Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Red?

Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Red

Have you ever wondered why does weed make your eyes red? Having bloodshot eyes is one of the classic signs of marijuana use and it’s one of the easiest ways to tell a weed user from a non-user. It’s unavoidable and usually, this is accompanied by a very dry and irritating feeling over the eyes plus the cottonmouth or dry mouth effect. 

But Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Red? 

The reason why weed makes your eyes red is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This is one of the most prominent cannabinoid components of weed along with CBD or cannabidiol. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid and it’s the reason why weed makes us high.

THC is also a vasodilator which means it can increase the lining of blood vessels which can increase blood flow throughout the entire body. Blood will flow even in the smallest vessels which are mostly found in the eyes creating that bloodshot appearance. The dryness is also caused by THC and increased blood flow and this further irritates the eyes. 

THC remains in the blood and the body tissues for quite some time and will naturally be absorbed by the body and its metabolites excreted in the urine and feces. The redness in the eyes will also gradually go away; there’s no need to panic and there’s no need to do anything. BUT, if you want to immediately remove red eyes, here are some ways to do it.

How to Remove Red Eyes From Smoking Weed?

As we said, you don’t need to do anything to remove red eyes, but if you need to be seen without red eyes like if you have to meet people or video chat a client, you can reduce eye redness using the following techniques:

1. Stop Using Weed

Of course, you must stop taking weed as soon as possible. It’s useless removing red eyes if you don’t stop taking marijuana. And this is not just smoking or vaping weed but also eating THC edibles, drinking teas or juice and using concentrates, oils or supplements. 

2. Use Red-eye Drops  

Commercial eye drops will remove red and irritated eyes in just a few minutes. Have this handy no matter where you go. Eye drops will remove red eyes by constricting blood vessels in the area. These products also have a cooling effect that will immediately reduce eye irritation. 

3. Ice Can Help

Get a few cubes of eyes, place in a face towel, and gently place over your eyes. If you’re up for it, place ice cubes in a basin of water and dip your face for a few seconds. The freezing water will help reduce redness and will calm irritated eyes as well. 

4. Use a Cold Towel to Relieve Red Eyes

Use a towel dipped in cold water. Just like using ice in a towel, remove excess water from the towel and place it over your eyes. It would be best if you lay down with your head elevated on a pillow. Just relax and let cold water work.

5. Hydrate Yourself

Aside from reducing redness and inflammation, hydrate with water or other liquids. You can drink ice water, juices, fruit smoothies, or jelly but don’t drink alcohol. Alcohol combines with THC which increases your high and will also worsen side effects like red, dry, and irritated eyes.

6. Get Some Fresh Air to Relieve Symptoms

Get out of that warm and smoky room and get a breath of fresh air. You can also walk outdoors, as long as you feel okay, jog, or do brisk walking in your neighborhood. But whatever you do, don’t drive or operate machinery. 

7. Exercise to Reduce THC

Exercise will improve THC absorption and removal from the body. You can do light exercise if you feel okay. You may do brisk walking, running in your neighborhood, or do light cardio at home. Exercise will work best when combined with other methods like using eye drops, hydration, and ice.

8. Relax, Rest or Sleep

Relax, don’t worry. Worrying and stressing will do you no good and will only make you restless. Rest, listen to music, talk to people, or do housework. If the strain you consumed makes you sleep then do so. 

How to Prevent Red Eyes When Taking Weed

It’s easy to prevent red eyes when consuming weed. Use low THC weed instead of a zapping potent THC-loaded strain. If you’re up for a high THC weed because you want to “feel” the high, select a strain with effects that will be easily removed from the body. By using these strains, you’ll feel the high but only for a short time. 

Another way to prevent red eyes and other side effects of weed is to share your weed. When you share your stash, you are less likely to suffer from intense side effects. Also, it’s easy to monitor each other’s effects. 

Red eyes may also be prevented by taking weed regularly but in small amounts. When the body is used to THC, it develops a way to cope with it. When you consume weed regularly, you will eventually develop resistance to its effects much like all types of drugs. Eventually, you won’t feel too high, and side effects like red eyes, dry eyes, dry or cottonmouth, and restlessness will be things of the past. 

But we’re not asking you to overdose on weed! A small or moderate dose will do you good. This is also a good idea if you are taking cannabis for a medical condition. 

And if you’re concerned about red eyes and taking medical cannabis, talk to your doctor. He can help you control your dose to avoid experiencing side effects and to select the right medical cannabis strain.  Now that you know why does weed make your eyes red, you’ll be better off relieving this symptom as well as other side effects of weed. Always consume cannabis moderately and consider taking low THC weed to avoid red eyes and other unwanted side effects.