Which Pot Seeds to Grow- Indica or Sativa?

For various marijuana seed selections, spend some time browsing online and you will come across with different cannabis shops and seed banks selling pot seeds. Before placing an order, determine first what kind of high you want to experience. If you want to smoke buds that will make you feel relax or sleepy, then choose indica marijuana seeds. Please note that indica cannabis seeds can maintain their stocky but short height so they are ideally grown indoors. Indica marijuana plants may reach up to a medium stature but their height can easily be managed by topping the plants before flowering.
On the other hand, sativa cannabis seeds are known to grow taller than indica so they are preferably grown outdoors. Sativas are robust types and most of the strains with mostly sativa traits can go well in an outdoor environment. Know what are the common features of indica and sativa marijuana seeds before you place an online order. The kind of pot seeds best to grow are those that can meet your expectations when it comes to THC level, potency, harvest and easiness in growing.
How indica marijuana seeds differ from sativa pot seeds?
It is very hard to tell if the seeds are sativa or indica by just merely looking at them. In terms of physical features, indica and sativa marijuana seeds look the same. The only way to determine if it is a sativa or indica type of seeds is when the weed plants are already on their vegetative stage. Indica types are shorter and can grow up to a medium height. They will produce large colas and are stocky while sativa marijuana plants are taller and will produce slender buds with great THC content. The height, leaves and buds will tell you if you are growing an indica or sativa marijuana seeds.
What are the reasons for growing sativa or indica marijuana seeds?
Indica and sativa are the two main categories of cannabis seeds. There are pure indicas and pure sativas but through the effort of breeders and different marijuana companies, strains were developed and crossbred to improve potency, flowering time, amount of yield and ease in growing. Aside from pure indicas and sativas, there are also pot strains that possess both of these traits. For an energetic high and buds good for daytime smoking, choose to grow sativa marijuana seeds. For deep body relaxation, calming effect, pain relief and other medical uses, grow indica pot seeds. Grow the kind of seeds that will provide what you want to obtain in terms of THC level, potency and yield.