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CBD and THC Together: How do They Work?

Breeders and marketers in the Cannabis industry work hard to create strains that would give the needs and wants of consumers. They mix different strains to come up with a new variety that can meet either recreational and medicinal use of the plant. 

The main cannabinoids that bring out the effects are THC and CBD. Both of them have different properties. Breeders thought of putting THC and CBD together to maximize the healing and therapeutic traits of a strain. THC has psychoactive properties, while CBD is the bearer of healing attributes. It would be nice to know how they work as they are things from the opposite poles.

Getting to Know More About CBD and THC

Experts found 400 chemicals from cultivated marijuana. The main compounds are cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. CBD and THC are among the cannabinoids, and they are the ones that rise above among the rest. 


CBD is short for cannabidiol, and it contains healing properties that can alleviate pain and inflammation. It has the role of repelling various conditions like seizures, anxiety, depression, and psychosis. It also serves as a protection for neurons in a person’s brain. It is deemed to combat cancer cells and tumors. It is tagged as anti-emetic, which means it can stop you from vomiting and ease out nausea.


Once you see the crystalline substance from the buds, THC is present in it for sure. It is primarily used for getting high, but its properties can also be used as a medication. It has analgesic properties that pacify pain and inflammation. It can boost a person’s appetite that dwindles for some reason.

It can make you feel relaxed. It can make you feel drowsy, but sleepiness will start if you badly needed a rest. It can manage the queasiness you feel in your stomach so it can combat nausea. It is the usual experience of cancer patients. It can suppress seizures and spasms too. 

Combining these two compounds change the usual and expected effects of marijuana. A finding in a study shows that CBD can weaken the THC’s psychoactive effect. The experience is based on the ratio of these two things. Other factors are the dose taken and the time and which chemical reaches first the bloodstream. Taking CBD and THC together at the same time, can also shape the effects. Experts also claim that other chemicals like terpene have a contribution too. It is called the entourage effect.

What is the Entourage Effect?

The entourage effect was discovered in a study done by Dr. Mechoulam. It is how CBD, THC, and other compounds found in Cannabis work when they have combined altogether. It means that they work together to come up with a synergistic effect.

Since THC causes people to get high, it has a reputation of being the villain. CBD is being regarded as the good one as it acts as a promising medical aid. But Dr. Mechoulam didn’t agree with it because of the perspective that the entire plant generates the benefits. Let’s see how CBD and THC work together.

CBD and THC Together at Work

These two main cannabinoids work their way in your body differently. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body, but it doesn’t latch itself with the receptors. Therefore, it doesn’t bring forth psychoactive effects. 

CBD instead increases the level of endocannabinoids like anandamide, which is also known as ‘bliss molecule.’ They are linked with native receptors. It also connects with serotonin, PPAR, GPR55, and TRPV1 to establish its effects. It results in different things as it goes in various pathways. It may help relieve sensitive skin and tired muscles. It can also calm people who feel pressured and nervous.

THC makes you feel euphoric, relaxed, and let you enjoy its presence. There are some unwanted effects as it can cause paranoia and panic, which likely happen for beginners or those who haven’t established tolerance yet. 

What Happens When CBD and THC Together in the Same Course

Though they have different effects, putting CBD and THC together will let you experience a myriad of effects. You will be surprised that they work very well side by side. These two compounds will be activated by the puffing weed. 

You can easily find a strain that contains equal parts of these things these days. It is the weed that can awaken the CB1 receptor because of its THC content. It has enough CBD to fend off any adverse effect. If you are sensitive to THC, find a strain that has a higher CBD than THC. You will gain the same experience, but you won’t feel too high. 

You can use CBD oils through vaping and smoking. Get some bottles of CBD oil then inhale weed with a high THC percentage. If you feel like the THC is too much for you, put some drops of CBD under your tongue and wait for the effects while it is being absorbed.

It will take several drops of CBD to mellow out psychoactive effects. This method will help you dose accurately, and you will know the right amount as you get the hang of it.

Benefits of Consuming CBD and THC Together

Consuming CBD and THC together will let you discover the synergistic result exceeds anecdotal experience. In 2012, an article was published in Psychopharmacology, stating the ability of CBD to subdue memory impairment and paranoia. These circumstances are linked to THC.

Some scientific studies show that the combination of these cannabinoids can have superior effects in handling some health conditions. It was tested in a study that also integrated placebo-therapy. The results were published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. The subjects who received both THC and CBD attained improvements from discomfort and sleep disorders. 

More studies would support the synergistic alliance of THC and CBD. One of them is a study done in 2019 where both of them were linked to neuro-hyperactivity observed among zebrafish. It appeared in Frontiers of Pharmacology.

CBD: THC Ratios

You must know the right blend for you to capture the synergistic appeal of CBD and THC. The ratio of the cannabinoid contents is a fair indicator of what it can give you. 

A ratio with higher CBD promises a clear-headed high while the one with high THC can give you psychoactivity. You can choose which one suits your needs and lifestyle. Thanks to the breeders who put a lot of effort into making different strains.

1:1 CBD to THC

It has equal parts and you can expect psychoactive effects while the impact is being lowered by the CBD content. It also minimizes the tendency of paranoia.

2:1 CBD to THC

The lucid effect surfaces when the amount of CBD doubles. It gives you a light high without getting intoxicated and overwhelmed. Consumers become uplifted and creative while not being affected by the negative effects of THC.

8:1 CBD to THC

You may feel a very light high. The presence of THC will slightly get into you, but it won’t interfere with your productivity and functionality. It is the ideal ratio for daytime consumption.

20:1 CBD to THC

It is almost void of any THC, so it works best with beginners. There’s no high, but entourage effect is notable.

1:0 CBD to THC

It will let you learn the effects of CBD. It’s the right option for individuals who don’t like psychoactive effects and those who need to undergo a drug test.

Significant Afterthoughts

There’s no counteracts when CBD and THC together enter and take effect in your body. They both work in harmony rather than competing with each other. It offers users pleasant experiences but researchers need to have further study on this. 

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