What is Schwag Weed: How Do You Deal With It?

what is schwag weed

The quality of weed that you consume would mostly determine the smoking experience. You may come across substandard strains once if you have been a user for quite some time. It can’t be avoided due to the wide array of different strains sold in the market. You can’t expect that they’re all high quality.

So, what is schwag weed? It is the term used to call weeds low quality. Some unreliable sources would offer it at a low price. Some may sell it at the same price of high-quality marijuana. Is it right to just throw away schwag weed? Doing it is like letting your money go to waste. This article will give clarifications on what is schwag weed and how you can deal with it.

About Schwag Weed

You may hear schwag weed called in many names such as Ditch Weed, Regs, Dirty Weed, or Mexican Brick-packed. It is usually produced in a huge capacity but in disagreeable conditions. Some may contain contaminants like heavy metal and pesticides. When you open a pack of it, you will discover that there’s mildew, seeds, and stems. These are the signs that the packing is done in a hurry.

It appears in the shade of brown or dark green. It has similar looks with the plant where it came from. It’s a copy of the leaves and the dust. The plant has a lot of fan leaves and low on trichomes. The flavor is not too appealing as well, and the smoke can even be harsh on your airway.

Why Schwag Weed Exists?

After decriminalization or legalization of weed, the Cannabis industry began to boom. Dispensaries in North America expand at a fast rate to meet the demand of a growing number of customers. Seeing the profit they can gain, some cultivation processes are rushed with the aim of large scale production. They don’t care much about the quality.

It is stereotyped to be made in Mexico as it easily passes through the border in the form of bricks. It may be unhealthy as it needs a huge amount for you to get high. You may think of it as dirt as it doesn’t smell like weed. When you smoke it, you will start caring too much for your throat and respiratory system. 

Know Its Characteristics

1. Aroma 

Expect a moldy smell from schwag weed. You should know there are other strains with the earthy smell, but they’re not similar. So you should know how to differentiate them. You can do it by the power of your olfactory nerves. Sniffing it to figure out the smell is a skill akin to wine tasting. You can get a smelly, rotting fish from schwag weed.

2. Physical Appearance

If you see stems and seeds on the weed that you purchase, you need a magnifying glass to confirm if you got schwag weed. Trichomes and mold may look the same for the naked eyes, so enlarging the image will let you know the real thing. Trichomes are always shiny with all the wonderful compounds it carries, like CBD, THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. Molds appear like cotton fibers that pretend to sprout like trichomes.

3. Bud’s Color

There are various strains, and they have left in different colors like neon green, pink, and purple. Seeing brown hue on it means that it was exposed to oxygen. You also shouldn’t trust the colors yellow, tan, red, as well as something that is like being bleached.

4. Process of Trimming

The buds are being trimmed after the harvest, and the ideal to do it is by hand. But weed with low quality went through the machine for trimming. So buds are crushed, and the trichomes are disrupted as they are delicate. It’s an obvious rushing of the entire operation.

5. The Bud Structure

You will find different bud structures. Indica has thick and tight buds, while Sativa has a light and fluffy ones. If an Indica is poorly grown, the buds will be partial, and stems are more evident.

6. No to Microbial Contamination

Powdery mildew and rotting can be easily identified. But mildew can get tangled with trichomes. It can get stuck between the leaves and the stalks of the trichomes. A cobweb structure is also an indication of schwag weed. Take at it closely and learn how to identify them using these tips.

How to Deal With Schwag Weed

Since you know what is schwag weed, you may wonder what to do with it. It may have been common on the days that technological advancements haven’t surfaced yet. There are many reasons why some consumers have it. Some may be surprised as they don’t expect to receive such weed. Blame it to the dealer and source.

Some stoners have a soft spot for schwag weed. The nostalgia of smoking simpler and soothing marijuana still remains in them. They want a less intense high compared with the high-quality stash that is created with modern cultivation. There’s even a movement that supports the old school schwag. 

Some weed users opt for this weed due to financial reasons. They want to experience being high but short in budget. Even with this reason, you have to know how to deal with it, especially if you have a couple of kilograms of it. You can start by understanding what is schwag weed.

You may experience a sore throat and headache when you smoke a lot of it intending to get high. It would be favorable for you if you only prefer to have mild effects from weed. So you can smoke only a bit of it. 

You can roll it into huge joints and blunts when you have a session or a party. You can utilize it for social gatherings. It gives you a chance to talk more than getting high. It will buy you time to be sober and talk to each other before feeling the effects of weed.

If you are dismayed to have bought several grams of schwag seed, you can make them into edibles. It’s good to have a break from directly consuming weed by smoking or vaping. You can make cookies, firecrackers, and other treats. It can give you the worth of your money. 

When you are the person who always looks on the bright side, you can try to grow some marijuana plants out of the seeds of schwag weed. You won’t know its genetics until you grow it yourself. After all, the main reason why it became a low-quality weed is the rushed and careless harvest. 

You can do some magic and apply the right measures for marijuana cultivation. Then you have to follow the right steps of curing and drying the buds. So you can’t tell that the seeds of schwag weed are for nothing unless you try doing the proper ways to handle them. 


Searching for weed will give you different smoking experiences. You may come to the point of questioning ‘What is schwag weed?’. If you are familiar with it, you may not be wondering about it, but you will no longer trust the source. Don’t throw schwag weed as there’s always a way not to waste them. It takes some effort. But when you’re fine with it, you can smoke it to your pleasure.