What is the Proper Way of Storing Cannabis Seeds?

Proper way of storing will make your pot seeds last longer. The quality of the seeds can be maintained through proper storage. Storing pot seeds can be done in two ways. The seeds can be packed and kept in dark and cool place. The marijuana seeds can also be placed in the refrigerator. In storing the seeds, use an airtight container so as not to allow any presence of moisture that will permit molds and pests to thrive in. Keep the right level of temperature and humidity to maintain seed quality for several years. Improper level of humidity and temperature will affect the pot germination success. Pests and mold may thrive in when there is too much moisture present in the seeds.
Some people put rice grains at the bottom of the container to absorb moisture that may be present in the stored cannabis seeds. Others are also using desiccant to keep moisture away. Storing the marijuana seeds in a correct way will give you seeds of good quality that can last for years.
How to maintain the quality of the pot seeds?
Cannabis seeds can last for several years if they are stored properly and are not affected with any pests and molds. Some breeders and growers who have tried storing marijuana seeds in a refrigerator and tried freezing them said that seeds can last for as long as 10 years. The storage method you are using will have an effect on the quality and the germination rate of the weed seeds. Do not expose the seeds under direct sunlight or soak them in water because these can reduce quality. Seeds that have been stored in a cool and dark area are found to be of quality and can maintain their good quality even for years. Buying pot seeds placed near windows that are made of glass and are receiving too much light are not recommended to buy. Most seeds stored this way have poor germination rate.
How to correctly store marijuana seeds?
While some growers claimed that storing marijuana seeds in a freezer will maintain quality, others are saying that storing pot seeds in a freezer is not advisable because too much cold will damage the seeds’ cellular structure. Damage caused by moisture, pests and molds on pot seeds will result to poor germination rate. Quality is extended if storing is done properly, whether the marijuana seeds are stored in a pack placed in a refrigerator or storing pot seeds in an airtight container.