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CBD and Alcohol

Alcohol has been around the earliest civilization of man. It has proven to be one of the vital parts of every community then and now. Today, besides alcohol, we have numerous beverages and, of course, cannabis. But what is even more exciting is the idea of mixing alcohol and cannabis. But cannabis is a bit complicated. You can extract two major chemicals in it, which are THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). And our focus for today is about CBD and alcohol.

CBD has earned a lot of attention lately, and nowadays, it is easy to find all sorts of products infused with CBD like body creams, protein bars, essential oils, tinctures, facial washes, facial creams, and a lot more. Consequently, the liquor industry will not let itself to be out of this bandwagon. This means hundreds of bars that provide alcoholic drinks have also jumped into this trend as they have started offering CBD-flavored shots and a bunch of other crazy CBD and alcohol mixture.

The focus of this market is CBD. Nevertheless, not everybody is convinced about mixing CBD and alcohol. While CBD proves itself to contain various recreational and medicinal benefits, and alcohol, in proper context and amount, is safe, the idea to mix them both altogether is an entirely different story. You must have a clear understanding of this idea before you can say that you have taken a responsible and informed decision. That means you have to allow yourself to go deep into the rabbit hole of CBD and alcohol.

The Effects of CBD

If you’re in this article now, most probably, you’re already interested in the powers and benefits of this natural compound derived from cannabis or hemp plants. Moreover, you would have known by now that the effect of CBD is only therapeutic in nature and that it doesn’t have the psychoactive properties of its counterpart. Its counterpart is THC. Unlike CBD, THC is the compound responsible for the psychoactive effects stoners, potheads, or connoisseurs experience. These “high” effects are often associated with cannabis or marijuana. But CBD works very differently. It doesn’t give you head or body highs but offers a variety of medical benefits instead.

In support of this claim, many researchers across the world have concluded in their studies that CBD has an excellent potential to be effective in alleviating or dealing with several health conditions such as depression, anxiety, body pains, headaches, and many other health issues.

CBD and Alcohol Mix

Many people want to drink alcohol to help them feel relaxed and to reduce their inhibitions. That’s why in the context of too much intake, alcohol completely eliminates the inhibitions, which leads to, embarrassing as they are, some crazy drunk moments. On the other hand, Cannabidiol is also known to produce those similar effects. Medical marijuana patients or recreationists take CBD to alleviate symptoms of chronic or acute depression, anxiety, and other physical conditions. We know that CBD works chemically by latching onto our brain receptors that help maintain the levels of hormones that handle stress, fear, anxiety, or mood.

In other words, CBD has an excellent ability to help users calm down their nerves. The truth is, there have been satisfying research studies that have demonstrated that CBD consumption is effective in improving the quality of one’s sleep and in reducing stress and anxiety.

Nonetheless, there is a reason why many people, both non- and professionals, are concerned and cautious about the idea of mixing CBD and alcohol together. They have similar effects and could amplify each other signs that could lead to unwanted sedation and sleepiness (among other serious things). Some researchers and medical practitioners also claim that mixing the two might cause temporary alteration of mood and behavior. Moreover, there are research studies, though insufficient and unsatisfying, have demonstrated that mixing alcohol and CBD causes severe damage or injury in motor performance. However, it is safer to say that we all need more research and funding before we can conclude that this mix is harmful. These efforts must be exerted to determine conclusively if there are any side effects in the long run.

There are research studies that have used animals to gather data about the effects of CBD and alcohol combination. The results of these research studies have shown that taking Cannabidiol before alcohol can possibly help in reducing the negative effects usually associated with drinking alcohol. But in reality, there is still no conclusive evidence to qualify these results, and the research studies were too small to be satisfactory.

Probably, the most infamous side effect of alcohol is its ability to damage cells, giving birth to heightened inflammation. While excessive drinking of alcohol is also closely linked to particular types of conditions such as heart disease, liver disease, and a few examples of cancer. Some research cases that used animals as subjects have concluded that CBD may help to prevent the cell damage linked to over-consumption of alcohol. For example, a specific study done with rats demonstrated that the application of Cannabidiol gel on the rats’ skin helped in diminishing the brain cell damage percent due to excessive alcohol intake by almost a half.


If you are worried whether it’s good for you to mix CBD and alcohol, or at least hoping that it’s okay, the truth is there is not enough research done to provide a conclusive answer. More research will have to be done, both on lab rats and humans, to really know if mixing CBD and alcohol is safe. To make things a little bit more complicated, remember that CBD experience is not always the same as everybody. Further, there are thousands of strains that have different CBD levels and dominant effects. Therefore, it’s a serious matter that requires serious attention.

If you still want to have alcohol and CBD mixture, we highly recommend beginning with a small CBD dosage and a small volume of alcohol to minimize the risk. But before you do anything else, we still don’t have enough information to encourage mixing CBD and alcohol. Consult with medical practitioners if you choose to proceed.

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