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What is the Best Way to Store Weed?

To get the most from your budget for marijuana by stockpiling your weed to preserve its power, flavor, and much more. Today we glance at stockpiling pot to help keep existing stash healthy. When this comes to packing your marijuana, the technique you prefer makes an enormous difference with how lengthy your buds retain quality and effectiveness. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best ways to store weed.

As others have already mentioned, unless they’ve been successfully treated and maintained safely, marijuana can stay constant for up to 2 years. Sure, proper cannabis storing requires much more than tossing a tightly rolled plastic container into your undergarments drawer; you ought to achieve the ultimate environment for something like the best long-term cannabinoid storage.

Best Way to Store Weed: Tips and Tricks

Mildew, as well as other moldings on marijuana and some other organic material, grow at conditions between 77 ° to 86 ° F, so simple measures could go away to maintaining your weed in a dry, dark spot. High temperatures will dry off cannabinoids and terpenes, which have grown for months. If these natural oils become too dry together with the organic material, a warm, harsh smell can arise.

Cooler temperatures also delay the process of cannabis decarboxylation, this same process by which THCA transforms into the alluring cannabinoid THC. THC gradually deteriorates into CBN, a cannabinoid of different symptoms and properties. Warm air contains more humidity than cooler air, which takes us to another factor.

Do’s and Don’ts in Weed Keeping


  • Keep it warm and dry storage to make sure that the cannabis will not become moist.
  • Make sure to store it using containers that were not used for any other chemicals.
  • Use types of equipment to check and take care of the weed’s RH grades.
  • Make sure to vacuum seal the container where the weed is placed.


  • Do not store your marijuana in super cool places and almost at freezing level.
  • Do not just save the weeds in ordinary plastic bags or containers.
  • Avoid placing the weed container beside or on top of the appliance that gives out heat.
  • Avoid storing your marijuana with a pipe or any other equipment that is used for smoking.

There are other factors involved to make sure that you are doing the best way to store weed. Of course, additional food and edibles that have marijuana content or have cannabis ingredients do use a different approach to saving them. Make sure to follow the guidelines for this kind of example, like storing refrigerated or checking the expiration date to ensure that the quality and the cannabis content will not perish over time. 

On the other hand, liquors and other drinkable products that were infused with marijuana also degenerates with heat and other factors that affect the storage of cannabis. This does follow special instructions depending on what time of liquor has cannabis content and the amount of weed that the product contains. Usually, edible cannabis-infused products can be stored for several months, but it can be further than that when it comes to marijuana-infused drinks.

Things to Consider When Storing Marijuana

Like what is stated before, considering the perfect place and situation for storing your marijuana is one crucial thing, but consider the elements that can still affect them while in storage is another. To ensure that your weed will be in top quality for a long time, it is wise also to know what can kill your product while in place for storage.

Proper curing is the first thing that we need to know and do for long-term cannabis storage. Here are the other common elements that a person needs to look out because it can degrade or, worse, kill the buzz out of your marijuana products.


There are several factors that could lead to marijuana flower deterioration, but the light seems to be the greatest factor that will destroy your cannabis. Likewise, intense UV rays will render your car’s color scheme appear dark or add streaks to the summer makeup, and it can also eat away the most important compounds in your hemp plant, terpenes, and the. To avoid premature degradation of these essential chemicals, secure the weed far from a clear trigger of light in transparent containers. 


Oxygen content is yet another major factor throughout the long-term storage of cannabinoids. Excessive oxygen can accelerate the process of decay, and too little can change levels of humidity that can induce mold or fungus. Although vacuum sealing is an effective way to defend your marijuana from long-term oxygen toxicity, it isn’t always an ideal solution for all of us who wouldn’t keep finishes scattered on the floor.


Mold prefers moisture, so you must keep having a great bud safe to avoid it. But good value bud soon won’t get too warm without causing degradation of terpenes as well as cannabinoids. Thus the significance of ensuring appropriate amounts of humidity for both the long-term cultivation of cannabis, preferably around 59 as 63 RH air temperature or the volume of density in the soil compared to what it will bear. The easiest and affordable way this is by using moisture control measures, such as Evergreen Pods.

Whenever it comes to protecting our secret stash, almost all of us depend on the tested-but-untrue method of throwing everything in a pouch and stashing it away into a sofa. Suppose you’d like to weaken your lovely buds into one that appears like a schwag. As it plays out, anything will affect the consistency of your weed, from air to sunlight. 


To summarise, cannabis must be properly stored. Its flowers, including buds, may remain effective for years if preserved properly, while plants and leaves could maintain their viability for months. Whether you’re a rare smoker but want to hold on to these delicious weeds you’ve managed to pick up from either the pharmacy, proper pot preservation should ensure that your supply can last for several months. Now that you know the best way to store weed as well as how to better preserve your pot, you will have years of celebrating any major crop.

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