What is Charas: Full Definition and Preparation Guide

what is charas

When consuming cannabis, it has always been finding ways on how to enjoy it. Whether it be through joints, edibles, extracts, and such, there’s still a lot of consumables that are yet to be identified in which cannabis charas are considered as one. It may seem mysterious and may sound funny, but it’s actually popular among the Indian and Caribbean cultures. Being popular on several continents, it is quite mysterious not to know what makes it famous. Besides, trying to engage in new types of consumables is worth the try if you’re a cannabis enthusiast. 

To give you more insights about how charas work, in this article, we will discuss and fully understand what it is and how to make it on your own. With the world of cannabis booming, there’s nothing wrong with trying different means of consuming marijuana. We will help you identify why do Indians love cannabis charas without flying all the way to India. You can actually do it within an hour or two. Read on and allow us to walk you through understanding what charas is, how to make it, what are the recommended strains, and how to smoke it. 

Understanding Charas 

What is charas? This might be one of the frequently asked questions among cannabis consumers. Charas can be compared to the taste and texture of hashish. As a type of cannabis extract, it takes effort to make it considering that it is handmade compared to how traditional extracts are done. 

In countries, Pakistan, India, and Nepal are where the roots of charas lie. These Asian countries are quite rich in lands for gardening explaining why and how they engage in cannabis cultivation. They extract cannabis by separating the trichomes from the cannabis plant and curing it to make a viscous cannabis extract. Since trichomes are the main ingredient, the preferred strains are the ones with snow-coated buds with dripping resin rather than dry ones. 

The difference between charas and hashish is with the maturity of the cuttings. With charas, live cannabis cuttings are used rather than dried ones and undergoing the hand-rolling method. Compared to the traditional edibles, charas actually has a spherical or cylindrical appearance and are smoked using a chillum for the Hindus. On the other sub-continents of India, charas is used in conducting religious and spiritual gatherings and rituals. This is their way of paying respect through worshipping Lord Shiva or the supreme God of the Hindu. 

How to Make Charas at Home? 

Doing your own charas is way better than purchasing your stock if this is your first time. Since the process is simple, it’s easy to do even when you don’t have experience with charas. It may be a little bit messy, but consuming it after sure is worth it. Read on and know more about the step by step process on how to make charas at home. 

Step 1: 

Using a fully mature cannabis plant, cut off the cannabis flowers. Choosing premature will not only affect the potency but as well as the taste. Make sure that the plant is three to four weeks from maturity before cutting them off. 

Step 2: 

Clean the cannabis buds by trimming the undergrowing leaves and leave the ones on the main stem. Do not over trim because you might lose the good parts of the marijuana plant. Right after the trimming process, place the buds in between your palms and start to rub in a slow and circular motion. 

Step 3: 

As you rub the buds between your palms, the buds will slowly release the THC and oils, which means you have to gradually increase the pace of rubbing. Do not overdo the process. 

Step 4: 

Increase the pace of the rubbing motion as you see the flowers releasing the extracts. Using your thumb, gently press the oils against your palm to make it more concentrated. By this time, you can already see the consistency that you want. Continue to the next step. 

Step 5: 

As the process of rubbing goes, the buds will further secrete a dark black substance that is similar to the appearance of tar. Continue the process of rolling and rubbing until the ball secretes nothing anymore. 

Step 6: 

Once you have formed a ball, continue the process slowly and carefully. Trying to increase the pacing of the process may lead to loss of resin throughout. It’s better to take it slow in order to acquire all the oils and resin within the ball. 

Step 7: 

On average, you can make 9 to 10 grams of charas in a day. It actually depends on the type of quality you want to achieve. The slower the process is, the better quality of charas produced. 

What are the Strains Recommended for Charas? 

In making charas, there are numerous strains that you can try, but we highly suggest starting with indica-dominant strains if you’re rooting for a traditional quality of charas. Considering that the roots of charas lie in Asian countries such as India, it would be best to check out their famous kush variants. Apart from that, consider the amount of resin and trichomes produced by the strain because this is the main ingredient in producing charas. Below is the list of strains that you can try to use in making charas. 

  • Purple Kush 
  • Royal Kush 
  • Bubble Kush 
  • Northern Lights 
  • Afghan Kush 
  • White Widow 
  • Pineapple Express 
  • LA Confidential 
  • Sour Diesel 
  • OG Kush 

How to Consume Charas? 

Smoking charas is similar to smoking cannabis wax. They are often paired and incorporated with tobacco. They are crumbled into smaller pieces by hand and mixed in tobacco, cigarette, or even a dried coconut shell. It is often smoked using a chillum or a pipe that is famous among the use of monks in the earlier days up until today. As the years progressed, these pipes gained interest in the other parts of the globe because of its sleek design and strong hits. 

When consuming the charas, your hands should be similar to the form as if it was cupping. Grasp the chillum and using a damp Safi cloth, you can hit smoke properly. Make sure that your lips don’t touch the chillum if you don’t want to get burnt. Due to technological advancement, they have produced classy designs of portable hand pipes that are sold in markets. The charas should be mixed with the tobacco before consumption to evenly distribute the potency. It is edible, yes, but it is not recommended to be eaten. 


By now, we have fully answered what charas is and how it is done. This is actually perfect for those who are seeking for ways on how to spice up their cannabis consumption but got bored with the traditional way. It may be a tradition among the Asian culture, but it was adapted later on by Western countries because of how bold the feeling of consuming cannabis charas is. Besides, it’s not that bad to try different ways on how to consume marijuana. Allow the experience to fill in your curiosity.