What are Feminized Cannabis Seeds and How to Identify Them?

Feminized cannabis seeds came from female marijuana plants that were manipulated so they will not produce any male pot seeds. Marijuana seeds that are feminized or have been modified genetically will only grow into female weed plants that produce buds/flowers to smoke. Pot seeds are categorized as feminized that can grow into all female plants and as regular seeds in which a pack of seeds will have both male and female plants.
Some growers and breeders are using the process called “rodelization” in which only female plants and pot seeds are produced during the growing period. There is also a process called Colloidal Silver method in which some chemicals are used to produce females. If feminized weed seeds are grown under optimum growing conditions, there is a high percentage that all seeds will grow into female marijuana plants.All female cannabis plants can be produced by providing them with adequate nutrients, right light spectrum and avoid anything that can stress them.
To save you from the hassle of identify and taking out the male marijuana plants during the early stage of flowering, grow a pack of weed seeds that are feminized. The male plants produce seeds that will pollinate the females. If high potency is desired, grow only feminized pot seeds in your garden. Once pollination occurs, some of the energy of the female marijuana plants will be used up and can result to lowering of bud potency. When all the energy of the female marijuana plants will only be used up for producing buds, then high potency and THC level can be expected.
What is the physical feature of feminized marijuana seeds?
It is not that easy to distinguish male and female pot seeds by just merely looking at them. However, there are some pointers given by other breeders and marijuana growers on how to tell if the seeds are female or male. Male marijuana seeds have darker tone while the feminized pot seeds are somewhat lighter in color.
Why choose to grow feminized pot seeds over male cannabis seeds?
For abundant harvest of potent buds, grow only female cannabis seeds. This is one of the best options if you want to save time in growing. With an all feminized pot seeds, there is no need to pull out male cannabis plants out from the garden. A feminized pot seed is taken from a female mother plant. The most obvious reasons why many growers prefer cultivating feminized pot seeds are the less hassle of separating male from female plants, highly potent buds and bountiful harvest.