Why do People Buy Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Growers prefer growing feminized marijuana plants because they can only get buds which are good for smoking. Male weed plants tend to give more seeds than the buds that you want to smoke, so if you are not after for breeding and if you are a smoker then you would want to grow feminized marijuana plants. If you order feminized cannabis seeds, you are assured that what you will be growing will be all female marijuana plants. While cannabis seedbanks assure you that you will be getting all female seeds, there is still chance that there are some female marijuana or there are instances when your female plants will pollinate and becomes male – this is true to all plants specially if stressful growing methods are used and if they are near male plants.
How feminized marijuana seeds are made?
Feminized marijuana seeds or plants are created by cannabis breeders. Breeders or growers take the female plant and make sure that the plant becomes hermaphrodite. Chemicals are used to create female seeds only. Silver nitrate is used in creating female cannabis seeds. The chemical will be dissolved in the water and it will be sprayed into the marijuana plants during its early flowering stage. With this, the marijuana plants will be forced to produce a little amount small male flowers in their premature buds therefore it won’t pollinate the female flowers in the plant. Ninety-nine percent of the feminized marijuana seeds grow into female weed plants.
Where can I buy feminized weed seeds?
You can check your local marijuana seed stores. However, the best place to get a wide array of options would be the online seedbanks. You can buy the best feminized marijuana seeds from around the world and you can have them shipped right to your address. The downside of buying feminized pot seeds is that you need to wait for it to arrive but it is still worth your wait.
Can I create my own feminized marijuana plants?
Yes it is possible to create your own marijuana plants but it would need some expertise. If it’s your first time and if you want to sacrifice one or two marijuana plants for an experiment then you can go for it. If you don’t want to waste your money and time, then you can just buy some feminized marijuana seeds and grow it into a female marijuana plant.