $100.