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DIY Pipe Ideas for Weed Smokers

One of the greatest ways to experience weed or cannabis is by smoking it through a pipe or a bong. It’s where you inhale all the good stuff without wasting it all. Usually, people prefer pipe over bong due to portability; you can bring it with you without consuming a lot of space in your bag or your car. 

The pipe is also the simplest weed smoking device you can have. You can make a DIY pipe which only needs very few materials to make one while a bong is quite large and needs a lot of materials to make one. However, it all boils down to your personal preference, but in this post, let’s talk about making your very own weed pipe. 

How Do You Make a DIY Pipe? 

If you ever find yourself in a situation that you have a lot of weed supplies, but you don’t have a smoking device to enjoy it, then it is the time for you to become resourceful wherein you improvise the available materials in your house to create your homemade pipe. For sure, you will be in a lot of surprises about how easy it is to create a homemade pipe that will surely give you a whole new experience in smoking weed. 

Once you know how to create a homemade pipe, you will then know that it is more practical than buying one, and it all it needs is just your creative side. In making a homemade pipe for your weed smoking, you can use toilet paper rolls, a pen, ice, apples, and even water bottles. 

Also, you can make a homemade pipe very easy since it needs very few materials. Not to take this long, here are the things you need in making a homemade pipe. 

Essential Things You Need to Make a Homemade Pipe

If you’re planning to make a homemade pipe, you can utilize different kinds of items that you can find in your house, either at your drawer, your closet, your garage, your kitchen, or the basement, and anything will do! Usually, a lot of these pieces from worn-out pens, small tubes made from either plastic or metal, can be made into a smoking tool as easy as one, two, three! 

Or you can add more aesthetics and design by incorporating food items such as pumpkins, apples, peppers, and melons, but be careful because this sometimes gets messy. However, there are particular items that you have to be with when making your homemade pipe. 

For sure, you have a lot of worn-out pens that are already discarded anywhere in your house, especially in your room or drawer. Instead of throwing it away, make it usable again by making a DIY pipe to level up your weed smoking experience. Also, old tubes from your faucet or pipes from your old TV antenna can be used again as a smoking device. 

Before you use these materials, make sure that you empty all its insides and clean it thoroughly since you will be putting it in your mouth, which might risk your health. 

Pen Pipe 

To make a pen pipe, all you need are the materials listed below: 

  • Pen (emptied of the insides) 
  • Aluminum foil
  • Screws
  • Nuts
  • Lighter
  • Glue 

Step 1

To start, you should make the simplest weed smoking device there is, and that is the pen pipe. The pen pipe is one of the simplest, but the most efficient smoking device that you can make in your home. All you need is just a pen, even though there are different ways to create a smoking pipe from it, which are all easy to do. 

Step 2

Remove the metal screw cap at the pen’s nip. After removing the cap, you should also remove the ink tube or the cartridge of the pen, which will leave you with the plastic tube or the metal tube, depending on what kind of pen you are using. 

Step 3 

After that, in a backward manner, insert the cap on the tube’s one end so that you can use it as the bowl. In comparison, the other end of the tube will serve as your mouthpiece. That is why you have to clean the pen’s tube thoroughly. 

Step 4 

The next step is to seal the bowl on the other end, either with glue, a chewed-up gum, or a tape. However, make sure that you sealed it airtight so that there’s no smoke leaking on the side of the tube. 

There is another option that you can use, and that is to remove the pen’s one end and remove the insides, and after that, cut a hole on the pen’s side just an inch away from the other end. After cutting a hole, proceed in creating a bowl by using a screw cap or an aluminum foil. Finish it by sealing the hole with your preferred sealant, either glue or a chewed-up gum. 

Apple Pipe

This type of smoking device is one of the most popular and one of the most preferred by stoners because of its design and its function. Also, a lot of stoners made this one if ever they want something very easy to make and also to smoke out of. Probably, one of the greatest things about this type of pipe is that you don’t have to burn any plastics, and you are not required to have more materials, except an apple and puncture holes in it. 

Step 1

To begin, start cutting out the apple’s core and proceed by cutting out a small hole just inside it to serve as your mouthpiece. You can also cut it using a knife or a tube to cut a hole in it. 

Step 2

Also, you should cut another hole to serve as an airflow control that will be covered with your finger. 

Step 3

Once you’re done cutting holes on the apple, you can start smoking with your favorite weed. However, if the apple’s too big, you can cover it with some aluminum foil at the top and poke some holes in it. If you light your weed, you have to draw from its hole on the side of the apple so that you can also taste the fruity flavor of the burnt apple. 

Pepper Pipe

This type of DIY pipe also requires another type of food, the bell pepper, which is usually found in the fridge. This is because the bell pepper’s inside is usually hollow, and it makes a great homemade pipe. Even though your smoke has an added flavor from the pepper itself, it still works wonders in terms of airflow. 

Step 1

To make one, start by taking a bell pepper, and cut a small hole on the side of it. After that, you can insert your preferred tube, if it’s a pen or a straw that will serve as your mouthpiece. 

Step 2

Now, you can cut a hole at the top and get rid of the pepper’s core, but please don’t cut through the bottom. 

After cutting holes on your bell pepper, you should cover the top with aluminum foil and cut holes in it to serve as the bowl of your pepper pipe. 

Step 3

After that, you should test if there’s any smoke leaking on areas where there’s no supposed smoke to come out. 

You can try other types of vegetables and fruits, but make sure that it has a hard texture and a hollow inside so that you can maximize in burning weed inside. One of the best examples is pumpkin, melon, pineapple, and coconut. All it needs are just a few materials from your home and a very short time to create one to level up your weed smoking experience. 

Is it Safe to Use These Homemade Pipes?

These are proven to be safe and does not harm anything. Just make sure that the materials you use, especially the fruits or vegetables are fresh and not rotten so that you won’t get too messy using it. 

Before you use it, make sure to test it, preferably outside your house, since you’re using fire. Also, all the discarded pen parts and some peelings from the fruits or vegetables should be thrown away properly. 

Lastly, use glue and strong adhesive substances to make sure everything sticks together so that it will last longer instead of the usual chewed-up gum and some tapes. 

Final Words

From worn-out pens to food that you can find in your fridge, you won’t imagine that this can end up as your DIY pipe for your weed smoking session. Buying a bong or a pipe is a lot convenient, but it usually costs a lot, that is why it’s more practice to make your smoking device. Aside from being fun, it is also one way to get your creative side active. Just remember to utilize everything you find in your home, and for sure, you will be surprised by the things you can make it out of them.

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