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Carbon Filter for Weed: How is it Used?

Indoor growing rooms offer many advantages, but also, it comes with several disadvantages. It’s always hard to keep your home from stinking like a strong hotbox. You can use odor-neutralizer or air purifier; however, those devices do not guarantee to eliminate the sticky smell.

The best option would be a carbon filter for weed. It has an air extraction mixture that helps get rid of the house smell and does not transfer it elsewhere. The system avoids the intimidation of dissatisfied neighbors. A carbon filter for weed is your ultimate solution if you reside in an area where you cannot be too cautious about the concealment of your cannabis operation.

What Is a Carbon Filter for Weed?

It is so unusual to know how a device can make a dank smell go away. And when you know the chemistry behind, it becomes more exciting and appealing. The carbon being utilized is all active, which means that it has been oxygen treated to give an extremely absorbent surface. The air will smoothly pass through it, but the undesirable fragrances and odors stick to the carbon. Although this filter lasts a long time, they also need to be changed. Therefore, it is essential to get familiar with the carbon filter for weed, depending on how big your operation is.

These filters are gigantic, industrial use tubes loaded with carbon inside. The weed carbon filter is attached to the exhaust fan driving all the air from the grow facility to cross the filter. A granular carbon filter for weed is enough if you only have a small set up. However, if you are handling a more significant operation, you should use a block filter. To better understand your choice, you must check the CFM or cubic feet per minute (or /liters per second) fan value. Make sure that the exhaust fan can hold the filter. Invest in a filter with the same or lower CFM value than your fan. With simple equations, you can easily convert CFM to a metric value. 

How are Carbon Filters for Weed Used?

1. To Impede Odors and Smells from Escaping in the Cannabis Grow Room

The fans should be robust enough to build a vacuum in the grow facility, which means all foul air is released from the tent too fast that the vacuum blocks any from returning in the room. Despite no carbon filters for weed, if you have a strong vacuum, you cannot smell anything out in the tent.

2. To Stop Odors from Leaking Away

If you already have a vacuum in the tent and you are releasing all the stinking air away, next, you need to “scrub” odors from that air before it gets out of the house. So, you need a carbon filter at this point.

The Standard Way to Build Carbon Filters for Weed

Carbon Filter -> Grow Light -> Exhaust Fan -> Outside

As air is suctioned through the carbon filter sides, it’s scrubbed all the odors. Then, the air enters the ducting, puffs over the blazing light, and the blazing odorless air is released.

There should be no air discharge in the exhaust system. It is crucial that the only option air can permeate the system is with a carbon filter, and air must go right outside. If there is discharge in the vacuum or in the grow light, then stinking air can go through that way rather than entering the carbon filter. 

What Size of Carbon Filter for Weed to Use?

Before starting your grow facility, consider the size of your carbon filter for weed and the strength of extraction. You should have a large filter to hold all air that must come out, and your exhaust fan must be robust enough to create powerful air ventilation in the breeding room. This is dependent on two major things: 

  • Size of the grow facility or amount of air to be screened.
  • The heat amount your light is emitting.

Weed plants need fresh air to survive and do photosynthesis, and it is a reason why it is essential to have powerful airflow passing through and old air coming out. Hence, based on the amount of air in the grow room, an exhaust fan that blows and sucks all out in one minute is needed. The filter has a crucial part: if you have a bigger filter, it is easier to pull the air out (so it’s faster to change all air in the room).

Also, it makes you control the humidity and temperature levels. If one of these surges (because of hot lights or soaking the plants), you can blow up the exhaust fan to produce fresher, colder, and drier air in the grow room. Doing this process, you decrease the humidity or temperatures level and set up an ideal environment for your weed.

When purchasing a “grow-tent set,” you also get a carbon filter for weed and exhaust fan, which is excellent for that specific tent. Sounds cool, right? But if you are making your DIY tent or grow room, you should understand the size and power of the filter and the exhaust fan.

How Frequent to Change Carbon Filter for Weed

When your filters are installed in the grow room, your filters will consistently perform to accumulate smells into the carbon filter for weed until it is full. If the filter is already full of catching and eliminating toxic substances from the air space, the carbon filter will emit contaminants from the filter in the air. The longevity of these filters is usually uncertain and will frequently be difficult to determine the time to change these carbon filters, mainly when used in the grow room. In case you didn’t know, the carbon technology is frequently compared to a sponge, as both can pick up materials through uptake, and after it attains full blast in the end, it will start to reemit these captured substances back in the atmosphere. This process transpires with a carbon filter for weed, but the question is when, maybe a week, several weeks, one month, or a couple of months. At times, even the changes to humidity and temperature can trigger the discharge of formerly captured chemicals.

How Long Does Carbon Filter for Weed Last?

As time passes by, the performance of a carbon filter for weed deteriorates. But it occurs gradually, and it is something that notifies the grower before replacing the filter.

Humidity mostly affects the duration of the service of a carbon filter for weed, as it absorbs both the moisture and odor. Expect a restricted shelf life, if the filter is exposed to moisture levels over 60 %. When placed correctly, the carbon filter for weed can effectively last as long as two years.

That’s it! You know how to set up your active DIY carbon filter for weed and how to use it, so smelly odors never get out again.

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