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Feminized Seeds vs. Regular Seeds: Comprehensive Comparison

The cannabis plant is diverse. It is available in different subspecies and seeds are available in different types. When you shop for seeds, you’ll likely find four types: regular or photoperiod seeds, feminized seeds, autoflowering or automatic seeds, and CBD seeds. Now, we’ll discuss feminized seeds vs. regular seeds, two of the most common.

What are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds will grow into female plants. These seeds will eliminate the need for expecting and stressing about male plants because you’ll be growing all females.

Feminized marijuana seeds are very popular among many growers because you can

  • Save money as you don’t have to grow male plants that you will only discard later.
  • Save effort and grow only plants that you will need. No need to compensate for male plants.
  • Save space as you will only grow a few plants.

What are Regular Seeds?

Regular seeds are seeds that will grow photoperiod plants. These seeds can be 50% male and 50% female, just like what happens in nature. Photoperiod seeds will only start to develop flowers when the plants sense that the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer.

Regular marijuana seeds are popular among growers because

  • You can grow seeds with regular plants.
  • You can breed new strains by breeding one strain to another.

Feminized Deeds vs Regular Seeds – Appearance

When it comes to the appearance of regular cannabis with feminized cannabis, there is no known difference between the two. You cannot tell which seed is which other than you were the one who cultivated the seeds.

Feminized and regular seeds are both small, smooth, dark, and come with different designs or markings. Even if your seeds start to sprout, and start to grow into a young plant, there are no distinguishing marks. The only way you’ll find out if you are growing a feminized or a regular plant is when your plants reach the flowering phase. But of course, you might be growing a female regular plant or a feminized plant.

Feminized Seeds vs Regular Seeds – Growth Pattern

The growth pattern of feminized seeds is not as different as regular seeds. If you were to grow a regular Harlequin and a feminized harlequin in the same growing area taking the same amount of nutrients, water, and light, both seeds will sprout at the same time, will veg out at the same time and will bloom at the same time. You still have to provide a special lighting schedule to stimulate flowering, a 12-hour flight, and a 12-hour darkness schedule for a regular and a feminized strain to bloom.

The only difference is that, with regular seeds, you’re unsure of the outcome. You might be taking care of a male plant for all you know! With feminized seeds, you already know what to expect.

And after your plants have developed their pre-flowers and you have removed the males, all the females will bloom and grow buds at the same time. Harvest happens at the same time with similar flavors, effects, and scents.

Feminized Seeds vs Regular Seeds – Yields

When grown together, there is no significant difference between feminized and regular cannabis seeds when it comes to yields. But considering ease of growing, using feminized seeds can guarantee more yields as you can sprout the number of seeds/plants that you will need. Therefore, you can grow more yields in one growing season when you cultivate feminized seeds.

Meanwhile, using photoperiod seeds would mean you don’t know how many plants you will be growing and harvesting at the end. If you have ten seeds, you won’t know how many females are there. You may get 50/50, 75/20, or even 100% males. This is why, if you intend to grow weed, use feminized seeds.

Feminized Seeds vs Regular Seeds – Growing Needs

The growing needs of feminized seeds and regular seeds are similar. Again, if you were to grow both seeds side by side, both will require the same type of food/fertilizer, amount of water, humidity, and lighting.

Feminized Seeds vs Regular Seeds – Target Users

Indeed, target users of feminized and regular seeds vary greatly. Since feminized seeds will grow only female plants you won’t have any worries about male plants and can confidently grow weed. No more worries about male plants ruining female plants through accidental pollination. Therefore, feminized strains are fit for people who want to cultivate weed, to grow big fat buds to harvest high-quality marijuana.

Meanwhile, regular seeds that will grow either male or females are for people who want to grow cannabis seeds or who want to breed new plants. And breeders don’t just use any kind of strain to breed new plants but look for stable, good quality and healthy seeds.

Feminized Seeds vs Regular Seeds – Availability and Price

When buying feminized seeds and regular seeds, you’ll finally realize the real difference between these two types of cannabis seeds. Regular seeds are easy to find in most traditional local seed banks and online seed banks while feminized seeds may be harder to find.

Not all regular seeds come with feminized versions too. You may need to order online to find the feminized cannabis strains you want to grow. And when it comes to price, feminized seeds may be more expensive than regular seeds in almost all seedbanks locally and online.

But you can still save money when you buy either seed because both types of seeds qualify for promos, special deals, and discounts offered by seed banks.

Which One is Better?

Feminized cannabis seeds are best for people who want to grow weed as this type of cannabis seeds eliminates the need for growing male plants. Feminized seeds also save you money, time, and effort, plus, you can also save growing space. But if you need to grow new strains, regular seeds are the best because you can grow male and female plants. Feminized seeds vs regular seeds – which one is better depends on what your growing needs are and what outcome you want when cultivating cannabis.

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